Friday, May 27, 2011

June 9, Thursday, 7pm
at Revolution Books
1103 N. Ashland Ave

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“With remarkable passion Queer (In)Justice makes visible the very serious consequences of the prison industrial complex on the lives of LGBT people. It’s an important scholarly critique, an urgent call to action, and a vivid historical account of how the policing of gender and sexuality are intricately linked to race, class and power.—Beth Ritchie, Director, Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Queer (In)Justice is an urgently needed and essential resource for activists and scholars. Accessible and stirring, it clearly and concisely exposes how criminalization is a central issue facing queer and trans politics today. Tracing the historical and contemporary implications of mass imprisonment as a central vector of racial and gender violence, this book is a vital tool towards building a movement that challenges the policing of our very identities.”—Dean Spade, founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, assistant professor of law, Seattle University School of Law

Joey L. Mogul, partner at the People’s Law Office in Chicago and Director of the Civil Rights Clinic at DePaul University College of Law. Mogul worked to seek justice for Chicago Police torture survivors, presenting the cases to UN Committee Against Torture and the Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland. Mogul’s has represented lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in criminal and civil proceedings involving police and prisoner torture, abuse and misconduct. Mogul is also an activist with Queer to the Left and, the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights and with others to challenge the death penalty, torture by law enforcement officials and supermax conditions. Mogul is an Oberlin College graduate and earned a juris doctorate from City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law.

Endorsed by the Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Revolution Books Invites You to a Discussion of
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June 9, 7 PM
Joey Mogul author of
"Queer (In)Justice The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States"

June 11-12
Used Book Sale
Fundraiser for Revolution Books
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Get Into BAsics
Take an exciting step into the future by joining our on-going informal discussion group at Revolution Books. We are discussing the 6 chapters of BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian.
No experience needed and it's OK if you missed one of the earlier sessions. Just pull up a chair, pick one of the quotes, and say what you think about it.

Wednesday, May 25
7:00 PM Discussion of Chapter 2,
"A Whole New--And Far Better--World"
Wednesday, June 1
7:00 PM
"Making Revolution"
Wednesday, June 8
7:00 PM
Discussion of Chapter 4,
"Understanding the World"
Wednesday, June 15
7:00 PM Discussion of Chapter 5,
"Morality, Revolution And The Goal of Communism"
Wednesday, June 22
7:00 PM
Discussion of Chapter 6,
"Revolutionary Responsibility and Leadership"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday May 22, 5pm
$30,000 in 30 days,
plus 100 new sustainers for Revolution newspaper...
Changing the world with the BAsics
BAsics Reader!
May 1, New York City
... Now, we are announcing a 30-day plan-to start Monday, May 23-to raise $30,000 plus 100 new Revolution sustainers, for beginning but bold promotional plans for BAsics to have a societal impact, for covering the remaining small debt incurred in the production of April 11 and the very initial production costs to make a documentary about this event [see more below], and for the critical functioning of RCP Publications. In addition, thousands of dollars are needed now by the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund to make important initial headway in their goal to get BAsics to 2,000 prisoners." (from Revolution newspaper - read full article) 

April 11 finale
April 11 Finale - click for artist interviews
  $10,000 toward a film of the event
"On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World." What was brought into being on April 11 has to reverberate beyond the walls of Harlem Stage. In a professional documentary of what this night was, footage of the performances would be interspersed with interviews of the artists who took part and people on the host committee who lent their name. These interviews could focus in on a few individuals and the development of their thinking, what Avakian's work spoke to in them, how they were changed through this and their overall thoughts on the need to celebrate revolution and the vision of a new world,
including through their art.

 Saturday afternoon, May 21 
after the Walk for Choice
Open House at Revolution Books

On Saturday, 5/21, 4:30 pm following the Walk for Choice ( info below), Revolution Books hosts an Open House with coffee and snacks. We invite and encourage all participants from the Walk as well as others to join us! Come and talk about your experiences at the Walk. And share your thoughts about the battle over abortion and your ideas about the fight for women's liberation and the emancipation of humanity.

Revolution Books received following announcement from Chicago World Can't Wait:
 Saturday, May 21  1 pm, Daley Center
& Dearborn, Chicago
Walk for ChoiceWorld Can't Wait is joining Walk for Choice in Chicago and dozens of cities around the country to "mobilize the whole damn country for abortion access." Roe v Wade is becoming irrelevant as states enact tighter and tighter restrictions on abortion. These reactionaries will not relent until abortion is outlawed entirely. "Backing Down the Most All-Out these attacks.

Can we accept this? NO. We're not going to give them our bodies--our lives. We're not playing this game anymore. We're not sacrificing the right to birth control, emergency contraception, or yes, abortion, for the sake of bipartisanship or anything else.  May 21, Walk for Choice, No Freedom without Reproductive FreedomMore information on Walk for Choice  Invite your friends via Facebook. 

BAsics Book CoverWednesday, May 25, 7pm
Take an exciting step into the future by joining us for the 1st session of an on-going informal discussion of BAsics, from the talks and writing of Bob Avakian. This Wednesday we'll be talking about Chapter 2, "A Whole New - and Far Better - World."   

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