Sunday, June 23, 2019

Get Ready Chicago

Coming to Chicago in July
5-2-6, JULY 13
On June 8, in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, a beginning force for an actual revolution came on the scene. In the discipline, defiance and joy of the revolutionary cohort marching with chants that put forward the goal of revolution for the emancipation of humanity, is a glimpse of the potential this represents. To see the story of June 8 & 9 in Los Angeles, go to
Now, the National Get Organized For An Actual Revolution Tour is coming to Chicago! In the city that is known worldwide for not having any future for Black youth, we aim to make real the specter raised in L.A. of an organized force growing for an actual revolution. Black, white, Latino, and Asian, different genders, young and old, stepping forward together to hasten the time when this whole system - that has no future for any of our youth anywhere in the world - can be overthrown, and replaced with something radically better.
The tour will be in Chicago for six weeks, beginning July 13: disturbing the air throughout the city and organizing forces for revolution, especially on the South and West sides. It will start with a kickoff weekend July 12, 13, 14. 
  • July 12 - welcome dinner for the tour at the Revolution Club Organizing Center.
  • July 13 - the official kickoff begins with mini-rallies and marches all over the city.
  • July 14 - film showing of the speech from Bob Avakian, Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution.
There will be a nationwide fundraising weekend for the tour on July 27 and 28. This will all come together in mid-August with a major manifestation of the revolution and with a city-wide film showing of Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution.
This week, Revolution Club Chicago and supporters met to make plans to kick this off right, on the basis of bringing forward and relying on many people who have had enough of the horrors of this system, can be challenged by the need for revolution, and would be inspired by and want to realize the vision of this tour. Your ideas and efforts are needed, in ways big and small.
There are many ways to contribute to this effort and four teams you can connect with. To contact the teams, call 312.804.9121, email, or DM us on social media @revclubchi.
Billboard on the Expressway!
The first step of building a revolutionary force is to totally change what people see as necessary and possible. Help us spread the message and tell the story of the image at the top of this page. We need to raise in the range of $2,000 to $5,000 right away to put up a billboard on the expressway. Also needed is art for the billboard and your ideas to help spread this message and tell this story. To find out more go to @tuneintorevcom and

Materials and Getting the Word Out

Graphic designers for print and social media
Videographers, filmmakers, photographers
Social media skills
Printers (print shops) for flyers, stickers, banners
Volunteers for making banner and stencils
Volunteers to help get the message out everywhere and in creative ways
Media outreach: radio, TV, print

Support Needs and Logistics
The revolutionary cohort of the tour are volunteers from across the country, leaving work and family to travel the country organizing forces for revolution. Much support is needed for this.

Cooked meals for 20 people
Gas cards
Ventra cards
Can you house 4-6 people for two months?
Do you have an apartment you can sublet?
Can you lend a car or van for two months?

Funds are needed for everything! Be part of donating and raising money, including making plans for the national fundraising weekend July 6 & 7, as well as the more major fundraising weekend July 27 & 28. Funds are needed for materials and for the living necessities outlined above. Funds are needed to cover travel for volunteers from other states, and to send volunteers to other areas. Funds are needed for big projects that can “light up the sky” like billboards and plane banners. And funds are needed for things like renting flatbed trucks and sound equipment for rallies, and many other needs.

Donate to the Tour:

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Received from Revolution Club Chicago

Dear Friends,
The Revolution Club Chicago will be at  Printers Row Book Festival  this coming June 8-9. They will be at booth  #225.  Look for the "Revolution-- Nothing Less!" banner. Key books and DVD's by Bob Avakian will be available at the the book table.

Learn about the Revolution Club's National Tour...: where you can take part in and powerfully represent for the revolution in an organized way as you learn more about the revolution . . . and, where you advance toward joining the vanguard of the revolution, the Revolutionary Communist Party. Now is the time, see you there!
                           Read the full Call and Mission statement for the Tour

For more information about the Revolution Club's National Tour contact Chicago: (312) 804-9121 ;     1857 E. 71st Street Chicago, Illinois 60649

Donate to the Tour:

Donations accepted here via PayPal and credit cards.  

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Received from Refuse Fascism Chicago

Forced Motherhood is a Crime -
the Streets, Now Is the Time!
After the ACLU/Indivisible Rally
Meet at 5pm at Federal Plaza

Facebook Event

The new Alabama abortion law puts us on the brink of a post-Roe reality in this country. It completely bans abortion, and — along with the other recent states’ laws that limit abortion to the first 4 or 6 weeks after conception — is aimed at getting the Supreme Court to end the right to abortion.

Abortion is more than healthcare. It is a fundamental right — without it women can’t be free. These Christian fascists have been fighting for decades to slam women back in their place, "barefoot and pregnant" under the domination of men. They see this moment with Trump and Pence in power as their time to seize.

This is part of an overall fascist onslaught that is increasing on all fronts. Cruel anti-immigrant raids and concentration camps. Ripping children from their parents and disappearing them. War plans brewing for Iran and Venezuela. Violent white supremacist hate crimes being fomented from the top of society. And yes, subjugating women and gender non-conforming people under Christian theocratic rule.

WE MUST STOP THIS NOW through mass, non-violent, sustained resistance of the people to drive out this illegitimate fascist regime. NOW is the time to demand they leave. BEFORE Roe is overturned. BEFORE they launch air strikes on Iran, BEFORE they carry out coordinated deportation raids throughout the country. BEFORE they fully consolidate fascism. The one, single, unifying demand needs to be: Trump AND PENCE Must Go!

This movement is still possible! People are doing what we’re talking about right now in Algeria and Sudan. People in South Korea, Armenia, Slovakia have driven out tyrants in recent years. Are the people of those countries so different from us? WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT THE RULE OF THESE DECREPIT AND CRUEL MONSTERS?

Nothing short of removing this whole illegitimate regime from power will stop this nightmare. Let’s unite and make it happen before clinics are dismantled, doctors are locked up, and more women die from self-induced or back alley abortions. In the name of humanity, for women and everyone here and around the world, it’s past time we take to the streets and demand: This Nightmare Must End: TRUMP/PENCE MUST GO!

Thursday May 23
Daley Plaza
Chicago Rally for Reproductive Justice

Facebook Event

Abortion on Demand
Without Apology!
Without this basic right,
Women can’t be free!

Abortion Ban? No Way!
No Fascist USA!
Doctors jailed? No Way!
No Fascist USA!

2020 is too late
Women must control our fate
Trump & Pence must GO!

Forced motherhood is a crime!
Into the streets - Now’s the time!

Abortion is a human right
Into the street, We have to fight

Danger, danger -
There are fascists in the White House
It's up to US to drive them out!

Received from Refuse Fascism Chicago

Save the date:
June 6, 8am

PROTEST the DCCC Fundraiser for Dan Lipinski
At Chicago Cut Steakhouse downtown Chicago

Facebook Event

Lipinski is the anti-abortion US Rep from Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

Abortion is being criminalized in state after state, with complete bans in some, “heartbeat” bills in others, with the sole purpose of slamming women back into forced motherhood and full out male supremacy. This is a war on women - these laws have been created to make it to the fascist-majority Supreme Court and overturn Roe v. Wade.

At a time like this, what does the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) do? They are planning a fundraising event to “honor” Dan Lipsinski, the most anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights and all-around reactionary on the Democratic side of the aisle. Thanks to NARAL for this graphic that hits the nail on the head. Lipsinki is a collaborator with core elements of the Christian fascist agenda that Mike Pence in particular is implementing. Read about this $1000/ticket event featuring the head of the DCCC, Rep. Cheri Busto.

DCCC support for him is not a “mistake.” Nancy Pelosi herself reiterated her position that the Party should be “flexible” about abortion (read more). The DCCC is the money machine that funds Democratic Party congressional campaigns and the voice of Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party. It is now a device for suppressing progressive challenges to incumbents like Lipsinki. The DCCC not only denies funding to them; it threatens to blacklist vendors who work with primary challengers!

The Democratic Party leadership is telling you who they are. Believe them. And quit looking

to them to stand up to this fascist juggernaut! White supremacy, misogyny, immigrant children ripped from parents and put in concentration camps, climate denial, threats of war and invasions… humanity and the planet are at stake. ONLY mass, sustained non-violent protests demanding that Trump and Pence MUST GO has a chance of stopping it.

Join us Thursday, June 6 at 8am to say HELL NO! to Lipsinki and to collaborating with the Trump/Pence fascist agenda. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Received from Revolution Club Chicago

$10 suggested donation
If you want to radically change the world... if you want to make revolution... if you want a world where ALL the chains are broken, a world without borders, a world community of humanity that are caretakers of the planet...
then you are in the right place.
We need a revolution. Any other solution will just keep the same horrors going on. And we have a lot of what we need to make revolution. We have the science, the strategy and really great leadership in Bob Avakian (BA). But we don't have nearly enough people to really make this revolution known and growing. We need to organize thousands of people in this next year, from different places and backgrounds. And, millions of people need to know that there is a movement for an actual revolution.

The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour is working to bring thousands of people into solving these problems. It will be going across the country throughout this year and is currently in Los Angeles, with big plans for having an impact and building organization this month. The revolution needs everyone who wants a different world— your ideas, your work, your struggle.
Together, we can change everything.

Donations and networks of financial support are a crucial need of the revolution and the tour in particular. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be needed to accomplish the mission of the tour: travel costs and food for the volunteers; flyers, posters and other materials to spread the word of the revolution; funding for putting on major events and film showings introducing people to the leadership of Bob Avakian. The tour has raised $32,000 since the beginning of March and needs to meet $50,000 by the end of May. Here in Chicago this month we aim to raise at least $3000 to contribute to that goal.
What you can do
  • Buy a ticket to the fundraising party and organize others to buy tickets
  • Contribute food or raffle items for the fundraising party
  • Spread the word about the tour and the fundraising party (facebook link)
  • Host your own fundraising house party / dinner / salon and contribute the donations to the tour Read and spread the Points of Attention for the Revolution
  • Make a donation to the tour (Tour Donation Link)
Revolution Club Chicago 1857 E. 71st St. 312.804.9121
• • IG @revclub.chi • FB @revclubchi

@tuneintorevcom •

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Receive from Revolution Club Chicago

Banner from Chicago in South Central Los Angeles at Revolutionary Picnic

Dozens of people on the South and West sides of Chicago signed a banner last week sending a message to Los Angeles on the eve of the Revolutionary Picnic there. At the picnic in L.A., people were coming together and becoming part of organizing for an actual revolution and spreading the word of
revolution. The banner was presented by a member of the tour that is going around the country to organize thousands of people into the revolution, the Get Organized for An ACTUAL Revolution Tour. This is what she said.
This is a message from Chicago to South Central Los Angeles.  It says “It’s time to unite to fight for revolution and a whole better way and stop fighting each other.”  The Revolution Club in Chicago went around and had people sign it and they sent it all the way over here.  
This is something really beautiful.  When you think about the way that people in Chicago are portrayed, people look at the people in Chicago, and this system and their pigs and Trump are labeling them as thugs and criminals, and you look at what they’re actually coming together and what they’re calling for - something much different!
We took a picture of this and we took it out to Slauson and Crenshaw and we had people saying well, you know, people in Chicago, they’re just fighting each other, same as here.  But then we showed them this and said, respond to this.  Because it actually does show you that people do want a different world, people do actually want to come together, it’s this system that actually continues to pit people against each other and keeps them in the situation that we’re in, and that’s why we got to bring this leadership, we got to bring this strategy and this revolution to those people, to let them know that there is a way out and that we don’t have to live this way.  And we can go to work for revolution and changing the whole world!

Donate to the Tour:

via PayPal and credit cards.
We need a revolution. Any other solution will just keep the same horrors going on. And we have a lot of what we need to make revolution. We have the science, the strategy and really great leadership in Bob Avakian (BA). But we don’t have nearly enough people to really make this revolution known and growing. We need to organize thousands of people in this next year, from different places and backgrounds. And millions of people need to know that there is a movement for an actual revolution. To get this going we need to spread the word of this revolution.

The revolution needs everyone who wants a different world – your ideas, your work, your struggle. Together, we can change everything. If you want to radically change the world… be part of spreading the word of revolution. Read and spread the Points of Attention for the Revolution. And to learn more and get more into it, get into Bob Avakian on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. @tuneintorevcom. 

Revolution Club Chicago * 1857 E. 71st St. * 312.804.9121 *
IG @revclub.chi * FB @revclubchi

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