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Revolution Books received this email from the BA Everywhere Committee*
BA Everywhere Campaign says:
The World Needs to Be Radically Changed!

Labor Day Picnic - Potluck
Mon.1-4 pm
Quaker House - 5615 S. Woodlawn Ave

If you have been jolted and inspired by people rising up in Ferguson, Missouri against yet another police murder of a young unarmed Black...  If you agonize over the great turmoil all over the world...  Then you need to know that there is a way out of the horror and madness of this system. You need to know about the vision and leadership of Bob Avakian (BA) for a radically new society that could be brought about through revolution. 

Come to the Labor Day Picnic-Potluck. Be among all kinds of people who are lifting their heads, straightening their backs, starting to see with new eyes. Learn about and be part of bringing this new world into being.  It's a chance to learn more about Bob Avakian (BA), the BA Everywhere campaign and the difference it can make. Get involved, donate, and JOIN this campaign.  It's a time to get into questions of why things are as they are and how all this can change - the big questions that most people, most of the time, don't allow themselves to think or to hope about.  It's a chance to meet up with the Revolutionary Communist Party and the movement for revolution it is leading.

The Labor Day gatherings will culminate a summer of actions, outrage, defiance and questions - of building community and raising funds - of a determination to find a different way - with the revolutionary strategy and vision that BA has brought forward - and a launch into the fall.

PLUS, an historic announcement will be made on on September 1 and will be read by the RCP, USA at this event.

 *A Mass Campaign to Raise Big Money to Get BA's Vision and Works into Every Corner of Society
Volunteers are needed Right Now!  Contact
BA Everywhere Committee 312 860-8167

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hands Off Carl Dix and other Revolutionary Fighters!

From REVOLUTION newpaper
Statement from The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
August 20, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |

On Monday night, August 19, Missouri police singled out and arrested RCP members and supporters Carl Dix, Travis Morales and Joey Johnson, along with 75 other people during the course of that night.  While some of the people defended them, the "peace police" community leaders worked with the police to get them arrested. Joey Johnson was blindsided and punched in the face by St. Louis politician Antonio French. Police Captain Ron Johnson, head of the operation, personally fingered Carl and Joey to get additional, higher charges.  Carl and Travis were held overnight, and then released.  Joey was also released that same day.

Their sole "crime" was attempting to read the RCP's statement "To the Defiant Ones"  to a crowd that had gathered.  The politicians and news mouthpieces justify their arrests and call them agitators.     Well, since when is "agitating"-which means nothing but speaking and bringing out sharply the facts of injustice-since when is it some kind of horrible crime to speak the truth about what this system does to people, and why people should stand up and fight against it?  In fact, we need MORE agitation like this. As the great fighter against slavery Frederick Douglass said, power concedes nothing without a struggle.  Maybe these people think Frederick Douglass was a "criminal"-in any case, they are definitely acting like modern-day overseers!

This then was followed by a well co-ordinated media barrage-and a media blackout.  The barrage was one where almost every mouthpiece on the media attacked "outsiders" and "agitators," with some specifying "revolutionary communists."  Every politician and preacher who would agree to denounce "the outsiders" and "plea for peace" was given a platform.  At the same time, despite tremendous efforts to speak directly to the media, and despite their easy availability, no major press outlet has yet let them tell their side.  And let's be clear: all three of these so-called "outsiders" have decades between them of standing in the forefront of the fight against police murder and repression, each of them having had to stand up to the threat or reality of prison for their political activity, and each of them active right now in building for a month of resistance to this whole agenda in October-with Carl having initiated the call for that month with Cornel West. (For more on the Month of Resistance and how to get involved go to the Call for the Month of Resistance

Meanwhile-there has been NO JUSTICE in the police murder of Michael Brown.  There has been no letup in the police intimidation and terror and brutality against people who DO stand up.  And while these bootlickers talk about "organizing" and "making progress," in reality they are pacifying people and easing the way for yet another sell-out.  These people who are now declared the "responsible leaders" are working to marginalize the rebellious people whose voices are never heard. All their so-called "organizing" is just about gaining favor with those who really run the show, and getting in on the plunder of this system-and opposing anyone who wants to do away with that system... or who just wants justice in the case and knows that it would already be under the rug if people had not fought.

Just think of it-going to the lengths of not just slandering people who they know will not be given a platform to respond, of not just informing on people to the very police who have answered people's demands for justice with brutal repression of their basic rights, of not just trying to pacify people with the same old stuff... but actually fingering people for the pigs and going so far as to carry out a cowardly physical assault on the revolutionaries-only, of course, when they are backed up by the armed force of the state!

18-year-old Michael Brown
 Photo: Justice for Michael Brown Facebook page.
The repression of Carl, Travis and Joey is part of a bigger picture.  The powers-that-be say that what is going on is criminal activity.  First off, there is nothing criminal about people defending themselves from outrageous police attack, coming on top of years of oppression and repression.  Second, why should ANYONE believe anything these murdering pigs say?  Ron Johnson is just a figurehead, just someone put there to quell the anger.  In fact, for all his wild claims about "crimes" and "looting," 75 of the 78 people arrested on Monday night were charged with "failure to disperse."  What does that tell you?

What all these politicians and tools for the rulers really fear is the fact:  one, that
people who have been demonized and cast off and consigned to an early grave or a life in prison are raising their heads and standing up, directing their anger where it needs to go; and two, that the people who are doing this, along with many others, are finding out about the Party and its leader Bob Avakian--the leadership that represents their highest interests and aspirations, and that actually has the strategy to LEAD a struggle to make revolution.

We will not back down.  We will not go away.


Revolution Books   1103 N. Ashland, Chicago   (773) 489-0930

Please excuse irregular communications from Revolution Books. The staff have been on the scene in Ferguson.  Volunteers are doing their best to help out but your help is also needed.  Donations are seriously needed.  Please call the store and leave a message if you can help.  773 489-0930.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wednesday, Aug 13, 7pm
See the live streamed hearings, this week from San Antonio 
Abortion Rights Freedom Ride:  
Ground Zero Texas People's Hearings

Thousands around the country can tune in each week for the People's Hearings. They will hear many different voices, coming from many different perspectives, uniting to bring alive the stories of women who have had abortions and do not  regret them, as well as the stories of what happens to women when abortion is illegal or increasingly unavailable (from before abortion was legalized in this country and/or from countries where abortion is illegal).
Join us at 7pm Wednesday to watch the live streamed hearings, this week from the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, 922 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX
Everyone welcome! Bring a friend. 

For a sense of what is happening and how to be part of it, go to  working for a radically new world. 

Thursday  August 14  6pm  
Watch the webcast of a major forum in NYC:
Stop Israel's Ongoing War Crimes Against the People of Gaza
Johanna Bon, Dwayne Booth (Mr. Fish), Noam Chomsky, Richard Congress, Lamis Deek, Paul DiRienzo, Joe Friendly, Alan Goodman, Rich Greve, Abdeen Jabara, David Kirschbaum, Frederick Nagel, Pam Olsen, Sharon Pavlovich, Miko Peled, Stephanie Rugoff, Helen Schiff, Debra Sweet, Cornel West, Non Violence International, Peace Action - Staten Island, Revolution Books, Veterans for Peace Chapter 34, United National Antiwar Coalition, U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation, and World Can't Wait 
invite you to this important event.

Speakers include:  
Susan Abdel Ghafar, President Students for Justice in Palestine, John Jay College
Refaat Areer, editor of Gaza Writes Back 
Jonathan Kuttab, Human rights lawyer
Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights (by link)
Alan Goodman, writer, Revolution/
Josh Ruebner,  US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Miko Peled, author The General's Son 
Artists, performers, and more voices from Gaza to be announced 
Terrible crimes against humanity are being committed in front of our eyes. Nobody of conscience can remain silent. Those of us living in the United States -- the country that enables Israel's crimes against the people of Gaza, with political, financial, military, and moral support -- have a particular responsibility to resist and make clear these crimes are not being done in our name.
On August 14 we will bring diverse views and perspectives - including on the nature and role of Israel -- but a shared 
commitment that Israel's ongoing war crimes in Gaza must stop immediately. In doing so, we will strengthen the foundation from which to call forth new and expanding waves of protest until these crimes being perpetrated against the people of Gaza by Israel stop.

Urgent meeting Sat. Aug 16, 1 - 5 pm
Quaker House, 5615 S. Woodlawn Ave, Chicago
NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. You can make a big difference.
Come to the
Chicago Organizing Launch of the

YOU ARE NEEDED to be part of the national October 2014 Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration and Police Terror.  You are needed more than ever after unarmed Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO was murdered in cold blood by a cop -- shot 8 times with his hands in the air. THIS MUST STOP NOW.

People in Ferguson stood up, and continue to stand up in righteous protest and rebellion against this brutal outrage. They have been met with phalanxes of police with dogs (like in Mississippi in the 1960s), and shotguns, rubber bullets, and tear gas. Far from suppressing people's anger, it brought out stronger determination.

A 17-year-old told the St Louis Post-Dispatch: "It feels like I am at a historical moment. Black people are coming together. We aren't killing each other, we are working as one."

We call for a massive  Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration  in October of this year;a Month that can impact all of society; one that can open the eyes of millions of people to the need to end this new Jim Crow. "In October, 2014,our resistance to mass incarceration must reverberate across the country and around the world. There must be powerful demonstrations nationwide on October 22, the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality,Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. Throughout October there must be panels and symposiums on campuses and in neighborhoods; major concerts and other cultural expressions; ferment in the faith communities, and more-all aimed at taking the movement to STOP mass incarceration to a much higher level. October, 2014, must be a month that makes clear that thousands and thousands are willing to stand up and speak out today and to awaken and rally forth millions." Join our Facebook event here.

Bud Billiken parade

We took this Month of Resistance out to the Bud Billiken parade last Saturday where we met many people who told us over and over that mass incarceration affects every family, and the youth are constantly harassed, degraded and brutalized by the police.  Many people from all walks of life told us that mass incarceration and police terror are intolerable and have to END -- from people struggling everyday to survive, to community groups, church groups, neighborhood clubs, unions, ex-prisoner support groups, mental health groups, etc.
Stop Mass Incarceration!
The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is a project of the Alliance for Global Justice, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is building a* movement to stop the injustice of mass incarceration and police brutality; and the racially biased policies and practices of the police, the courts and the U.S. legal system; and to support the rights of prisoners and the formerly incarcerated. We call on all to join us.
Contribute to the bookstore in Chicago that is about engaging, and radically changing, the world ...Revolution Books Click below to make a contribution via PayPal.

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