Monday, November 25, 2013

Revolution Books Cafe 
Dec 6, 8pm-11pm
Holiday Open House                                      
1103 N Ashland Ave

  Humanity Needs Revolution Books and 
Revolution Books Needs YOU!

Support Revolution Books' emergency fundraising campaign. A major investment of funds and commitment is needed for all-volunteer Revolution Books to not just stay open but step up to meet new needs and openings.

Our current lease expires at the end of 2013. Thousands of dollars, along with an expanding base of support, are needed to remain at the current location. Make a donation or buy a block of tickets for Dec. 6 right now and this will provide funds to invest in holiday books and gifts. Become a sustainer - our goal is 5 new sustainers by Jan. 1. Bring in friends and buy books and RB gift certificates. Donate an auction item (for example, a gift certificate from your store or for for a service, an art work, etc.) for the Dec. 6 event. Volunteer to help get publicity out or help organize Dec. 6 fundraiser and other upcoming events. Call 773.489.0930, email us, or drop by.
Buy holiday
books and gifts.


Tickets- $5-10

sliding scale
Bring friends
and family.

Everyone is welcome.

Saving RB is crucial-where else can you dig into the full reality and root cause of the slow genocide against Black people or the accelerating climate catastrophe? Where else can you get connected with the movement for revolution? Where else can you engage a viable and liberatory solution to this madness and a strategy to make revolution, based on Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism? Only at Revolution Books. Make it your bookstore now and throughout the year.
Donate and help Revolution Books stay open and step up. The time really is now. Click below to make a contribution via PayPal. undefined

From the volunteer staff of Revolution Books 

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