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Tuesday, April 5, 7 PM at REVOLUTION BOOKS 
A special invitation to Celebrate the publication of
"BAsics, from the talks and writings of  
Bob Avakian"    
(available now at Revolution Books)
BAsics Book Cover
Join us for music, food, and celebration!
Get this new book hot off the press! 

Join people across the country on April 5 to celebrate the release of BAsics.  BAsics concentrates more than 30 years on Avakian's work on everything that stands between humanity and complete emancipation into a single concise book of essential quotes and short essays by the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party. If you yearn for radical change--or even to see the question become a major topic in society--you'll want to be part of this celebration.   

BAsics will introduce many more people to the most radical revolutionary on the planet and help makethis path-breaking work and leadership a much bigger part of the discourse in society. Don't miss this celebration!

Get copies of BAsics and palmcards to spread the word.
(Author will not be present.)

ALSO - Make your plans for this special event in NYC 

"On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World"

Monday, April 11, Harlem Stage, NYC
Aaron Davis Hall on the campus of the City College of New York,
135th Street and Convent Avenue

To volunteer for the NY event, get tickets , and more information, go to the Revolution Books New York site at 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BAsics from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian
BAsics is a concise book of essential quotes and short essays by Bob Avakian that concentrates more than 30 years of work on everything standing between humanity and complete emancipation.

Get your copy NOW at REVOLUTION BOOKS - $10 + tax
Pick up BAsics pluggers at Revolution Books and spread the word.

March 30, Wednesday, 7pm 
Planning meeting for BAsics release celebration
Help plan and organize the April 5 release event for
BAsics, from the talks and wrttings of Bob Avakian.

April 5 Tuesday 7pm  
Book Release Celebration  for BAsics at Revolution Books RB pic new  

 BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian is a new book of quotes and essays from Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.  BAsics lays out and makes accessible essential building blocks of Avakian's thinking and his path-breaking leadership. Join us to celebrate the contributions of Bob Avakian, revolution, and the vision of a new world.

April 11, Monday, 7pm
Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall -- City College of New York
BAsicsNY event wide  
"On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics:
A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a Whole New World"

 An evening of music, visual art, poetry and readings including musician Guillermo Brown; Richard Brown, former member Black Panther Party and co-founder of The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, founded by the SF8; Ruby Dee; poet and playwright reg e. gaines; Moist Paula Henderson, baritone sax player and composer; jazz musician David Murray; Outernational; Abiodun Oyewole from The Last Poets; Ted Rall, cartoonist and author; excerpts from Tapsloitation; and jazz musicians Matthew Shippand William Parker. And surprise guests.

A visual arts exhibition specially curated for the night will include the work of Derrick Adams, Richard Duardo, Skylar Fein, Kyle Goen, Dread Scott, SenOne and others to be announced.  

Cornel West calls on you to Celebrate Revolution and the Vision of a New World, April 11 2011
Cornel West calls on you to Celebrate Revolution and the Vision of a New World, April 11 2011
The April 11 Host Committee, in association with New York Revolution Books, includes Aladdin, actor and playwright; Paul Von Blum, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, African American Studies and Communication Studies, UCLA *, Herb Boyd, journalist and author; Elaine Brower, National Steering Committee of World Can't Wait* and anti-war military mom; Dr. Robert Keith Collins, anthropologist; The Committee For the Defense of Human Rights, founded by the SF8; Carl Dix, founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party; Jessica Green, media maker and co-director, Maysles Cinema*; Nicholas Heyward, Sr., father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr. (murdered by the NYPD in 1994); Russ Jennings, theatre producer and writer; Erin Aubry Kaplan, journalist and author; Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, St. Mary's Church*, Harlem; Mike Ladd, poet and music producer; Philip Maysles, visual artist, co-director, Maysles Cinema*;  John Santos, musician; Matthew Shipp, musician; Dr. Tolbert Small, co-founder and physician at the Harriet Tubman Medical Office in East Oakland, CA and former physician to the founding chapter of the Black Panther Party; Clarence Taylor, professor of History, Baruch College*; Cornel West, Professor of Religion, Princeton University*; Robert M. Young, film maker and David Zeiger, film maker.
(* for identification purposes only)

CALL 212-691-3345 or GO HERE.

Announcing new release Tuesday, March 22
NEW VERSION!! AllPlayedOutCd


Words by Bob Avakian
Music by William Parker
Centeringmusic BMI


Monday, March 21, 2011

Regarding Libya - Ask yourself this...

Libya Rev statement   

See also: Revolution Interviews Raymond Lotta: The Events in Libya in Historical Perspective... Muammar Qaddafi in Class Perspective... The Question of Leadership in Communist Perspective (read the interview in Revolution #266).

from Revolution #227 Online, March 17. 2011

Japan:  A Global Disaster... A Necessary Response  
 Japan reactorThe earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 have already caused, and are continuing to cause tremendous destruction and death. The terrible suffering, the threat of an even more catastrophic nuclear disaster demand an urgent response. The lack of aid and assistance from the global powers-not just the Japanese government-is shocking and outrageous. Huge questions of life, health, and the global environment are being posed in extreme terms in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. (read the rest of the article)

Catastrophe in Japan - The Quake, the Tsunami, and the Nuclear Horror 

The scenes of vast destruction and suffering of the people from the unprecedented (in Japan), earthquake and tsunami that hit northeast Japan are heart-rending. Earthquake preparation is a daily fact of life in Japan, which lies in a very active quake zone, and coastal areas have seawalls and tsunami alert systems. But no one was prepared for what happened on March 11. That Friday afternoon, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0-the seventh largest ever recorded in the world, and the largest ever recorded in Japan-occurred not far off the coast near Sendai, a city of a million people. The earthquake itself caused heavy damage in Japan's Tohoku region to the northeast of the capital, Tokyo. People described the violent shaking as going on for more than five minutes. Sizable aftershocks have continued to rock the area. (read the rest of the article

Must read for everyone seeking a solution to the environmental catastrophe that humanity faces!Special on the Environment

Special Issue on the Environment 


Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 18 · Friday · 7pm
Author Presentation 
and book signing
Kenneth Saltman discusses his book

The Gift of Education: Public Education and Venture Philanthropy 

Ken Saltman's The Gift of Education is the first book to dissect how the new "venture philanthropy" is contributing to both the privatization and transformation of public schooling on the model of corporateculture – from charter schools to the remaki ng of teacher education,  to making students into consumers and knowledge into commodities.

Dr. Kenneth J. Saltman is a professor of Educational Policy Studies and Research at DePaul University. An outspoken critic of public school privatization and corporatization, Saltman's other writings include Capitalizing on Disaster: Taking and Breaking Public Schools, which received American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Critics Choice Award for 2008, and 9/14/10 article on Truthout, "Value-Added" Assessment: Tool for Improvement or Educational "Nuclear Option"?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get Ready for the Publication of
...and for the April 11 Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World

REVOLUTION issue #224 announced two big upcoming events in the centerspread. These were the release of the book BAsics, from the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian; and a major event on April 11 in New York, "On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World." Taken together, these initiatives can have a major impact on people's thinking at a time when, suddenly, new possibilities are in the air.

BAsics will concentrate more than 30 years of Avakian's work on everything standing between humanity and complete emancipation into a single concise book of essential quotes and short essays. This book can not only introduce many many more people to the thinking of someone who has put communism back on the agenda as a vital and viable force-it can play a major role in bringing forward and forging a new wave of revolutionaries. To look at the table of contents is to look at the key questions that present themselves to someone agonizing over the question of whether and how they can actually change the world in a fundamental and meaningful way. We're going to be talking more about BAsics over the weeks to come-for now, though, we want to alert people that we expect the book to be out sometime in mid- to late March and to encourage people now to get out there to raise money to enable the book not only to be printed, but to be promoted in a serious way. (read more)

April 11--A Time to Celebrate

To mark this book's publication, on Monday, April 11, Harlem Stage in New York Citywill be the venue for a major cultural celebration: "On the Occasion of the Publication ofBAsics: A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World." This event will bring together well-known musicians, writers and actors, and people from the community and the youth. People from different perspectives and different spheres-but all animated by celebrating revolution and the vision of a new world, and taking the publication of BAsicsas a very appropriate time to do that-will come together. (read more

To purchase tickets online for April 11 event, go to Revolution Books NYC-April 11.
Organize people to raise funds to send a delegation to the celebration and bring the reverberations from the event back to your area. 

Take up the BAsics Challenge!

Help raise $60,000 needed for printing and promotion of BAsics and for April 11 "On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World" event at the Harlem Stage in New York.

See venue info and host committee for April 11 event below... 
Click graphic for April 11
performers and host committee.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 13 Sunday 2-4pm  
Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of
Look at all the children

Celebrate International Women's Day at REVOLUTION BOOKS. Join us for music, readings from A Declaration: For Women's Liberation and the Emancipation of All Humanity, poetry, updates on the abortion battle and refreshments.


Sunday March 6th 4 pm
Join us for a very important discussion on

Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party
226 cover en

"Under this system of capitalism, so many in this society and so much of humanity are forced to endure great hardship and suffering, exploitation, injustice and brutality, while wars and the ongoing destruction of the natural environment threaten the very future of humanity. In the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) our Party has set forth an inspiring vision, and concrete measures, for the building of a new society, a socialist society, aiming for the final goal of a communist world, where human beings everywhere would be free of relations of exploitation and oppression and destructive antagonistic conflicts, and could be fit caretakers of the earth. But to make this a reality, we need revolution.

Many people insist, "there could never be a revolution in this country: the powers-that-be are too powerful, the people are too messed up and too caught up in going along with the way things are, the revolutionary forces are too small." This is wrong-revolution is possible." (read more)

Responding To--and Getting Out--the RCP's Statement "ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION"
"This issue of Revolution will be focused on the Party's new statement, "On the Strategy for Revolution." This will be a two-week issue--one that must get out everywhere. At a time when people are inspired by, and in many cases closely following and thinking about, the uprisings in the Middle East... when tens of thousands take to the streets in Madison, Wisconsin and this too raises people's sights, and questions, as to what is possible... this statement should be getting everywhere! " ( read more)

Come to Revolution Books to pick up a bundle of
Revolution newspapers which has this important statement. 

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