Monday, October 26, 2020

Urgent call  Stop the Illegitimate Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett!

Join us TODAY in Chicago at Federal Plaza! 4 pm 
An Urgent Call To Action from 
Sunsara Taylor, 
(click here to watch video of Sunsara Taylor reporting from DC)

I am calling on everyone who hears this to join me Monday in protesting the attempt of the Trump-Pence regime and the Republifascist Senate to implant the Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. Here’s why:

“The rule of law was not openly and formally abandoned altogether, but the 'law' and 'the rule of law' became the same as what Hitler and the NAZIs said it was. Much of what Hitler and the NAZIs did, during their reign of terror and genocide, was 'in accordance with the law'—law that they had reduced to nothing more than their barbaric aims and means, murderously enforced by institutions which had been stripped of any meaning or purpose other than what conformed to and served the NAZI agenda, reduced to nothing more than instruments of NAZI atrocity.

“In the whole of what Trump is currently doing—including his open calls to overturn Supreme Court decisions and precedents (for example, to outlaw abortion and punish flag burning), along with his repeated violations of the law and due process of the law and his insistence that he is the law—we can see the looming shadow of even more overt fascist dictatorship. For that is what fascism is: open and aggressive dictatorship, trampling on and perverting the rule of law, relying on violence and terror, on behalf of the predatory capitalist system and as an extreme attempt to deal with profound social division and acute crises (both within the country and in the global arena).”   Bob Avakian, in his August 1st Statement

As soon as Monday night, if her confirmation is not stopped, Amy Coney Barrett could be sworn in as a Justice to the Supreme Court, locking in a firm fascist and theocratic majority on the highest court in the land. This would be a major leap in domesticating the courts and the 'rule of law' into an instrument of fascist atrocity. Immediately, this would provide Trump with another valuable weapon in his drive to steal the elections.

Longer term, there is little doubt that her tenure on the court will see a wholesale assault on the rights and lives of millions.

The Christian fascist movement that reared Amy Coney Barrett and backed her ascension to the Supreme Court has never reconciled itself to the hard-fought social advances of the last fifty years and more. Beneath their gauzy obsession with of the so-called “rights” of the fetus lies a thousand-years-old hatred of women, an Old Testament view that women deserve punishment in the form of forced motherhood and servitude to their husbands and fathers. It is not incidental that during her confirmation hearing Amy Coney Barrett refused not only to affirm the Supreme Court decision that granted women's right to abortion, but even to affirm the decision that granted the right to birth control.

Beneath their rhetoric of “family values” lies a drive to cast LGBTQ people back into the closet and strip them of recently won rights and protections to their families, healthcare, jobs, housing and more. Beneath their talk of “religious freedom” lies their insistence on their “right” to use the state impose their Christian fascist bigotry and denial of science and climate change on the rest of society and world. And pulsing through all of this is the ugly white supremacy that sits at the foundation of this country and has led to a situation where, as the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian has analyzed, the Bible Belt in this country has always doubled as the Lynching Belt. Part of the rush to confirm Coney Barrett is to lock all this in place so this can be carried forward regardless of who wins the upcoming election.

More immediately, as soon as Tuesday, Amy Coney Barrett could become part of Supreme Court that acts to put a stamp of “legitimacy” on a fascist theft of the upcoming election.

Trump is preparing violent thugs – inside and outside of power – to enable him to hold onto power regardless of the results of the election. He would rather, however, win outright – or at least with enough confusion and “lawfulness” that he can claim a second term and mandate “legitimately.” He has openly admitted that his rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is to ensure that the Court rules in his favor should the election be contested.

Linda Greenhouse, a Pulitzer Prize winner who covered the Supreme Court for 30 years (and who I interviewed on The RNL Show), detailed a recent case over whether to count certain late-arriving mail-in ballots in the swing state of Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court deadlocked, 4-4, allowed ballots to be counted if they arrived within three days of the election in order to accommodate the historically high level of mail-in ballots during a pandemic. It is reasonable to expect that had Coney Barrett been seated on the court already, this provision would have been struck down and many valid votes would have been thrown out. We can expect many such challenges in the days ahead. Republicans have an army of lawyers ready to contest ballot any place doing so would be to Trump's advantage.

With Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, Trump could be relieved of the need to outright refuse to leave office in the face of a clear electoral loss. Rather, he and the Republicans hide their theft under their insistence that “we leave it up to the courts,” knowing full well that they've been stacked in his favor. For her part, during her confirmation hearings Amy Coney Barrett gave us every reason to believe she'd be an eager instrument of Trump's election theft, refusing to acknowledge that it would violate the Constitution for Trump to postpone the election, refusing to affirm that armed voter intimidation is against the law, and joining Trump in refusing to endorse a peaceful transfer of power.

With all this at stake – both the long-term consequences for millions and millions of lives and in the near-term ability of Trump to steal the upcoming election – it would be wrong to treat this, even at this late hour, as a “done deal.” There are enough people – millions throughout society, stretching to the powers-that-be – who truly oppose and even hate what Amy Coney Barrett stands for, and can be mobilized, or compelled to move, to STOP this nomination!!


In a situation this fraught, no one can say in advance what kind of impact the people can have when we act boldly and with moral clarity. And the more powerfully we act against this, the more we can stamp and render her confirmation as illegitimate if it does go forward – building our strength and creating a much stronger basis to call forward even greater numbers for the greater political battles ahead.

TODAY Monday, across the country, we must go into the streets in protest.

Here in Washington, DC, we will amass tonight at 5:00 pm at the Supreme Court. Many of us will dress as Handmaids, representing and opposing the theocratic nightmare this regime and confirmation will bring. Wherever you are across this country, go to courthouses and public squares:

Monday, October 19, 2020

Received from Refuse Fascism Chicago

Trump Is Already Stealing the Election. 


Join the OutNow! Movement & Protest Every Day

Saturday October 24: Join and organize MASS PUBLIC ASSEMBLIES Nationwide To Protest and Demand: Trump/Pence OutNow!

Here is  basic schedule for the week ahead

ALL of these activities will aim at recruiting more grassroots organizers AND building for the Assembly on Saturday, Oct 24, 2 pm at Federal Plaza.

Monday: 4 - 6 pm Federal Plaza -Speaker's Corner,

Tuesday: Noon to 1 pm - Evanston Trump/Pence #OUTNOW rally with drums. Handmaids welcome!

Tues 4 pm to 6 pm Federal Plaza -Speaker's Corner, with drums

Wednesday: 4 to 6 pm, Pilsen! [To be confirmed] meeting at the same intersection (Blue Island & 18th) in front of the market there. 

Wed 4 pm to 6 pm Federal Plaza -Speaker's Corner

Thursday: 4 - 6 pm
 Federal Plaza -
 This is the day the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to approve Amy Coney Barrett's  nomination to the Supreme Court,

and performance where we call out the crimes of Trump's Christian Fascist  Wannabe Hit Woman---AUNT AMY---election stealer, climate denier, voting rights suppresser, patriarchal enforcer of women as incubators. 


Friday: 4 - 6 pm Federal Plaza -Speaker's Corner, 

Friday: 4 - 6 pm Andersonville  (To be confirmed)- 

Saturday: 2 pm - 4 pm, Federal Plaza Mass Assembly: Trump is stealing the election, we need to vote but Trump will not be stopped just by voting! (See the full statement here

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Received from the Refuse Fascism

The hearings on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court opened Monday. Refuse Fascism joined with other groups to protest at the Court at 8 am and engage in civil disobedience at the doors of the Senate. "At stake in this confirmation is not only the tipping of the Supreme Court towards a fascist majority – thereby transforming the highest court in the land more fully into an instrument of fascist atrocity – but this confirmation is part of the fascist coup the Trump/Pence regime is carrying out right now." The Republican Party is barreling ahead with Amy Coney Barrett's installation on the Supreme Court to solidify the Christian fascist majority that will gut the rights of LGBTQ people, women, Black and Brown people, immigrants and all who do not fit their Make America White Again agenda. And Trump has openly declared that he wants his pick installed on the Supreme Court before the election so he'll get a rubber stamp on a second term regardless of the vote count that they are actively suppressing.

Yes, the situation IS urgent and we all must act to wake people up! Join us

*  On Thursday, October 15, Refuse Fascism is holding rallies in cities around the country to demand "No Fascist Court! No Fascist Coup!" Join us at 4 pm, Federal Plaza (Adams & Dearborn), Chicago. Facebook event to join, invite, share. 

*  On Saturday, October 17, join the Refuse Fascism contingent at the Women's March.  Meet at 11 am at Federal Plaza!

Volunteers have dropped everything to go to DC for these historic protests, in the midst of a pandemic. They are there for all of us, and they need support from all of us, for Metra cards, meals, a roof over their heads. Please donate whatever you can, every dollar is greatly appreciated!

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday October 9,  AT 4 PM CDT – 6 PM CDT

Every Day: Demand Trump/Pence Out Now

It’s on: The Struggle for the Future
Will it be fascist
Or, will we act on our conscience?
Non-Violent Protests that Continue Day After Day
From Now Through the Elections
United by the Demand:
Trump/Pence OUT NOW
Find out more at
Sun, Oct 4, 2 pm Federal Plaza, Dearborn & Adams
Mon, Oct 5, 4-6 pm, Logan Square CTA stop, Kedzie & Milwaukee
Tues, Oct 6, 4-6 pm, Pilsen, 18th & Blue Island
Wed, Oct 7, 4-6 pm, Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Adams
Thur, Oct 8, 4-6 pm, Hyde Park, 53d & Lake Park
Fri, Oct 9, 4-6 pm, Andersonville, Clark & Berwyn
Saturday, Oct 10, 2 pm Federal Plaza, Dearborn & Adams


Thursday, October 1, 2020

2 pm Saturday & Sunday October 3 & 4 
Federal Plaza, Dearborn & Adams

It’s on: The Struggle for the Future 

Will it be fascist or, will we act on our conscience? 

October 3rd We Begin Non-Violent Protests 
that Continue Day After Day 
From Now Through the Elections 

United by the Demand: 
Trump/Pence OUT NOW

We face a rolling coup barreling to a showdown on November 3. The Trump/Pence regime has said and shown that they will not abide by an election they lose. 

It is the regime—Trump, Pence, Barr—who have raised the specter of insurrection and sedition. It is the regime that is tearing up the rule of law. It is the regime that demonizes and brutalizes immigrants, Black people, Latinos, Native Americans, women, LGBTQ people, the media and peaceful protesters. It is the regime that opposes science, leading to a country and a plan- et burning and drowning, and to unconscionable unnecessary death and illness from COVID. 

We face a critical crossroads. The hour is late, but not too late. Relying only on our voting will lead to disaster. The Trump/Pence regime is subverting the election now and preparing to nullify it.  Waiting to act till they do so will be too late.

Trump’s MAGA mobs maraud around the country in water and land caravans; they murder protesters and innocent people by guns and by their cars. They spread COVID. They are inflamed with passionate reactionary intensity.  All for the purpose of rousing their followers and intimidating and demoralizing all who should be standing up for justice.  

Now we must act. Beginning Saturday, October 3rd, gather and bring your family, friends, and community into the public squares of cities and towns across the country in non-violent protest unified by the demand: Trump/Pence OUTNOW!  And, come back in waves, day after day. This is possible. We saw this in June and early July where people came out every day for justice for Black Lives. Now, that struggle, and every struggle, and the lives of millions of people hang in the balance. In our diversity, with our multiplicity of causes and demands we must come together and reach out to others to join us, recognizing that should the Trump/Pence regime remain in power it will be a disaster for every just cause, and most of all, for the lives of peo- ple here and around the world. 

We will act on our principles, modeling the world we aspire to in contrast to the bigotry and hatred of this fascist regime. We will act together with creative joy and with the conviction and courage of standing together not only for ourselves but for all humanity. 

@RefuseFascismCH  - FB: RefuseFascismChicago 
@RefuseFascism                               917-407-1286 
VENMO: @Refuse-Fascism   CashApp: $RefuseFascism

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Presented by Revolution Books NYC


How Fascism Works, and How To Stop It! A Dialogue with Andy Zee & Jason Stanley

Facebook LiveVirtual program on FaceBook and YouTube, co-hosted by the Brooklyn Book Festival:
Can it happen here? Is it happening here? The "F" word--fascism. This dialogue between Yale philosopher Jason Stanley and co-initiator of RefuseFascism and spokesperson for Revolution Books Andy Zee is co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Under the Trump/Pence regime we have witnessed a program of blatant white supremacy and male supremacy, and xenophobic racism toward immigrants. Institutional norms have been steamrolled. Crude displays of American jingoism, draconian moves to criminalize and crush protest and dissent, as in Portland. What are the lessons of history, and in this unprecedented situation what are the appropriate forms of action to stop fascism?

Jason Stanley is a philosopher at Yale. His book, "How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us Against Them," sets out essential features and dynamics of fascism.

Andy Zee is a co-initiator of RefuseFascism and spokesperson for Revolution Books. He makes the case that we are now being ruled by a fascist regime and why we need mass, sustained, nonviolent but determined protest to drive this regime from power and prevent the full consolidation of fascist rule

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