Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 18, Sunday, 6-8 PM

Needed: Mass Opposition

to Attacks on Immigrants

July 29 is the day that Arizona's controversial anti-immigration law, SB 1070, is set to go into effect. The law makes it a crime to willfully be in Arizona without proof of legal status. Once the police have stopped someone, whatever the legal justification, it requires them to demand papers if they even suspect the person could be an undocumented immigrant. In effect, it legalizes racial profiling, exposing anyone and everyone to police interrogation and brutality if they "fit the description"-meaning they speak with an accent, have dark skin, dress in a certain way, or are found in the "immigrant" part of town. (read on)

July 20, Tuesday, 7-9 PM

Discussion of Letter 4: An Historic Contradiction: Fundamentally Changing The World Without "Turning Out the Lights"

Introduction: Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, drew attention to the following contradiction and then invited some people associated with or with responsibility in regard to the Party to respond with their thinking on this contradiction. Avakian wrote the following: In the polemic against Alain Badiou's political philosophy in the online theoretical journal Demarcations, the following concise indictment is made of Badiou's ultimate reformism, and of reformism in general:" And the world stays fundamentally unchanged. Capitalism-imperialism continues humming in the 'background,' crushing lives and destroying spirits in its meat-grinder of exploitation. And the horrors continue unabated." This is our standing and powerful refutation of every other trend in the world. On the other hand, the way that a lot of people look at what we're about-and not entirely without justification-is: "Here come the communists, turn out the lights, the party's over." All this embodies a real, and profound, contradiction that we must continue to wrestle with.

We will be discussing Letter 4.

July 24, Saturday, 2 PM

Discussion of the Emergency in the Gulf with a participant in the Gulf Emergency Summit

Joetta Carr, Ph.D., is a professor and psychologist, an environmentalist and a founding member of the Emergency Committee to Stop the Oil Disaster. Dr. Carr is on the science and health team of the Committee, communicating with scientists to crystallize an understanding of the impacts on marine life, wetlands, and human health. The Committee is a vehicle for taking urgent, independent action. Carr will talk about its mission and recent actions.

Gulf Oil Spill - birds & rig Oil Spill WaterOil Spill Turtle


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