Monday, November 25, 2013

Revolution Books Cafe 
Dec 6, 8pm-11pm
Holiday Open House                                      
1103 N Ashland Ave

  Humanity Needs Revolution Books and 
Revolution Books Needs YOU!

Support Revolution Books' emergency fundraising campaign. A major investment of funds and commitment is needed for all-volunteer Revolution Books to not just stay open but step up to meet new needs and openings.

Our current lease expires at the end of 2013. Thousands of dollars, along with an expanding base of support, are needed to remain at the current location. Make a donation or buy a block of tickets for Dec. 6 right now and this will provide funds to invest in holiday books and gifts. Become a sustainer - our goal is 5 new sustainers by Jan. 1. Bring in friends and buy books and RB gift certificates. Donate an auction item (for example, a gift certificate from your store or for for a service, an art work, etc.) for the Dec. 6 event. Volunteer to help get publicity out or help organize Dec. 6 fundraiser and other upcoming events. Call 773.489.0930, email us, or drop by.
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Saving RB is crucial-where else can you dig into the full reality and root cause of the slow genocide against Black people or the accelerating climate catastrophe? Where else can you get connected with the movement for revolution? Where else can you engage a viable and liberatory solution to this madness and a strategy to make revolution, based on Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism? Only at Revolution Books. Make it your bookstore now and throughout the year.
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From the volunteer staff of Revolution Books 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

December 8, Sunday 4-7 pm 8 Sunday 4-7 pm
You Don't Know What
You Think You "Know" About...
The Communist Revolution and the Real Path to Emancipation:
Its History and Our Future
An Interview with Raymond Lotta
Revolution Newspaper #323
People need the truth about the communist revolution. The REAL truth. At a time when people are rising up in many places all over the world and seeking out ways forward, THIS alternative is ruled out of order.
At a time when even more people are agonizing over and raising big questions about the future, THIS alternative is constantly slandered and maligned and lied about, while those who defend it are given no space to reply. We thought it urgent that we answer the questions and tell the TRUTH about the communist revolution-the real way out of the horrors that people endure today, and the even worse ones they face tomorrow.
Red Guard During the Cultural Revolution
Part 1: Introduction and Paris Commune
Part 2: 1917 The Revolution Breaks Through in Russia
Part 3: China: One Quarter of Humanity Scaling New Heights of Emancipation
Part 4: Toward a New Stage of Communist Revolution 
Addition articles
Let us know your questions or comments and about your experience in taking this issue out.

    Red Guard During the Cultural Revolution

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Responding to the state of emergency & fighting to turn the tide! 
Sunday, November 17, 4pm
at Revolution Books

Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement. Yet, we are on track for 2013 to be the 3rd year in a row with record restrictions on women's access to abortion. 97% of rural counties do not have an abortion provider, 5 states have only one abortion clinic, new laws are closing the doors of abortion clinics nationwide, abortion providers face unending  harassment and threat and abortion is more stigmatized than ever.

Women are full human beings who must have the right - through unrestricted and unstigmatized access to birth control and abortion - to decide for themselves when and whether they will have children. For decades, a movement which calls itself "pro-life" has unleashed violence against abortion providers, shamed and humiliated women, and relentlessly restricted access to abortion, especially for poor women. We must wage a determined fight to TURN THIS AROUND.  
$10.00 at RB
also on line
Hear from a volunteer who traveled along with people from all over the country to defend the last abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi under siege from "Operation Save America," a violence-inciting, woman-hating Christian fascist organization.  

Stop Patriarchy is calling for people from all over the country to contribute their voice, money, and time to support people going to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Nov. 15 to 17. A vote will be held on November 19 that could ban abortions after 20 weeks thereby shutting down two of the four doctors in the country who openly provide abortions for women who need them in the third trimester of pregnancy.  Donate now (only 35 hours left to donate).  
Co-sponsored by Revolution Books and Chicago Stop Patriarchy. 
Chicago Stop Patriarchy can be reached  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stepping Into The Future: New Documentary Film
and Big Plans to Get BA Everywhere!

Revolution Books invites you to a special screening
of the new documentary film:
On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics:
A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World
 Saturday, November 9, 6-9 pm  
Quaker House - 5615 S. Woodlawn Ave in Hyde Park
$10; $5 students, unemployed 
or bring a dessert, salad or soft drinks to serve 6 people

The DVD will be available at the dinner  $10 each

Big Funds for BA Everywhere
This November and December we aim to be raising MAJOR funds from every section of the people, and to break through in raising significant funds among those with serious resources who are concerned about the state of the world.  All so that word of Bob Avakian and his work can reach into every corner of society, as never before. (See November and December: The Time to Raise Big Funds for BA Everywhere.)
To kick this off on a celebratory and lofty note, come to the dinner, preview this new film, and explore the many ways you can get involved.

For more information: 312 860-8167
Revolution Books 773- 489 0930

Monday, November 4, 2013

12 Years A Slave
Thursday Nov. 7, 7pm

If you saw the movie or if you haven't yet... lets get together and discuss it.

Born a free man in New York State in 1808, Solomon Northup  was kidnapped in Washington, DC, in 1841. He spent the next  12 harrowing years of his life as  a   slave on a Louisiana cotton  plantation. 
During this time he was  frequently abused and often  afraid for his life. After regaining his freedom in 1853, Northup  decided to publish this gripping  autobiographical account of his captivity. 

As an educated man, Northup was able to present an  exceptionally detailed and accurate description of slave life and plantation society. Indeed, this book is probably the fullest, most realistic picture of the "peculiar  institution" during the three decades before the Civil War.  

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