Friday, January 7, 2011

Coming Special Events
Join us for two discussions of excerpts from
By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

 January 23, Sunday RESCHEDULED START TIME 6 pm 
"You Want to Radically Change the World-You Have to Make Revolution, and Establish a Revolutionary State Power"
"But, as I've been emphasizing, the other side of the contradiction (in which the economic base is ultimately and fundamentally decisive) is the fact that the way to bring about radical, qualitative changes-in the economic foundation (or base), and in the political-ideological superstructure-is opened and is made possible only by decisively defeating, and then dismantling, the stranglehold of political and ultimately military power that is exercised by the ruling class of the presently prevailing system, and replacing this with a new, revolutionary state power. That cannot be underlined enough times..." (read more)
[from Revolution newspaper #220]

January 30, Sunday 4 pm
"Democratic Intellectuals, Idealist Notions, and the Need for Materialism"
The ideas of 'absolute equality' and ultrademocracy, of which certain democratic intellectuals are so fond, correspond to the objective social position of both the democratic intellectual and the shopkeeper, even with their 'heaven and earth' differences, as Marx characterized them..." (read more)
[from Revolution newspaper #221]

 Thursday January 27 7pm
Author Presentation and Book Signing

by Davis Schneiderman
"It s the year 2039, and Lake Michigan is mysteriously emptied of water. In this seemingly endless desert east of Chicago, three factions are locked in conflict: end-of-times cultist settlers who worship a giant World Worm they deem responsible for the drained lake; Quadrilateral, a mega-corporation determined to develop the now dry lake; and the Blackout Angels, landlocked punk pirates who oppose everything and everyone."

Author Davis Schneiderman is Chair of the English Department at Lake Forest College and also Director of Lake Forest College Press/&NOW Books.

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