Friday, April 26, 2013

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DVD Available 
$15 at Revolution Books. 

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Sunday April 28 5-7 PM
at Revolution Books
1103 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago
Not God, Not "Unchanging Human Nature," Not Conspiracy ... A Scientific Approach to Understanding Reality

Join us in viewing this clip from the film BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! and talk about it.  Bring yourideas including about getting this film out into the world and organizing showings everywhere. And make plans for celebrating May Day 2013.  

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Celebrate May Day 2013
Humanity Needs Revolution

may day 2013
May Day is the revolutionary internationalist holiday of the exploited and oppressed and all those who hate the world as it is and who are fighting for a different future. Those of us in the U.S. have a crucial role to play in bringing this new world into being.  read on

Help make plans for these upcoming events:
Saturday, April 27,1-4 pm
Take BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! and  Revolutionnewspaper to people in the Loop at State & Jackson and to the Pilsen. 
Wednesday, May 1
Meet at 11:30 am at Revolution Books to take the revolution to the immigrant workers march demanding legalization for all and an end to deportations. Union Park, Washington & Ashland Ave. Call for more info. Look for Revolution Books and the Red Flag at Union Park.
Saturday, May 4, 6-9 pm- Potluck Dinner
Celebrate International May Day
Grace Episcopal Church, 637 S. Dearborn (south of Loop)
Call to help with planning
. Contact BA Everywhere coordinator to get involved: 312-860-8167 or email
Internationalism 2013

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Upcoming events to promote
BA Speaks:
Bob Avakian Live
Watch and discuss the film
RB 1103 N. Ashland every Sun. 5-7 pm  

Watch a chapter every Sunday. Bring your thoughts, questions, ideas about BA's talk and about getting this film out into the world: showing in community centers, colleges, churches and people's living rooms; spreading the word on social media, and more.

Sunday, April 21
How long must this nightmare of oppression & brutality go on?

Sunday, April 28
Not God, Not "Unchanging Human Nature," Not Conspiracy...
A Scientific Approach to Understanding Reality

Sunday, May 5
Why things are the way they are...They have not always been this way...They can be radically changed

Sunday, May 12
The USA Founded on Slavery & Genocide...and more

At Columbia College, April 18, 4 pm

Showing of Part 3 of BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less!
624 S. Michigan.,
 Room 1403

►Promote the film and get ready for May Day: 
If you hate what's being done to people here and around the world, if you have a conscience and just can't go along with this shit and don't want revolution swept under the rug, then BA Everywhere is for you.

Help make plans for these upcoming events: 
*Saturday, April 27, 1-4 pm-Take REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! and Revolution newspaper to people downtown at State and Jackson
*Wednesday May Day, May 1-Meet at 1:30 pm to take the revolution to the immigrant workers march to win LEGALIZATION FOR ALL and to STOP DEPORTATIONS. Union Park, Washington & Ashland. Call for more info.

*Saturday, May 4, 6-9 pm- Potluck Dinner. Location to be announced. 

Teams are working now to set up public showings of BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less! Southside * Pilsen * Boystown * Evanston * Westside * Oak Park * Campuses

Call to help with planning or to suggest places to show the film. Contact BA Everywhere Coordinator to get involved: 312-860-8167 or  email 


Friday, April 12, 2013


Fundraising Dinner to Celebrate and Spread the Film: 
BA Speaks: 
Saturday April 13  6 - 9:30 pm
Grace Place Episcopal Church
637 S. Dearborn St (South Loop)
          $10 donation or bring dish/beverage             

"The premiere of the film was a deep experience that can and must be amplified and built on. The next important springboard from the experience of the premieres to making this real are the Fundraising Dinners across the country...   
"Everyone who saw the film, everyone who planned to see the film but missed it, everyone with a heart for humanity and who the movement for revolution can reach ...should be at these National BA Everywhere Dinners celebrating the release of BA Speaks: REVOLUTION - NOTHING LESS! and making plans to spread the film far and wide and raising funds so that this film, this leader, and the vision and plan for revolution are known...

 "The dinners are an opportunity to break bread together and renew the experience of the premieres and carry forward the desire people spoke of for others to see this film. The dinners should be built for and they should have the spirit and mission of coming together to make a huge difference in the lives of the people of the world by spreading this powerful talk by BA far and wide-because people need to know there is a way out and there is a leadership to enable them to realize their potential as emancipators of humanity." Read more here.   
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to decorate & set-up for the dinner, cook potluck dishes, get donations of food from supportive restaurants and friends, sell tickets, more!  Call (312) 860-8167 or email     
Get your tickets now at Revolution Books!  Call 773-489-0930 or email Tickets also available at door of event.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revolution Books received the following announcement from  
Chicago World Can't Wait .
Thursday, 4/11, 4:30 pm  Rally and March Federal Plaza, Adams and Dearborn, Chicago  
Gmo Hunger Strike April 2013
Support Guantanamo 
Hunger Strikes
End Indefinite Detention
Shut It Down! 

4:30pm-Meet at Federal Plaza
5pm- Process up State St, leaving Federal Plaza

Called by: World Can't Wait, Witness Against Torture, Illinois Coalition Against Torture, Voices for Creative Non-Violence, 8th Day Center for Justice, and YOU! 

We encourage you to bring your own signs and especially posters with the twitter hashtag #GitmoFreedomStrike or #GitmoHungerStrike for passersby with cellphones to find out what this is all about.  (Read more at  Chicago World Cant Wait .)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

new plugger get DVD
Fundraising Potluck Dinner 
to Celebrate and Spread the Film:
BA Speaks: 
Bob Avakian Live
Saturday April 13       6 - 9:30 pm
Grace Place Episcopal Church
                        637 S. Dearborn St. (South Loop)     
$10 donation or bring a dish or beverage 
Let's celebrate the release of the film, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION - NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live Come and bring friends and family (children welcome!) to talk about the film and share great food and learn from each other.  Bring your ideas for where and how to get this film out to every corner of society. Think of what a difference that would make!
Check out "What People Are Saying About BA and this Film"and "Voices From the Premieres" at  If these voices were multiplied by thousands, and many more people were getting involved in changing the world for real, it would make a real difference.  It can happen but it depends on YOU.
Volunteers are needed! 
Email the BAE Coordinator at:  
or call Revolution Books at 773-489-0930 or email 
          *Join a phone banking crew to invite others to attend
          *Help with publicity and other broad outreach
          *Cook your favorite dish
          *Ask a restaurant for food donations
          *Get businesses to donate goods and services for a silent auction
          *Come early to help set up and decorate and more  
Drop by Revolution Books: Tues - Fri 2 pm - 7 pm;
Sat 12 -7;  or Sun 1-5 pm or call: 773-489-0930 for more information  
April 4, 11, 18, every Thursday at 4 pm
624 S. Michigan Ave, Room 1403
Watch and dig into a 3 part series of  the film

BA Speaks: Revolution Nothing-Less
Join us  in viewing clips from the film and lets talk about it;  your thoughts and questions about BA's talk.
If you have ideas about getting this film out into the world lets figure it out; showings in community centers, colleges, churches, libraries and people's living rooms.

Spread the word on social media, and more.

April 4,  Thursday 4 pm
How Long Must This Nightmare of Oppression & Brutality Go On?
Not God, Not "Unchanging Human Nature," Not Conspiracy...
 A Scientific Approach to Understanding Reality
 Why Things Are The Way They Are...They Have Not Always Been This Way... They Can be Radically Changed

April 11, Thursday 4 pm
A Radically Different and Far Better World Is Possible
  We Need a Revolution to Overcome All Oppressive Divisions
 REMIND ME: "Which system, Capitalism or Communism, is a Nightmare for Humanity?"
 The Election Hustle: "If they draw you in, they win"
 Internationalism- The Whole World Comes First
Emancipating Humanity . . .Transforming Conditions & Transforming Human Nature
Revolution is Possible: the Strategy for Revolution

April 18, Thursday 4 pm
A Revolutionary Situation...The Role of Youth... & How to Work Today So That There Is a Revolutionary Force When That Time Comes
Could We Really Win...Really?
Resisting The Brainwash-
A Radical Revolt Against a Revolting Culture
People Are Systematically Miseducated Under This System
Scientific Communist Leadership-
The Rosetta Stone We Need To Win
 The Challenge: Revolution-Nothing Less!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Rev Books Needs Your Support Now!

Revolution Books faces a financial crisis.  $1500 needs to be raised in the next 2 weeks. 
What goes on at Revolution Books is more important than ever. On March 16 RB sponsored the premiere of BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less! This marked the launch of something new in the world, powerfully making the case for the need and basis for revolution.

This year RB hosted author Rabbi Brant Rosen, screenedbeneath the blindfold with filmmaker Kathy Berger, participated in the Chicago Climate Crisis Conference, and went into the streets on the anniversary of Trayvon Martin's murder and for International Woman's Day. Our work involves exposing and resisting the ways humanity is beaten down and the planet is threatened, and getting deeply into how it does not have to be this way especially through bringing to people and engaging the path-breaking vision and strategy for a radically new society and world in the work of Bob Avakian.  

Exclamation Triangle
$1500 is required in the next 2 weeks to cover operating costs. Your financial support and involvement in many ways is needed stay open and to expand RB's books, its work, and its presence.
at And seriously consider becoming a sustainer to help establish a reliable financial footing going into the future.  

Significant funds can be raised at upcoming used book sales in April and May at RB and during the huge Printers Row Lit Fest (June 8-9). To donate quality used books, drop books off or contact us for pick-up. And volunteer to help organize and staff book sales. Call 773.489.0930.

A PC and a printer in good working order, and a licensable edition of QuickBooks for PC, would be meaningful contributions to help keep Revolution Books going. And we always can use office supplies like plain paper, envelopes, etc. 

It will only take $150.00 to paint an attractive, attention-getting sign seen by thousands of motorists and bus riders on Ashland Ave., raising RB's profile and drawing more people into the store.  

BUY YOUR BOOKS at Revolution Books where it really matters -- cutting edge books to provoke, give heart, and challenge the conventional wisdom that this planetary horror is the only way the world can be.

youth at store

VOLUNTEER with RB. Help organize used book sales. Graffiti artists to paint grate, musicians, poets, graphic designers, fund raisers, or be part of an RB street team - you all have a mission at RB. If you have just one hour to volunteer, make it really count.
Think about what it means to have Revolution Books on the scene. Then think about a world without Revolution Books, locked within the boundaries of "what currently exists is the best you can get." Act now. 
1103 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Go to Chicago Revolution Books blog for upcoming events.
Wed-Fri: 2-7pm Sat: Noon-7pm Sun: 1-5pm
Donate and Keep the Doors Open at Revolution Books
If You Haven't Donated, the Time is Now! 
Click below to make a contribution via PayPal.
Join the Friends of Revolution Books today. 

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DVD $15.00.
Universe Within
From Ike to Mao cover
The Round House
Beuatiful forever

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