Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We received this invitation from the Revolution Club, Chicago:

You are invited to watch the film in Chicago:

Why We Need an Actual Revolution

Two Showings sponsored by Revolution Club, Chicago:

Saturday September 22, 4:00 - 8:00pm 

Revolution Club Organizing Center, 1857 E. 71st St.
Facebook event here, join / share

Sunday, September 23, 1:30 - 4:45pm 

Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State St. 8th Floor Large Meeting Room
(West side, Plymouth Ct. entrance is near elevators to 8th fl)
RSVP is required for Harold Washington Library event.
Seating is limited: RSVP for either event at revclub.chi@gmail.com or 312.804.9121


Take This Film and Change Everything...

If you have agonized about the horrors of this society, but did not know why we face all this and thought there was no way out... this filmed speech will reveal why those outrages go on and how they can be changed.

If you have thought that even if people could get together on it, revolution was not really possible up against the powerful repressive machinery we face... this filmed speech will challenge you.

If you have hungered for fundamental change, but did not know where to begin... this filmed speech will give you the map you need and the way to connect.

There has never been a speech like this on this topic before. This summer in several cities Bob Avakian gave a two-part speech on which we can build a movement to change everything. In the first part, “Only an Actual Revolution Can Bring About the Fundamental Change That Is Needed,” Bob Avakian (BA) concisely and powerfully laid out WHY we need a revolution, going deeply into why this system cannot be reformed but must be overthrown. He did this with penetrating science and with real heart, concretely walking through the most excruciating outrages and abuses we face, laying bare their roots in capitalism-imperialism, and showing why reform would not and, more than that, could not work. Read more about film...

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Supreme Court on the verge of a fascist majority for generations...
Saturday July 7 
2 PM at Congress and Michigan 
At the Horse
Take to the streets in cities and towns nationwide
This Nightmare 
Must End:
The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Children torn from parents... concentration camps for tens or hundreds of thousands... threats to bypass judicial process... The assault on immigrants is the linchpin and battering ram of a whole fascist program
* The Muslim Ban. * White supremacy and terror. * Environmental deregulation as the planet burns. * Open misogyny and theocratic restrictions on abortion and even birth control. * Stripping away rights recently won by LGBTQ people. * 8 million on the verge of starvation in Yemen due to U.S. backed war. * Threats of nuclear annihilation * A thoroughly fascist Trump/Pence Supreme Court for generations.
This is an American Fascism: “Trump/Pence regime’s ‘Make America Great Again’ is a 21st century fascist program of Manifest Destiny - ‘America First’ - wrapped in the flag and Mike Pence’s Bible taken literally, with a program of white supremacy, misogyny, and xenophobia.”
ENOUGH. Basta Ya!  
If we allow this regime to get away with caging and torturing children, they know there is nothing they can’t get away with.We must not allow them to pack the Supreme Court and wipe out women’s right to abortion, LGBTQ and more and worse. Every crisis this regime gets through strengthens the regime. This is a shock we cannot normalize.
We - the masses of people - must act to stop this whole fascist program and demand that this illegitimate, immoral regime be removed from power. 
Join us Saturday July 7 in Chicago, as part of nationwide protests raising this demand.  We will rally at Michigan & Congress at 2 pm. To contact RefuseFascism.org in Chicago:
Email Chicago@RefuseFascism.org
Facebook /RefuseFascismChicago
Twitter RefuseFascismCH
To receive text alerts from Refuse Fascism about mobilizations in Chicago, text NoTrump to 33222

Join in to make these demonstrations as powerful as possible. Reach out to friends and everyone you can. Spread the word, mobilize others, show up and send a powerful message on Saturday, July 7th, that In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse To Accept a Fascist America-- THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO!

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  • If you are on Twitter or Instagram, please share the FB event-- https://www.facebook.com/events/458247467959177/ for your followers to see. Send the event in direct messages to people you follow.
  • Share this event via email if you are not on social media (or even if you are!).
  • Tell people why you are going, and why they should too.
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  • Make a donation online here
  • To make a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more in support of Refuse Fascism's educational activities, please make checks out to "Alliance for Global Justice," a 501(3)(c) organization, note: Refuse Fascism
  • Send checks or money orders, payable to "Refuse Fascism":
305 W. Broadway #185
New York, NY 10013  

Monday, July 2, 2018

Celebrate the REAL Revolution and the Dream of a TRULY Better World
Revolution Club Chicago invites you to:
Click here for facebook event

ANTI-July 4 picnic
63rd Street Beach 
Wednesday July 4, 11-4pm
look for the big red flag.

The Revolution Club and the BA Everywhere campaign invite you to the kind of July 4 picnic you can really enjoy: a REALLY revolutionary one. There'll be food, fun and friendship--plus ways to find out about the work and leadership of Bob Avakian, BA, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party... ways to get involved with the Revolution Club, which is working to spread revolution and communism, and fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution... and ways to get with BA Everywhere, which is working to raise big money to get the word on BA out all over.

And guess what? There won't be a bloody American rag in sight--unless it's being used to get the coals going!

Bring your friends and bring your family for a day of fun and celebration that is part of getting to a radically different and far better world. At 63rd St. beach, look for the big red flag.

Contact: Revolution Club Chicago, 312-804-9121. Call to arrange if you need a ride. Parking is available at the beach, and additional lots are just west of Lake Shore Drive (off of Hayes Drive). To get to the beach via CTA take the #63 bus (eastbound).
"What to the slave is your fourth of July?"
Watch the clip
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On July 5, 1852, the great anti-slavery leader Frederick Douglass spoke to the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society in New York State, and sharply responded to the celebrations of July 4 that had taken place the day before. 

The following excerpt is from Bob Avakian's talk from "Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About, a film of a talk by Bob Avakian" given in 2003 in the United States.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Received from the Revolution Club - Chicago:

Multiple arrests in one week:

Serious Escalation in Repression against
Watch video of the arrest

Revolution Club by Chicago Authorities

Authorities in Chicago are arresting revolutionaries on bogus charges. In one week, at two public festivals, 11 people with the Revolution Club have been arrested on ridiculous pretexts. In one case, they were mainly charged with misdemeanor obstructing/resisting a peace [sic] officer. This is punishable up to one year in jail. There were also citations for violation of sound ordinances. In the other case, the charges are criminal [sic] trespass on a public street!

They were not, in fact, violating any law or sound ordinance. What they were doing was spreading a message among sections of the oppressed who are trapped on the bottom of this society— ideas that the authorities clearly consider “dangerous.” The Revolution Club representatives were powerfully exposing the crimes of this system and how they flow from the very nature of this capitalist/imperialist system. Telling the truth that this cannot be reformed but requires that this system of capitalism must be overthrown by millions, and that there is a strategy and a leadership for how to do this. The Revolution Club was distributing a pamphlet titled, “How We Can WIN— How We Can Really Make Revolution.”

How do we know this is escalating political repression? The pattern— in what the police and prosecutors DO and what they SAY— makes this clear. Here is just some of the evidence:

At the June 16 arrest at the Puerto Rican day parade, in the midst of music blaring everywhere as vendors hawked their wares, the Revolution Club set up a display and staged a rally on a corner of a vacant lot along the parade route. As Noche Diaz, a representative of the Revolution Club, denounced the outrageous treatment of people in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the demonization of immigrants and the literal ripping of immigrant children from their parents’ arms in Trump’s America, the police surrounded this Black, white, and Latino crew in Revolution Club t-shirts. Noche then called out the role of the police in enforcing this brutal system.

Right after, a high ranking officer, who is captured on video saying over his radio “second warning for inciting the crowd,” at least 20 police swarmed and brutally arrested seven people shortly before the parade was to begin.

Incitement means directly calling on people to perform an illegal action. The Revolution Club was calling on people to learn about and get organized for a revolution, which is legally protected speech (well established in Supreme Court rulings). This clearly indicates the police were reacting to the content of the speech.

This was a pre-emptive style arrest, sweeping up and holding the Revolution Club til the wee hours of the morning to prevent this message from being heard in Humboldt Park on that day. If the Revolution Club could not get a hearing, why even bother with these arrests when the police must have had their hands full with a major parade? The authorities were afraid there were thousands of people from the Puerto Rican community gathered, many of whom are seething over the cruel abandonment of people in the wake of the hurricane, resulting in 1,000s of deaths and massive displacement and still no reliable electrical grids. This was suppression of political expression, pure and simple.

And this is part of a pattern by the Chicago PD.
  • In April, a Revolution Club member was arrested for taking part in 11 minutes of silence for 11 million immigrants in the student center at University of Chicago and charged with a felony for this silent, nonviolent witness. At her bail hearing, in a highly unusual and revealing move, the prosecutor read from a sheet of paper telling the judge she should be denied bail because she is a “RevCom,” further informing the judge that this is the Revolutionary Communist Party. The prosecutor also raised previous arrests for Revolution Club activity that had already been dismissed, to bolster the claim that she was dangerous.

  • This was a political dossier. Where did it come from? It didn’t show what the prosecutor claimed but it did reveal the politically motivated harassment of the Revolution Club. Further, at a recent court hearing the judge threatened to revoke bail on the defendant because she had silently raised her fist when joining her supporters in court, and then the judge threatened the supporters with contempt for giving the fist in response to the judge’s threat to revoke the bail!
  • A week before the arrests at the Puerto Rican day parade, at a street festival in Back of the Yards (a Latino and Black neighborhood), Joe Veale, a former Black Panther and a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party, along with three other members of the Revolution Club, were set upon by the police right after they began speaking to people out on the street and getting out the pamphlet “How We Can WIN— How We Can Really Make Revolution.” Joe was exposing the police murder of Maurice Granton Jr., which had happened just days before in a neighboring predominately Black community. The high-ranking officer who took them to the squadrol kept saying, “this is not political”— as if repeating this would wash off the highly political character of the arrests.
In all of these arrests, sound systems and boxes of pamphlets were seized and are still being held. Women defendants reported invasive and intentionally humiliating searches. The authorities aim is clearly to chill the Revolution Club from boldly going out to speak to people, especially in minority communities. The police and the authorities are declaring that they will determine what political ideas and movements oppressed people can be exposed to and consider taking up as their own. All this is very dangerous precedent.

This current wave of arrests is a continuation and escalation of what happened last summer. Many of the arrests in 2017 were in Englewood, where the 7th district is Chicago’s model of “community policing”— code words for developing surveillance, networks of informants, and riding roughshod on a part of the city where violence among the people has taken a heart-breaking toll. The commander of the 7th district personally directed or defended the arrests as well as the harassment of people in the community. Youth in the neighborhood who wanted to learn about the club and take part in political activities were threatened by the police, ordered to take off the Revolution Club’s t-shirt or there would be hell to pay.

A legal observer of Revolution Club rallies and arrests documented the repeatedthis group.”
statements of the district commander that he did not want the Revolution Club there because he did not like their message. When told repeatedly by the attorney that he cannot suppress this protected First Amendment activity because he didn’t like the content, he then threatened “I will do it legally. I will make sure that I enforce every law that I can find against

This blatant political repression must be exposed and opposed. Your help— and your voice— is needed now.

If you are a journalist, we ask that you investigate and report on this illegal campaign of harassment being carried out by the CPD. Who was the high ranking officer speaking to over his radio to get the authorization for the arrests? Who provided the prosecutor with a political dossier on a Revolution Club member? What would FOIA on these arrests show? You can interview the defendants and let them tell their story.

If you are a lawyer, help defend those arrested. And help us fashion legal responses to the whole pattern of selective prosecution, harassment, and suppression of First Amendment activity at the whim of the CPD. The Revolution Club intends to fight for a restraining order against the CPD but we need legal help asap to do this.

If you are someone who sees the dangerous precedents being set here, if you support the rights of the Revolution Club to share their message especially with those who have been locked out and locked down, if you are reminded of the quote from Pastor Martin Niemoller under the Nazis that, “First they came for the Communists, but I did nothing because I was not a communist...” help us oppose and defeat this political repression. Learn from history— raise your voice, come to court hearings, and share this email. Together let’s put the authorities on notice that many people are watching.

Very importantly: DONATE MUCH NEEDED FUNDS to replace seized equipment, mount legal defense and legal challenges, and to support the work of the Revolution Club. One reason authorities arrest people over and over is to tie them up and drain their resources (as well as setting them up with records for more serious prosecution along the line). If instead, these efforts at suppression boomerang and draw more support to the side of the revolutionaries, then the authorities have more to weigh in carrying out their repression.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Received from the Revolution Club - Chicago:

Spread on social media
On Saturday, June 9, Joe Veale and three members of the Revolution Club Chicago were arrested by the police at a street festival, near the neighborhood where the police murdered Maurice Granton Jr., shooting him in the back as he ran from them. Joe Veale and the Revolution Club members were speaking to the festival-goers about this criminal murder by police and about getting organized for revolution, and were targeted by the police for that message. Joe Veale is a long-time revolutionary leader from the California Bay Area, a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party who was part of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s.

Joe Veale and the three Revolution Club members are now released from jail, and all are charged with trespass. One Club member who was bruised on the arm by the cops was charged with resisting/obstructing police.

Watch Joe Veale at 2018 "America Was Never Great—We Need Revolution" Memorial Day Picnic in Chicago HERE.

The Revolution Club Chicago says here are things you can do right now:
  • Join or run with the Revolution Club. Call us at 312-804-9121 or visit our office at 1857 E 71st St., Chicago, IL Tuesday-Sunday 3 pm-7 pm.
  • Connect with the Revolution Club on Facebook and Twitter by following @revclubchi—this will also be where updates, announcements, and plans will be posted.
  • Share posts, video, etc. on social media. This is a great way to spread the word and involve more people.
  • Donate for legal expenses, with a note saying "For Joe Veale and the Revolution Club". (Note: This page was created for legal expenses for another Revolution Club member, Maya, facing an outrageous felony charge, and is being updated to reflect these latest arrests.)
  • Call Kimberly Foxx, Cook County State's Attorney at (312) 603-1880 and demand that charges against Joe Veale and the Revolution Club be dropped.
  • Send letters and statements of support to: revclub.chi@gmail.com

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