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Bob Avakian on "Why do people come here from all over the world?": 5,000 total views on Thursday, July 29!

Rev Talk

Watch Bob Avakian on youtube:

"Why do people come here from all over the world?"

Be part of a campaign to reach 5,000 views of this powerful clip on Thursday, July 29 as part of a movement to stop the Arizona law and repolarize for revolution!

As the fascist anti-immigrant law SB 1070 goes into effect in Arizona, introduce people to Bob Avakian and the real revolution. Check out this clip, "Why do people come here from all over the world?" from Bob Avakian's historic filmed talk, Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About.
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On Thursday, July 29 be part of a campaign to reach 5000 views of this powerful clip. As part of a movement of resistance to stop SB 1070, we need to repolarize for revolution, introducing people to Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party and of the revolution, and enabling them to see the source of the problem is the system and that through the solution-revolution-a radically different world is possible, and thus raise their sights as to what is possible...

Thursday 7/29 4pm

Rally at Cook County Jail - 3015 S California

Assemble 3:30pm at Revolution Books to travel to rally

Arizona's anti-Immigrant Law is Inhumane & Illegitimate

Stop the System's Fascist Attacks on Immigrants

Imagine: You have a family you're supporting; you're on your way to the grocery store, or to work, or to pick up your children from school. You see a patrol car behind you. You realize if the cop stops you, he is going to demand you show your papers, and you know you can't. You'll be taken to immigration, locked in a detention center until you're deported, and getting back is nearly impossible. What will happen to your children when you're locked up? Who will take care of them? And if they're with you when you're stopped, will they be incarcerated as well? Will your family be separated, or given the "option" of everyone being deported, including children who are U.S. citizens.

We are All illegals!
We don't gotta show no stinkin' papers!


The following call is from the Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster:
Contact Revolution Books with your ideas and for more information

100 Days of Outrage!

Demands 100 Actions!
Cities, Towns, Communities...Globally-the environment has no borders!
Friday, July 30th 2010.

  • Because the oil gusher may not be capped
  • Because 100-200 million gallons of oil & 2 million of dispersants still foul the Gulf
  • Because wetlands, shores, wild and marine life are still threatened
  • Because people's health still isn't protected
  • Because the truth is still not out
  • Because oil companies and government still want to "drill, baby, drill"
  • Because we're not stopping until the well is sealed and the Gulf is healed

On This Day - Stand up publicly....Organize a demonstration or speak out...Spread the word so others take action...Hold signs and banners on street corners...Organize an event with a scientist, person directly affected...Have children write letters to Gulf fisher-people...Dramatize the catastrophe with street theater...Host a prayer service or vigil for the Gulf...Write a letter to your local newspaper/take out an ad...Call talk radio shows to express your outrage...Host a bike ride carrying signs through town...Leaflet your work/neighborhood with our mission statement...Host a fundraiser for The Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster...Group viewing of video from the Emergency Summit...Call the press to get coverage. (Imagine if on this day all over the world the people's response is headline news)

One person with a sign is an action!

  • Use your imagination and creativity to show the world this is not tolerable! Surprise us!

Send us your plan of action and we'll post info about your event on our "100 Days" webpage. Take pictures on that day and send them to us, with a brief report if possible.


Send us your comments.


Weekend of August 7-8

We are sending this message at the request of the

Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF).1 dead in the attic

There will be major fundraising efforts for Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund the weekend of August 7-8. These include a PRLF phone-a-thon on August 7 and a segment for PRLF in a web-a-thon for the Campaign "The Revolution We Need: The Leadership We Have" on August 8. The PRLF portion will feature powerful readings of letters from prisoners, some you can see now on youtube at prlfvideos. The goal is to raise $3,500, funds that are urgently needed to renew existing Revolution newspaper subscriptions to prisoners and to fulfill hundreds of requests for subs on a waiting list.


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 18, Sunday, 6-8 PM

Needed: Mass Opposition

to Attacks on Immigrants

July 29 is the day that Arizona's controversial anti-immigration law, SB 1070, is set to go into effect. The law makes it a crime to willfully be in Arizona without proof of legal status. Once the police have stopped someone, whatever the legal justification, it requires them to demand papers if they even suspect the person could be an undocumented immigrant. In effect, it legalizes racial profiling, exposing anyone and everyone to police interrogation and brutality if they "fit the description"-meaning they speak with an accent, have dark skin, dress in a certain way, or are found in the "immigrant" part of town. (read on)

July 20, Tuesday, 7-9 PM

Discussion of Letter 4: An Historic Contradiction: Fundamentally Changing The World Without "Turning Out the Lights"

Introduction: Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, drew attention to the following contradiction and then invited some people associated with or with responsibility in regard to the Party to respond with their thinking on this contradiction. Avakian wrote the following: In the polemic against Alain Badiou's political philosophy in the online theoretical journal Demarcations, the following concise indictment is made of Badiou's ultimate reformism, and of reformism in general:" And the world stays fundamentally unchanged. Capitalism-imperialism continues humming in the 'background,' crushing lives and destroying spirits in its meat-grinder of exploitation. And the horrors continue unabated." This is our standing and powerful refutation of every other trend in the world. On the other hand, the way that a lot of people look at what we're about-and not entirely without justification-is: "Here come the communists, turn out the lights, the party's over." All this embodies a real, and profound, contradiction that we must continue to wrestle with.

We will be discussing Letter 4.

July 24, Saturday, 2 PM

Discussion of the Emergency in the Gulf with a participant in the Gulf Emergency Summit

Joetta Carr, Ph.D., is a professor and psychologist, an environmentalist and a founding member of the Emergency Committee to Stop the Oil Disaster. Dr. Carr is on the science and health team of the Committee, communicating with scientists to crystallize an understanding of the impacts on marine life, wetlands, and human health. The Committee is a vehicle for taking urgent, independent action. Carr will talk about its mission and recent actions.

Gulf Oil Spill - birds & rig Oil Spill WaterOil Spill Turtle


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday July 10

National Campaign The Revolution We Need...And The Leadership We Have in Wicker Park , Ukrainian Village and Bucktown.
  • We're putting revolution on the map,
  • making Bob Avakian a household word
  • and bring forward a core of emancipators of humanity.
Fund raising should be a key component of all the work people are doing.

Revolution Books will be the central coordinating center for this saturation effort and people can call in and get hooked up with the campaign. Call 773-489-0930

GOALS: 4,000 Broadsheets of the Message and Call
2,000 Revolution Talk Pluggers
3,000 BA Image Palm Cards
Wear your BA Image T-Shirt, backpack some to sell, and remember to take along bookstore business cards to get out to people who want to contact us.

SATURDAY, July 10th
11:00 am - Meet at Revolution Books -- Out to stores and cafes with palm cards and pluggers.
3:00 pm - Meet at the corner of North, Damen & Milwaukee-- sound, fanfare, and a big crew to increase the buzz and get out the message and call. The truck will be driving through the area with big bill boards of the image of BA.
7:00 pm -- the clubs next to the Damen L stop- Double Door-Subterranean
Clubs on Western like the Empty Bottle and other night life spots.
Club Ballou, 939 Western, 7 pm Poetry Event "Day 82" the Gulf Oil Spill -- a small crew can attend.
SUNDAY, July 11th
9:00 am - Meet at the Farmers Market in Wicker Park (the actual park) -- weather permitting sweep through the park, basketball courts and then do the cafes on Division with the message and call.
CHECK IN AT Revolution books -- for summations and status report.
7:00 pm - Meet at Revolution Books -- other clubs and cafes.
MONDAY, July 12th
7:30 am - Meet at Division & Ashland L Stop -- Get Broadsheets out at L until 9 am then, for those available, continuing to sweep through the shops and cafes on Division and North.
3 pm - Meet at the Division & Ashland L stop- getting out to youth and the bus lines that come through.
4:30 pm - Meet at the Division & Ashland L stop --Fan fare, agitation, and displays. We should pay attention to the Noble Street Apartments.
TUESDAY, July 13th
7:30 am - Meet at Western & Milwaukee L Stop -- until 9 am
4:30 pm - Meet at the Division & Ashland L stop -- Until 6 evening rush hour -- get out the Message and call.

7:00 pm - Revolution Books Discussion --Strategy for revolution: what could a revolutionary situation look like in a country like this.

WEDNESDAY, July 14th
7:30 am - Meet at Damen L Stop -- the off to work crowd- also continuing to get out posters, pluggers and palm cards at various shops that haven't been hit
4:30 pm - Meet at the Western & Milwaukee L stop -- evening rush hour -- get out the Message and call

THURSDAY, July 15th
11:00am - Meet at Damen L Stop --
Further posting of the Message & Call -- and summing up.
4:30 pm - Division & Ashland L stop -- evening rush hour -- Invite people to Revolution Books for the evening Author Event.
7:00 pm - Revolution Books Author Event-- David Masciotra will present his book Working on a Dream: A Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen, with music
FRIDAY, July 16th-
4:00 pm - Revolution Books: - phone banking for those who would like to go out to Pitch Fork that coming weekend.


Thursday July 15th 7pm - Author Event with Music
David Masciotra will speak about his new book

Working on a Dream 2WORKING ON A DREAM:
David Masciotra is an author and cultural critic. His first book, published by Continuum Books, is called Working On a Dream: The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen. It is an informative, provocative, and stimulating blend of music analysis, political commentary, and cultural criticism. Masciotra has written for Z Magazine, The Humanist, The Catholic Worker, and PopMatters. He has also written for several Chicago area newspapers, including the Herald News in Joliet, Illinois, where he was a weekly political columnist. You can view his blog at Subtle Subversion, hosted by True/Slant.

Kevin Wright: Kevin Wright is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist of The Righteous Hillbillies. He will perform original songs and Springsteen covers.


Rev Newsp Logo

National Fundraising

Web-A-Thon update

As of July 7 we have received $9,802 of the donations and pledges from the fund drive. Over $1,000 in pledges remain outstanding. The pledges that have yet to come in and are still needed to fulfill the promise of the Web-A-Thon.

We want to thank all who have contributed time and money to this event!!


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