Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 4, 11, 18, every Thursday at 4 pm
624 S. Michigan Ave, Room 1403
Watch and dig into a 3 part series of  the film

BA Speaks: Revolution Nothing-Less
Join us  in viewing clips from the film and lets talk about it;  your thoughts and questions about BA's talk.
If you have ideas about getting this film out into the world lets figure it out; showings in community centers, colleges, churches, libraries and people's living rooms.

Spread the word on social media, and more.

April 4,  Thursday 4 pm
How Long Must This Nightmare of Oppression & Brutality Go On?
Not God, Not "Unchanging Human Nature," Not Conspiracy...
 A Scientific Approach to Understanding Reality
 Why Things Are The Way They Are...They Have Not Always Been This Way... They Can be Radically Changed

April 11, Thursday 4 pm
A Radically Different and Far Better World Is Possible
  We Need a Revolution to Overcome All Oppressive Divisions
 REMIND ME: "Which system, Capitalism or Communism, is a Nightmare for Humanity?"
 The Election Hustle: "If they draw you in, they win"
 Internationalism- The Whole World Comes First
Emancipating Humanity . . .Transforming Conditions & Transforming Human Nature
Revolution is Possible: the Strategy for Revolution

April 18, Thursday 4 pm
A Revolutionary Situation...The Role of Youth... & How to Work Today So That There Is a Revolutionary Force When That Time Comes
Could We Really Win...Really?
Resisting The Brainwash-
A Radical Revolt Against a Revolting Culture
People Are Systematically Miseducated Under This System
Scientific Communist Leadership-
The Rosetta Stone We Need To Win
 The Challenge: Revolution-Nothing Less!

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