Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday, July 29th 5 pm
Cook County Jail, 2700 S. California
Emergency Action  for Gregory Koger

Stop Mass Incarceration Chicago just issued the Call for Emergency Action to Support Gregory Koger, below. As many of you know, Gregory is a key member of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and a long-time volunteer for Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund.
Cook County Jail Retaliates against Gregory Koger, Revolutionary Hunger Striker

Cook County jail has sent Gregory Koger for a "psychological evaluation" multiple times since he was sent to jail on Tuesday, July 23, citing as grounds his hunger strike in solidarity with thousands of California prisoners who are on hunger strike to end the torture of solitary confinement.

We demand an end to this retaliation - Hands Off Gregory Koger!

  • Protest at 5 PM Monday (7/29) in front of the Cook County Jail, 2700 S. California, Chicago
  • Call Sheriff Tom Dart (312 603 6444) & demand an end to this retaliation!
  • Sign the petition to release Gregory from jail!
Gregory Koger is a revolutionary communist and an ex-prisoner who was sent back to Cook County jail just days ago to serve the remainder of a 300-day sentence. Gregory was convicted of trespass and resisting arrest almost four years ago for peacefully videotaping a statement against censorship before the start of a public event. But this case has never been about trespass and resisting arrest. It has been about the political prosecution of a former prisoner who has become a revolutionary.

We learned today (Sunday, 7/28) that Gregory was placed on the psychiatric ward at the jail after a visit from a lawyer on Thursday and again after a visit from friends today, preventing other friends from seeing him. There is nothing wrong with Gregory's mental health. Prisoners who are making a conscious political statement by going on hunger strike are put in a dangerous situation when they are labeled "emotionally" or "mentally" unstable or possibly suicidal. That label is used to justify forced feeding at Guantanamo.

The state of California claims that the July 22 death of Bill "Guero" Sell, a 32-year old Corcoran State Prison hunger striker, was "suicide", but fellow prisoners described Sell as "strong, a good person" and  openly questioned that assertion, saying it was "completely out of character for him."

By putting that label on Gregory, the jail is segregating him from other prisoners and possibly putting his health and safety in jeopardy. This situation must stop immediately.

Gregory Koger does not belong in jail at all and he certainly doesn't belong in Cook County jail's psychiatric ward. The authorities cannot be allowed to exact revenge for a righteous political stand -

Join Us to Demand an End to this Retaliation!

  • Protest at 5 PM Monday (7/29) in front of the Cook County Jail, 2700 S. California, Chicago
  • Call Sheriff Tom Dart (312 603 6444) & demand an end to this retaliation!
  • Sign the petition to release Gregory from jail!

Sign the Emergency Call to support the California prisoners' hunger strike here and donate to publish it!

Stop Mass Incarceration Network - Chicago
stop mass incarceration logo

Trayvon Protest - Crowd w Slogan   
Thursday, August 1, 7 pm
Discussion at Revolution Books
On the Murder of Trayvon Martin and the Outrageous Acquittal of His Killer
The whole country was rocked-and is rocking-over the outrageous acquittal of George Zimmerman. This must be a watershed moment. This must become the day that people look back on and say, "that's when people began to see that you couldn't reform this shit, and a whole different way-a revolution-was needed." But that will take STRUGGLE-struggle in the streets that must not be allowed to die down...and struggle against ways of thinking that will take us right back into the arms of the forces that have been carrying out crime after crime after crime... for hundreds of years. (read full article)

LAdemo TM July 20First, let's tell the truth about what this system has meant for Black people in this country...from its beginnings down to today. Let's actually look squarely at what was revealed in the trial of George Zimmerman and why the whole damn system is guilty... and make real  and concrete: fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution.

Saturday, August 10th   
Be a part of the Revolution Books
 Bud Billiken Parade Contingent 
Contact Revolution Books 773-489-0930


The Whole Damn System is Guilty
"No more generations of our youth, here and all around the world, whose life is over, whose fate has been sealed, who have been condemned to an early death or a life of misery and brutality, who the system has destined for oppression and oblivion even before they are born. I say no more of that."             
Bob Avakian
Chairman, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
BAsics 1:13

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Revolution Books 
received the following announcement  

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride
Michigan Ave & Congress Pkwy,  N.E. corner
Spread the Word!  Invite Friends!
 Welcome the Freedom Ride
We'll hold an abortion speak out to break the stigma on abortion and honor those on the front lines providing abortions.

Take pictures and sign banners with your statement of support for abortion rights to send to clinics in Fargo, ND, Wichita, KS, and Jackson, MS - then hear dynamic speakers speak unapologetically about abortion including people joining us the ride speaking passionately to why they are going on this MUCH NEEDED Freedom Ride straight into the 5 states that have only one clinic left! 
  Visit the IndieGoGo crowd-funding
campaign underway at :

For info and to get involved Call Stop Patriarchy Chicago Chapter at 773-501-6355

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We just received this email from World Can't Wait! Chicago Chapter

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Coming to Chicago!

When: 1 pm, Saturday, July 27
Where: Rally at Michigan Ave & Congress Pkwy, Chicago
Join the Facebook event & invite friends!

Watch Rachel Maddow's interview with the director of the Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo, ND, and their discussion of the Abortion RIghts Freedom Ride.  US News reports on Pro-Abortion Activists Going on Freedom Ride.

Now we will be welcoming the Freedom Ride to Chicago!  We'll hold an abortion speak out to break the stigma on abortion and honor those on the front lines providing abortions.

Take pictures and sign banners with your statement of support for abortion rights to send to clinics in Fargo, ND, Wichita, KS, and Jackson, MS - then hear dynamic speakers speak unapologetically about abortion including people joining us the ride speaking passionately to why they are going on this MUCH NEEDED Freedom Ride straight into the 5 states that have only one clinic left!

The Abortion RIghts Freedom Ride is
1. Mobilizing people on a national scale - it is connecting up the hundreds of local showdowns at clinics and in courthouses and counties across this country into a national effort to turn the tide.
2. Mobilizing people to go on the political and moral offensive - to not merely respond to each new egregious attack, but to raise our heads to fight for Abortion on Demand and Without Apology-For Every Woman in Every State!
3. Telling the truth: this war on women will only be defeated through massive independent political action taken by thousands, hundreds of thousands and before long millions of people!And this Abortion Rights Freedom Ride is giving people a way to act right now-relying on ourselves, changing the political terms, and connecting up the many streams of resistance into a national fight to turn the tide and defeat the war on women.
Now we have secret rulings in a Cook County court? That's what Gregory Koger and his lawyers discovered when they went to court yesterday! Without any notice, Gregory's post-conviction relief petition had been dismissed more than three months ago, denying him the right to appeal this decision. This is just the latest in a long-running political prosecution for - what? - peacefully videotaping a statement against censorship! 

We received the announcement below from the Ad Hoc Committee for Reasonthat explains what happened and how our friend Gregory Koger was taken to Cook County Jail. The committee has now started a petition to urge the Sheriff of Cook County to release him on electronic monitoring. Please signand share this petition! Letters, cards, magazines and paperback books (no hardcover books or newspapers) can be sent to Gregory at
Gregory Koger
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Gregory Koger sent back to Cook Co Jail in continuing political prosecution
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This afternoon Gregory Koger was sent back to Cook County Jail to serve the remainder of his 300 day sentence for peacefully videotaping a statement against censorship at a public meeting of the “Ethical” Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC) on Sunday, November 1, 2009. Over 50 supporters, including fellow ex-prisoners, human rights activists, a priest, musician, scientist, retired business people, and a doctor, filled the courtroom in suburban Skokie.  Expressing their outrage at the vindictive hearing and sentencing, over two dozen supporters went straight to the main Cook County jail several miles away to demonstrate their support for Mr. Koger and the California hunger strike.

The hearing today was supposed to be about adjusting Gregory's original sentence, which in part exceeded the statutory maximum. He was represented by attorney Jed Stone, who planned to argue that Gregory's Post-Conviction Relief Petition  filed in March, had to be adjudicated, after months of silence.

When Gregory's case was finally called, however, the presiding judge  announced that she had rejected his post-conviction relief petition more than three months ago, on April 15, and that his 30 day period in which to file an appeal had expired!  No notice had been received by Gregory or his attorneys of record of the rejection, nor had they received notice that Gregory should appear in court on April 15. The judge stated  that the prosecutors had told her that Gregory had been seen in the courthouse on April 15 but left before his case was called, an impossibility because the defense team knew nothing of the date. Furthermore, although Gregory had served two months of his 300-day sentence, the Judge insisted the file showed that he had only been in jail for two weeks.  Jed Stone stated, “In my 38 years as an attorney I have never seen anything like the blatant, sloppy and disingenuous actions of the Court today.”  Gregory's attorneys plan to take further legal action and his defense committee, the Ad Hoc Committee, is determined to continue to press for his release.  For more information on this case, see

At the press conference before the hearing, Gregory announced that while in Cook County Jail, he would join the California prisoners hunger strike, now at Day 16, in solidarity with the demand to end solitary confinement.   Recently, Gregory has been speaking in support of California hunger strikers on WBEZ's Worldview, WVON'sCliff Kelley Show, and KPFK's Michael Slate Show.  In his youth, Gregory spent years in solitary confinement while in prison. During that time, he transformed himself and hasdedicated his life since his release to opposing injustice and struggling for a liberated world for all humanity, as he has written.

Outside the Cook County Jail, July 23, 2013

Ad Hoc Committee for Reason!

Read "Revolutionary Gregory Koger Sent Back to Jail; Judge's Secret Ruling Comes to Light," including solidarity statements from Cindy Sheehan and Sunsara Taylor

Thursday, July 18, 2013

People Are Awakening - Step Up the Struggle for Revolution!
Decorated Van
 BA Everywhere Van

We are at an historic moment, full of great challenges and great opportunities. People are rising up and REFUSING TO ACCEPT outrages - especially the massive opposition to Zimmerman's acquittal, but also outpourings against prison torture-houses, attacks on abortion rights, massive spying, and attacks on "whistle blowers." Around the world there has been an explosion of political upheaval, drawing in millions from Turkey,  Egypt and Brazil.

This "refusal to accept" must be united with, strengthened and deepened - thus changing the whole fascist trajectory that politics have been on in this country (and influencing the whole world).

And through all of this people must learn that there is a liberating, revolutionary way out of these horrors - concentrated in BA's new synthesis of communism - AND be presented with many ways to become part of this movement for revolution. See Carl Dix's statement: Now's the time to stand up - We need revolution - nothing less. 
This Must Be Our Foundation:
Van Tour girls
Young children in Englewood

Go to  REVCOM.US Everyday for Updates, Analysis and Orientation.

Get into Bob Avakianthe leader of the RCP and learn about this new synthesis of communism. Watch the video of his speech "BA Speaks: Revolution - Nothing Less" and study Basics: From the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian.

Connect up with Revolution Books - 1103 N. Ashland in Chicago - (773) 489-0930. Tuesday-Sunday afternoons til 7pm.
Join and contribute to the national BA Everywhere Van Tour going out in Chicago, NYC, LA, SF. Be a part of taking out Bob Avakian's liberating revolutionary vision, captured in the film BA Speaks: Revolution Nothing Less ! and BAsics for new and older generation of revolutionaries.  Throughout this campaign work with us; learn more about BA Everywhere campaign and how it can change the political landscape and trajectory. $20.000 was raised across this country in a short time for these BA Everywhere Van Tours!

Thank you from all of us on the BA Everywhere Van Tour. You are making this tour possible.

Here in Chicago we protested the night of the Trayvon Martin's jury's verdict downtown and on North and Milwaukee; we've shown the film at 63rd Street Beach, 51st and King Road,  Englewood Park; Chicago &  Pulaski; joined the Stop Mass Incarceration rallies and other demonstrations.  Check out the schedule below.
For more information (and to confirm hook up times and places) 
call the BA Everywhere phone 312-860-8167.

Now Is The Time To Act: 

Thurs. (7/18) 
BA Everywhere
Van Tour
4:00-6:30 Grand Crossing, 71st & King Drive. Bring BA's revolutionary vision - showing Revolution - Nothing Less - to the masses on the South Side
Friday (7/19)Support the Prison Hunger Strikers3:00 - 6:00 pm.   Meet at State & Jackson and stand withthe thousands of hunger strikers in the CA prisons who are putting their lives on the line to end the torture of solitary confinement.

6:45- 7:45-9:15 pm show time. "Fruitvale Station" (movie about Oscar Grant's murder) at AMC River East 21 Theater, 322 N. Illinois St. 

 6:15 pm help set up the BA Everywhere Van for high visibility to theater.
Sat (7/20)Justice for Trayvon
Major demo
12:00 noon - downtown Chicago (Federal Bldg). One of many being called all over the country. Be part of bringing the problem (the capitalist system) and the solution (revolution) to thousands who are agonizing over how to respond to this outrage.
Sun (7/21)BA Everywhere
63rd Street Beach
 12 noon Bring BA's revolutionary vision - showingRevolution -  Nothing Less - to the masses on the South Side. Afternoon and early evening.   Challenge them with the historic times we are living in and being part of bringing that whole better world into being.
Tues (7/23)Not One More Day In Jail for Gregory Kroger1:30 pm at Cook County Courthouse (Courtroom 104), 5600 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, IL.
Pack the courthouse and demand that Gregory spend NO MORE time in jail for the "crime" of videoing Sunsara Taylor giving a statement at the "Ethical Humanist" Society.

Fri. (7/27)
Sat. (7/28)
Welcome the Abortion Rights Freedom Bus All out to welcome, support and strengthen the courageous fighters who are taking the battle for abortion rights right to where it is needed most and straight up into the face of the reactionaries and Christian fascists who are trying to drive into virtual slavery.  See for details.
Sat (8/10)Bud Billikin Parade Save the date and plan to march in a contingent that will show the world people's anger and refusal to accept "open season" on black youth (or anyone else) and their determination to bring a world into being where all forms of oppression are ancient history. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

BA Everywhere Van Tour launches Sunday

Decorated Van
A decorated van is going out this week to impoverished communities, parks, cultural events, as well as more well-to-do areas. It will have a large screen TV and sound to show the DVD: BA Speaks REVOLUTION - NOTHING LESS! and raise money to spread BA Everywhere. You can contribute in many ways. Raise money to support the Tour! Watch the video and donate now -one day left to meet our goal!. Donate gas cards for the van. Invite us to show the DVD. If you live near where the van will be, organize a small gathering or invite us to a rec center, class or church. Take a stack of pluggers and posters and donation cans and go out and let people know that the van tour is on the road. Donate food to feed the volunteers.

Join the Tour for a few hours or a whole day and evening! Here are the times and places you can join in. For more information (and to confirm hook up times and places) call the BA Everywhere phone 312-860-8167.

Sunday, July 14
Big mass mobilization to protest of outrageous Zimmerman verdict downtown at Daley Center and then to 63rd Street beach.  

Monday, July 15
Take BAE to Englewood 4-8 pm. Meet at either Revolution Books at 2 pm
or McDonalds, 70 E. Garfield Blvd. (55th St.) between Wabash and Michigan, 1.5 blks west of the Green line CTA station, at 4 pm

Tuesday, July 16
11:30 am - 1 pm Bring BA into the protest against the anti-abortion fanatics. 
Art Institute on Michigan Ave. 

 4pm-8pm: West Humboldt Park neighborhood. Meet inside the Burger King at Chicago and Pulaski at 4pm. Having the BAE phone on the van. 312-860-8167.  

Cook County Courthouse and Jail. 8:30 am. 26th and California.

 4pm-8pm: Grand Crossing Neighborhood- Where to hook up: Brown Sugar Bakery on 328 E 75th1.5 blocks West of King Drive.

Call for information on morning or early afternoon tour stops.

4:30pm-6:30pm: Wicker Park North and Damen L stop.  

to be announced 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Announcement received from BA Everywhere, Chicago Committee
Going All Out to Raise $20,000 by Monday
      BAE indiegogo

There are only a few more days to meet the goal of raising $20,000 for getting out the BA Everywhere Summer Campaign. Watch the film clip here or go to Make plans to reach out to everyone you know who could donate this weekend.
This campaign fills an enormous need of people around the world rising in struggle, those who are agonizing over outrageous injustices. It's bringing to them that there is a radically different way the world could be through revolution - bringing them Bob Avakian and his work. It's involving them in raising funds so that BA will indeed be known everywhere.
BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live Summer Van Tours!
Join us Sunday, July 14, as we kick off the Chicago BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less! Bob Avakian Live Summer Van Tour. We'll be taking our decorated van and large flat screen, DVD player and sound system to the beaches on the south side spreading our message - The world doesn't have to be this way. Get with Bob Avakian.  Learn about this movement for revolution and it's leader. Become part of it as you learn more.
Meet at Revolution Books at 1:30, (1103 N. Ashland Ave). We will decorate cars and caravan to the beach together. Or catch us at 63rd Street beach at 3pm.

Our plan for the week includes going to the Cook County Jail in the mornings, down town mid day and to the South and West sides from  4-8 pm Monday through Wednesday. Call 312-860-8167 to volunteer for any of these locations - a couple hours or a whole day. 
Saturday, July 13, 6:30-9 pm
The BAEverywhere Committee invites you to come between 6:30  & 9 pm to  Revolution Books Saturday evening to help finalize plans and decorations for the next day launching of the van tour.
For more information: Contact BA Everywhere Chicago at or call 312 860-8167.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Justice for Trayvon Martin &
the California Prisoners' Hunger Strike:Trayvon
How They Are Connected and What We Must Do toEND the Slow Genocide of Mass Incarceration

Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin: 
When Jury Goes Out: 5 pm Daley Plaza Washington and Dearborn
Day of the Verdict: 5 pm Daley Plaza, Washington and Dearborn (if the verdict is announced before 5 pm)
 Emergency Community Action Meeting
Friday July 12, 2013 - 7 pm
unless we're out protesting the Zimmerman verdict at Revolution Books
1103 N. Ashland, Chicago, 60622

Nationwide and worldwide attention is riveted on the trial of George Zimmerman - the vigilante wannabe-cop who murdered Trayvon Martin. As a recent article in Revolution Newspaper put it: "Right now, American society-with the whole world increasingly taking notice-is polarizing. Two sides are lining up-one upholding the right of the Trayvon Martins of this world to live and flourish and, if they are attacked, to have justice... and the other upholding the supposed rights of people like George Zimmerman to kill people like Trayvon with impunity."
We cannot allow them to get away with okaying this modern-day lynching and putting a target on the backs of young Black and Latino men, further criminalizing and demonizing another generation.

On July 8, 2013, over 30,000 prisoners in over 2/3 of California's prisons began a hunger strike - putting their lives on the line to demand an end to the systematic torture they face on a daily basis through long-term solitary confinement. Prisoners in several other states joined them. 2.3 million people are in prison in the U.S. 80,000 prisoners are held in solitary confinement - under conditions that are torture under international law.

Join us for an Emergency Community Action Meeting to dig into how the murder of Trayvon Martin and the torture in solitary confinement in U.S. prisons are connected as two aspects of the slow genocide of mass incarceration - and what must we do to END it. Bring your ideas on what actions we can plan to demand justice for Trayvon and how we can support the prisoners on hunger strike - and to END the mass incarceration and criminalization of millions of our youth.

Stop Mass Incarceration Network
National Day of Action! 
 Solidarity with California Prisoners' Hunger Strike
Friday July 19, 2013
Save the Date, details to be announced

Stop Mass Incarceration Network - Chicago

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is a project of the Alliance for Global Justice, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is building a movement to stop the injustice of mass incarceration and police brutality; and theacially biased policies and practices of the police, the courts and the U.S. legal system; and to support of prisoners and the formerly incarcerated. We call on all to join.

Books, RevolutionNewspaper and DVD's to check out at Revolution Books
new BA Speak Poster with cities

central Pak 5
New Jim Crow Cover
BAsics Book Cover

pelican bay picture
144 cover

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not One More Day In Jail for Gregory Koger!

We received the following announcement from the Ad Hoc Committee for Reason and urge everyone reading this to share it and come out on July 23:

A court hearing has been set for 1:30 pm on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, where the State will move to put Gregory Koger in jail to serve the remainder of his 300 day sentence for peacefully videotaping a statement against censorship at a public meeting of the “Ethical” Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC) on Sunday, November 1, 2009.

Join us!
When: July 23, 2013 at 1:30PM
Where: Cook County Courthouse – Courtroom 104, 5600 Old Orchard Rd  Skokie, IL

Neither the Court nor the Cook County State’s Attorney has responded to the Post-Conviction Relief Petition that Gregory’s legal team filed in March. This Petition exposed the lies at the heart of the false charges against him and provides documentary evidence (suppressed by the judge at trial) of the perjured testimony and prosecutorial misconduct that laid the basis for his conviction – and demands that his wrongful conviction and outrageous sentence  be overturned. For more details, see

In his youth, Gregory spent years in solitary confinement while in prison. He transformed himself and has dedicated his life since his release to opposing injustice and struggling for a liberated world for all humanity. Gregory’s legal team will vigorously oppose any attempt to put him back in jail.

We call on you to come out to stand with Gregory and demand:
Not One More Day In Jail for Gregory Koger!

Ad Hoc Commitee for Reason • •

Friday, July 5, 2013

Join BA Everywhere for Pizza-Film Clip-Discuss & Brainstorm

Announcement received from BA Everywhere, Chicago Committee
Indigogo Crowdsourcing

Sunday July 7th, 4-7 PM

Pizza - Film Clip - 
Discuss, Brainstorm and Make Plans 

at Revolution Books
1103 N. Ashland Ave.

  The BA Everywhere Campaign invites you to come to Revolution Books, Sunday, July 7, to watch a clip from the film, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! An informal discussion of the film clip will follow. Then let's brainstorm about what will it take for many more people to get involved, raise funds, and get this out and spread it throughout society. We'll eat pizza, get organized and make plans.

Summer 2013: the world is swirling with sharp contradictions - from the trial of wannabe cop George Zimmerman who murdered Trayvon Martin; to the prisoner hunger strikes in Guantanamo and the prisons of California; to the struggle against taking away the right to abortion in states across the US; to Edward Snowden's revelations of massive government spying; to the uprisings of the people in Turkey and Brazil - In this roiling situation, bringing BA's analysis of the SOURCE of all these problem and... of the SOLUTION...the way out of this madness and the leadership to get there - can be a galvanizing factor, raising people's sights, spurring people forward. (Go to BA Everywhere Indiegogo page. Watch the short introductory video).

The BA Everywhere campaign matters. Imagine the difference it would make if people knew about and engaged a whole better way the world could be. Whether major funds are raised to do this is decisive.

Go to BA Everywhere Indiegogo page. Share it with others. Bring your friends and your best creative ideas on Sunday. We will also be brainstorming and making plans for the mid-July BA Everywhere Van Tours.

Contact BA Everywhere Chicago at or call 312 860-8167.

Barcelona BAE
Urgent Appeal!

Dennis Loo, Ph.D., a sociologist and author of Globalization and the Demolition of Society, made this matching funds challenge to teachers and professors in response to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to launch the BA Everywhere Summer 2013: Making a Difference, Changing the World!  

Will you meet Dr. Loo's challenge and answer this call?  

Like us on Facebook