Thursday, March 16, 2023

Received from Refuse Fascism Chicago


Saturday March 18, 20pm 

Intersection of Ida B Wells & Michigan Ave

Join with a coalition of activists in Chicago including Refuse Fascism to expose and indict, to rise up and reject this hate-filled, lie-filled campaign of laws that aim to criminalize and terrorize trans people.

Trans people today are right in fascism’s crosshairs. Fascism shreds democratic and civil rights and moves toward the elimination of the rule of law. Fascism demonizes immigrants, people of color, “uppity” women, LGBTQ+ people, and it foments fascist mobs and threats of violence. The Jan 6, 2021 violent coup attempt is not over. Their end game is consolidating full power over society.
This is an emergency! Dozens of measures against trans lives have been introduced in states across this country. Bills that restrict gender-affirming care and some even criminalize medical providers and parents for providing care for trans children. There is now a Kentucky bill that would require trans youth to “de-transition” within a year! These bills not only target and dehumanize trans lives but contribute to an atmosphere that incites violence on the street and in the schools against trans folk. All of this is creating a desperate and deadly situation, especially for our trans youth.

An onslaught of new laws also targets abortion rights, voting rights, immigrants, and truth-based education. They rapidly advance in statehouses across the country and act as battering rams toward full fascist power.

To understand more deeply, don't miss the latest episode of the Refuse Fascism podcast, where Sam Goldman interviews Katelyn Burns, a freelance journalist and streamer. She’s a columnist for MSNBC, and Extra magazine, and the co-host of Cancel Me Daddy podcast. They explore and expose the true, genocidal aims of the anti-trans agenda.

Episode 148: Katelyn Burns: The True Aims of the Anti-Trans Movement

If we do not stand up to it everywhere NOW, our humanity is lost. Fascism is coming for us, one by one, group by group. The cop-outs that “it’s only in the red states," “it won’t get any worse,” “they won’t come after me” are both immoral and delusional. Instead, we need to act with the truth and our boldness bringing us together and drawing new people into the fight. We embrace our shared humanity and our responsibility to fight for all of humanity like our future and our souls depend on it.



Thursday, March 9, 2023

Received from Revolution Club Chicago

 Celebrate International Women's Day

Saturday, March 11, 3-5pm 
Revolution Club Organizing Center
1857 E 71st Street, Chicago

International snacks, speakers & spoken word
Call/Text 312-804-9121
DM: @RevClubChi
We Don't Have to Live This Way—When We Have a Chance for Something Much Better!

The oppression of women has been woven through thousands of years of patriarchal traditions deeply entrenched and carried forward in all societies that have been ruled by exploiting classes. But a scientific truth is also this... We are living in an extraordinary time in human history when it is possible to finally move beyond all this—beyond the denial of women's full humanity.

The clash taking place across the planet over whether women and society are going to be dragged back or moved forward is acutely posed. Looking at these trends in their beginning stages, nearly 40 years ago Bob Avakian wrote:

It is not conceivable that all this will find any resolution other than in the most radical terms… The question to be determined is: will it be a radical reactionary or radical revolutionary resolution—will it mean the reinforcing of those chains of enslavement or the shattering of the most decisive links in those chains and opening up the possibility of realizing the complete elimination of all forms of such enslavement.
- Bob Avakian

This International Women's Day—if you've ever wondered if something better is possible—make it your mission to learn about and be a part of this revolution. Join us in putting this liberating Revolution on the Map. 

Unleash The Fury Of Women
As A Mighty Force For Revolution!
Capitalism and Patriarchy — You Can't End One
Without Ending the Other
Abortion On Demand and Without Apology
Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement

To Get Involved: DM @revclubchi call or text 312-802-9121

Revolution Club Chicago
Follow: @TheRevcoms

Received from Revolution Club Chicago

Sights and Souds from International Women’s Day

Chicago 2023

Monday, March 6, 2023

Received from Revolution Club Chicago


Join with Revolution Club Chicago to Celebrate 
Rally and March

3pm Wednesday March 8
State and Jackson

Unleash The Fury Of Women
As A Mighty Force For Revolution!
Capitalism and Patriarchy — You Can't End One Without Ending the Other
Abortion On Demand and Without Apology
Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement

Because We Hope and Dream and Think for Full Liberation…

From March 6, 2023
Over the last several years, literally millions of women across the planet have been rising up in spectacular eruptions of rebellion. Women have clogged streets, marched in big cities and small villages and seized the public square, demonstrating their outrage at all the ways women everywhere are degraded, abused and treated as lesser beings because they were born female in a world of male domination.

The longing of women to be free of oppressive traditions that weigh so heavily, wasting lives, breaking bodies and suffocating spirits has burst out from underneath this weight in red hot fury and the even more surprising feelings of joy.

In Latin America, masses of women marched on presidential palaces protesting the epidemic of femicide. A song was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, crying out for the women who have been disappeared—trafficked or killed with the words: “Let the state and the skies tremble, Let the judges and judicial officers tremble, Today we take away our calm, They planted fear in us, we grew wings.”

In London, a year after an especially brutal rape, police attacked the women who came out to demonstrate, telling them they should have stayed home and carry rape alarms when going out. When these pigs were exposed for passing around pictures and messages about beating and raping, women demonstrators returned to the Charing Cross police station to throw thousands of rape alarms at the police. (Read more)

Here is how you can be part of putting THIS revolution on the Map this International Women's Day 2023. 

  1. Organize or join with manifestations of celebration and fury on March 8 and spread the revolution. Get a friend and hold a sign, hang a banner, organize a theatrical flash mob, do a bold action. DM @TheRevcoms
  2. Find a planned manifestation of celebration and fury nearest you.
  3. Watch, spread, and help fund The RNL Show which will be covering this and continuing to bring you the BA Interviews.
  4. Get people together in your house, in your neighborhood, on your campus, in your city to watch Up Close and Personal with Bob Avakian: Heart and Soul & Hard-Core for Revolution.

To Get Involved: DM @revclubchi call or text 312-802-9121
Revolution Club Chicago

Follow: @TheRevcoms

Friday, March 3, 2023

Received from Chicago RIseUp4AbortionRights

Emergency Press Conference on Illegal Denial of Abortion Medication by Walgreens
3 pm today, Friday, March 3, 2023
Walgreens Corporate Office, 
Old Post Office, 433 W. Van Buren, Chicago

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights Chicago Chapter
312 434 2693
Interviews & Spanish speaker available
Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights condemns the capitulation of Walgreens to the Christian fascist assault on women's lives by removing legally protected medication abortion from the whole state of Kansas. This is an outrageous and dangerous precedent. 
We call on all to join in protest this International Women's Day, Wednesday, March 8 (3 pm, State & Jackson, Chicago) to demand: 
Legal Abortion On Demand and Without Apology because Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement.

When the Supreme Court overturned women's fundamental right to abortion last year, they claimed they would leave the matter up to the states. This was never legitimate because a woman's right to decide for herself when and whether to have a child is fundamental to her very humanity. Denying this right anywhere is an assault on women's status as full human beings everywhere. Worse, as Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights warned from our very founding, it was never the intent of the Christian fascists to simply leave abortion rights "up to the states."  The people of Kansas voted last summer to retain the right to abortion in their state constitution and the Attorney General simply overrode them, with Walgreens' complicity, on completely invalid and unlawful grounds.

The refusal of Walgreens to carry this abortion medication is a violent assault on women's lives and rights which must be protested and reversed. It also must serve as a further wake-up call to all who care about the lives and rights of women and the future of justice as a whole, as we said in our founding statement:

"The violent subjugation of half of society must not be accommodated, excused, downplayed, or surrendered to. IT MUST BE STOPPED! 
If we leave this to Congress, the Courts, and State Legislatures and do not fill the streets with people determined to stop this, then there is virtually no hope for stopping this assault. But if we, in our multitudes, stand up in uncompromising defiance then there is a possibility—not a certainty, but a real possibility—that we could beat back this assault and begin to change the whole political dynamic in this country. Our only way forward and our best way forward is to resist."

We call on everyone who cares about the future of women and girls, the rights of LGBTQ people, and justice overall to join us in the streets on this International Women's Day, Wednesday, March 8 (3 pm, State & Jackson, Chicago) to declare:

Legal Abortion on Demand and Without Apology Everywhere!
Forced Motherhood = Female Enslavement

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