Thursday, September 22, 2022

Received from The Revcoms

Tune In Tonight, 

Thursday 9/22 7pm CT 5pm PT for episode 120 of

The Revolution Nothing Less! Show
  • Iran Protests,   Ukraine,  Roger Federer, RiseUp4AbortionRights
  • Bob Avakian: "Legit Gangsters”—Gangsters With Nuclear Weapons Raymond Lotta takes on illusions about Biden's
  • Climate bill
+ More!
If you missed it, watch last weeks show: Episode 119

Internationalism...The Climate Crisis & A World Ravaged by Imperialism—
Revolution Is Our Only Hope!

Featured on Episode 119:
  • Lenny Wolff on internationalism and an important new book from the Revolutionary Communist Organization of Mexico
  • Bob Avakian Q&A: “After the revolution, would Mexico still be the U.S.’s ‘backyard?’”
  • Raymond Lotta on Biden’s imperialist climate bill
  • The heroic Attica Prison Uprising of 1971
  • & more!
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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Received from The RevComs


Be sure and tune in to the Revolution Nothing Less! Show on YouTube  Episode 119 premiers this Thursday, 7pm CT

If you missed it here is last weeks show: Episode 118

Biden, Gorbachev, & the Queen: Relics of a Dying System. Bring the New — We Need Revolution

There is nothing like this show on the internet.Watch it together with others. Spread
Featured on Episode 118:
  • Andy Zee commentary on “Revolution, nothing less. We need it.”
  • Rafael Kadaris on Biden's recent speeches on "democracy"
  • Bob Avakian (BA) on the violence of this system
  • People defend BA in the face of lies and slander
  • Lenny Wolff on the death of Gorbachev
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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Received from RiseUp4AbortionRights Chicago

We’re happy to announce that Chicago   will be tabling at the 

Naper Pride Fest this Saturday 9/10
Naper Settlement, Naperville
523 S Webster St, Naperville, IL

We’re looking forward to talking with you and hundreds of other people who are furious about the overturning of Roe v Wade, anxious about the future, and want to take action now!

Clarence Thomas made it clear in his concurring opinion that contraceptives, the right to marry who you love, and a whole array of LGBTQ rights are also in the crosshairs and could be struck down by the Supreme Court. Abortion is the battering ram for a whole awful Christian fascist program. Now is the time to roll that back and unite as broadly as possible to demand that the Federal government use ALL the power at its disposal to restore legal abortion nationwide. A Blue Wave in November is NOT Enough. We Need A Green Wave 4 Legal Abortion NOW!

Rise up 4 Abortion Rights will have a table and lots of materials so you can help build the Green Wave: stickers, posters, fliers and green bandannas, of course! We’d love to meet you personally, hear your concerns and ideas, and find ways to join up with this nationwide movement. We continue to learn from the Green Wave in countries like Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, where their mass mobilizations were decisive in de-criminalizing abortion.

This all day and evening festival in downtown Naperville features continuous live music performed by local and regional bands, big name music headliners, two stages, Kid’s Area, local businesses, arts and craft merchants, wide variety of food and drink, and much more.  So much for the whole family!

The Naper Pride Fest will be held at Naper Settlement, Naperville, 523 S Webster St, Naperville, IL. Let us know if you can attend. Drop us an email or send us a DM to any of our social media accounts.

 Facebook ●  Twitter ●  Instagram ●  TikTok ●  YouTube

Make a donation online
Add your name to the call to Rise Up for Abortion Rights

As establishes infrastructure, we are using tools provided by Refuse Fascism on the Action Network platform. ALL donation funds to this campaign will be used to organize RiseUp4Abortion actions. We will inform you as new structures are built.

Refuse Fascism | (917) 407-1286 | 305 West Broadway #185 NY, NY 10013

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Received from TheRevComs

Behind the Week of Internet Attacks on Bob Avakian and the Revcoms: Imperialist Fear Mongers and Their Servants

July 18, 2022

Last week, three very different news outlets—the Daily BeastThe Intercept, and the Daily Caller—launched three very similar attacks on Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, the Revcoms and Bob Avakian. The Daily Beast is a mainstream liberal outlet; The Intercept is more of a so-called “progressive” one; and the Daily Caller is straight-up fascist. Yet each had the scare phrase “communist cult,” or words to that effect, in the headline. Each repeated baseless, libelous and potentially very dangerous charges against Bob Avakian, as well as Sunsara Taylor, who co-initiated Rise Up and is a follower of Bob Avakian. Each misrepresented and distorted the origin, mission, makeup and activities of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and the role of the Revcoms within it. And, of course, all this has since widely spread across the internet, where the standards for truth too often range from poor to nonexistent. read more

Editor's Note:  The following are statements that were either given to Revcoms or sent to this site, or sent to RiseUp4AbortionRights which gave us permission to publish them.  These statements are especially timely and needed in the face of slanderous lies and attacks launched by various opportunist forces and media outlets against Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, on the role of the Revcoms and Sunsara Taylor in it—and especially targeted against Bob Avakian with unprincipled slander and dangerous lies. We will continue to publish other statements along these lines, and any statements RU4AR receives and publishes against these attacks.

Roosevelt, member of the Chicago Revolution Club, reads his statement of support for Bob Avakian
Over the years I've seen and heard many leaders who have tried to diagnosis the many issues plaguing the Poor community's . Since 1999 one in particular showed up on my radar, Bob Avakian has been more in tune and aware of the true solutions that's needed to overcome these issues which existed for far too long! Others have came up with their ideas of fitting inside of the same dam System that's caused pain and suffering all over this planet! Sounds crazy but it's true.
Read the whole statement

Statement in response to the attacks on Bob Avakian from Freddie J. McGee, father of Freddie Latrice Wilson, shot 18 times by Chicago Police.

Someone trying to volunteer to help you, trying to save you. And you seem like you don’t care. You have to criticize the person trying to help you. If you want to use a recent example there is Martin Luther King, he was for the righteous. He was trying to support the people. He got murdered because he was trying to tell people the truth, he was trying to get people together. And they killed him for it. We still have someone like Bob Avakian risking his life, taking his time trying to help people.

Read the whole statement

From Gloria Pinex—fighter for justice and mother of Darius Pinex, killed by Chicago police I know BA personally.

The first time I heard him speak I fell in love with him. And I don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to hear from someone who gets down to earth with things. I don’t know who wouldn’t want the truth. Anything having to do with oppression he touches on it. He touches bases on Police Brutality, oppressed women—yeah—he does a lot. All that gibberish they are talking is absolutely absurd. It’s not Bobby—it’s not his character.

Read the whole statement

Jim Fouratt, gay rights activist who participated in the Stonewall Rebellion, actor, and former nightclub impresario

“These attacks on Rise Up are so similar to the attacks that happened in the 60s and 70s under the Cointelpro program by the FBI. And they’re happening today, I believe, because of the success of Sunsara Taylor and the Rise Up movement with the revcoms.”
Read the whole statement

Original posted at
Carol Downer, Executive Director of the Feminist Women’s Health Centers and Life-Long Fierce Advocate for Reproductive Rights

 “…Before you seek to defame and cast out Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights on serious (but unproven) charges of being a cult and a pyramid scheme which diverts money from social and racial justice movements, you need to seek out the experiences of non-communist feminists who have worked with the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), such as myself. As an anti-racist activist since 1965, and a feminist pro-abortion activist since 1969, I have first-hand experience with the RCP since the 1970’s which refute these charges….”
Read the whole statement

If these letters move you, or if you have been following BA, or if you are moved by the grossly distorted and unfair character of these attacks to want to see this voice not only be defended but be heard—we have a challenge. Help us to figure out the best way to get these letters out into the bloodstream of society. Send us your thinking on what should be done to popularize these testimonials that show people from so many different backgrounds and perspectives talking about what it means to have BA, his leadership, and why it’s so important to defend him and send in your letter of support (email

For more on Bob Avakian, especially for new readers, we invite all to read the other powerful material on this site: Bob Avakian, A Different Kind Of Leader, A Whole New Framework Of EmancipationHaters Who “Don’t Want to Hear About BA” Are Telling on ThemselvesBA’s official biography; and a very moving excerpt from The New Communism on why Bob Avakian does the work he does.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Received from RiseUp4AbortionRights Chicago

We Demand Legal Abortion Nationwide Now!

Saturday, Aug 13, 2:00 PM

Federal Plaza (Dearborn & Adams) 219 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60604, Chicao, IL 60604 US

Host Contact Info:             twitter: @Riseup4abortio2    
IG: @RiseUp4AbortionRightsChi

This illegitimate overturning of Roe must not stand!

Into the streets to demand:
The Federal government must restore legal abortion nationwide!

Since June 24 when the Supreme Court overturned our right to abortion, the news has been grim: women suffering miscarriages denied urgently needed medical care because doctors and hospitals fear criminal prosecution; people of childbearing age denied prescriptions because the drug "may" abort a fetus they aren't even carrying; underage survivors of rape forced to cross state lines for an abortion. Women are being treated like incubators, even a nonviable fetus is valued above their lives.

And we are only seeing a very small fraction of the lives shattered and dreams destroyed as state after state legislature controlled by Republifascists outdo each other to pass more draconian bans prohibiting abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.

This illegitimate overturning of Roe must not stand!
Into the streets to demand:
The Federal government must restore legal abortion nationwide!

Join us Saturday August 13 at 2 pm at Federal Plaza, Adams & Dearborn, Chicago!

Bring your passion, your posters, your noisemakers and your friends! Use the tools when you RSVP to invite them by email and share on social media.

A "blue wave" in November is not enough!
We are building a "green wave" 4 legal abortion now--join us!

The Democratic Party's "bipartisanship" has gone from collaboration with those stealing our rights to outright capitulation. Even after the leaked draft of Alito's opinion revealed that the Supreme Court was going to overturn Roe, they did nothing to sound the alarm, to mobilize federal resources, and certainly not call people into the streets. No, Biden asked a few agencies to "consider" what they could do, only weeks after the Dobbs decision, and only after tens of thousands took to the streets to demand action.

Now is the time to step up that action, to raise our voices even more loudly, to not allow this horror to become "the new normal."

Putting our hopes and efforts into electing more Democrats has been part of what got us into this disastrous situation. Year after year, decade after decade, promises to enshrine the right to abortion in federal law were broken. Only fierce, determined struggle in the face of threats and setbacks has ever won true progress, from civil rights and abortion, to the right to vote itself. Now is our time. If not us, who? If not now, when?

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