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A prisoner sits in a hellish cell in one of ameriKKKa's prisons--m aybe one of the torture-chamber Special Housing Units--going through a copy of BAs ics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian. This is the handbook for revolution in today's world. The prisoner is underlining, preparing notes, planning correspondence to Revolution. (See a sample of correspondence from prisoners on BAsics here).

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Printer's Row Lit Fest is coming on June 6 & 7!

Printers Row Lit Fest 2012 okay
We're excited about this year's Printer's Row Lit Fest, the biggest book fair in the Midwest and a chance to hear authors doing important work and meet new and old friends. We'll be preparing this coming Saturday and Sunday and YOUR support is critical. Staying in town over Memorial Day weekend? 
Then join us at Revolution Books: 
  • Drop off your gently used books and help make our table at the Printer's Row Lit Fest a success and keep this revolutionary bookstore going.  
  • Volunteer to help sort and price books this weekend. If you have an hour or an afternoon, stop by. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Volunteer to help out at the Revolution Books table at Printer's Row
If you can volunteer give us a call or shoot us an email:
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Revolution Books will be open from noon to 5 PM both Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend, May 23rd and 24th.
Just arrived! 

We're excited to announce that we now have the book edition of
Constitution, Law, and Rights -- in capitalist society and in the future socialist society , selections from the writings of Bob Avakian (BA) and excerpts from the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA .

This new publication could not be more timely: police are murdering Black and Brown youth with impunity, and resistance is rocking the country. This raises deep questions about what kind of system puts its stamp of approval on this and so many other vicious crimes, what IS the nature of the criminal (in)justice system, and whether a different system is really possible and what it will take to get there. This compilation makes BA's writings on these and related questions accessible to a new generation and others daring to raise their heads and searching for a way out.


The struggle for justice for Freddie Gray began when someone videotaped the murderous assault of the Baltimore police on a young man innocent of any crime. It gained momentum as people went into the streets, day after day. And it hit a high point in the rebellion of April 27. This rebellion--and then the way in which many other sections of society refused to stop fighting for justice, even after the rebellion was slandered and violently suppressed-forced the powers-that-be to file charges.

April 21: Thousands march in front of the Baltimore Western District police station to seek justice for Freddie Gray, who died after being taken into police custody. 

There are high stakes--very high stakes--in what happens next. High stakes for the powers-that-be themselves--the capitalist-imperialists--who sit atop a world of exploitation and oppression of every kind. These capitalist-imperialists rely on their police to enforce that order within this country, even as they rely on their armies to go all over the world to do the same. When the right of these police to run around like mad dogs in the communities of the oppressed comes under challenge, that is a big, risky problem for them. And when people not only protest but actively resist as they did on April 27 and in the days that followed, that challenge is bigger. Read the entire article on

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2pm   Join us at Revolution Books 
for a screening and discussion of the inspiring film:
The Vessel: Past Law, 
Past Land, 
Past Permission

The Vessel begins with a young doctor who lived by the sea, and an unlikely idea. Rebecca Gomperts, horrified by the realities created by anti-abortion law around the world, felt compelled to challenge this. Her method: to provide abortions on a ship in offshore waters.  

Her project, Women on Waves, begins as flawed spectacle, a media frenzy, faced with governmental, religious, and military blockades. But with each setback comes a more refined mission, until Rebecca has the revelation that she can use new technologies to bypass law - and train women to give themselves safe abortions using WHO-sanctioned protocols with pills.

We witness the creation of an underground network of emboldened, informed activists, working at the cutting edge of global reproductive rights, who trust women to handle abortion themselves. Vessel is Rebecca's story: one of a woman who heard and answered a calling, and transformed a wildly improbable idea into a global movement.    

The Vessel has been selected for screenings at film festivals in several countries and won the Special Jury Prize at the SXSW Film Festival. Despite that, it has gotten scant distribution in this country and has been screened only rarely, a victim of the suppression of positive portrayals of abortion. But with abortion rights under attack here and around the world, this story deserves a much wider audience. Please join us to share the inspiration of this life-transforming journey!

A donation of $10 will be asked at the door to support the film and Revolution Books. No one will be turned away!  


Bring your gently used books to Revolution Books!

Cat on Books
Do you have good used books? Bring them to Revolution Books and we will get them back in circulation in the hands of people who yearn for a different future. Right now, your used books will contribute to making our table at the Printer's Row Lit Fest this June a success and help keep this revolutionary bookstore going.  Thanks!
This Thursday, May 7, 7pm - Join us at Revolution Books 
for a videotaped roundtable followed by discussion of

In Defense of Cornel West: Is Barack Obama  Right, or Has Michael Eric Dyson Lost His Mind?
An article about Dr. Cornel West was recently  published in  The New Republic  by author and political commentator Michael Eric Dyson. We are gathering at Revolution Books to watch a video from Revolution Books NYC of Carl Dix, Andy Zee, and Nkosi Anderson discussing that article and  "In Defense of Cornel West: Is Barack Obama Right, or Has Michael Eric Dyson Lost His Mind?"  Then we'll get into a discussion ourselves about the method of the attack, why it happened now, and why it matters.

From the Revolution article:
"This Sunday,  The New Republic posted a vicious attack on Cornel West, 'The Ghost of Cornel West,' by Michael Eric Dyson. This attack is not an academic dispute; it is a hit job against a deeply principled intellectual who refused to put away his critical faculties when Obama took office, who has increasingly stepped out into the struggle against murders by police and mass incarceration, and who has done so in a way that condemns and exposes the crimes -- and yes, they are crimes -- of the Obama Administration. All the sound and fury of Dyson's long rant cannot hide that essential, and shameful, fact..."
-- April 22, 2015, Revolution newspaper,

Read Cornel West's response on his Facebook page to Michael Eric Dyson.
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