Monday, March 21, 2011

Regarding Libya - Ask yourself this...

Libya Rev statement   

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from Revolution #227 Online, March 17. 2011

Japan:  A Global Disaster... A Necessary Response  
 Japan reactorThe earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 have already caused, and are continuing to cause tremendous destruction and death. The terrible suffering, the threat of an even more catastrophic nuclear disaster demand an urgent response. The lack of aid and assistance from the global powers-not just the Japanese government-is shocking and outrageous. Huge questions of life, health, and the global environment are being posed in extreme terms in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. (read the rest of the article)

Catastrophe in Japan - The Quake, the Tsunami, and the Nuclear Horror 

The scenes of vast destruction and suffering of the people from the unprecedented (in Japan), earthquake and tsunami that hit northeast Japan are heart-rending. Earthquake preparation is a daily fact of life in Japan, which lies in a very active quake zone, and coastal areas have seawalls and tsunami alert systems. But no one was prepared for what happened on March 11. That Friday afternoon, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0-the seventh largest ever recorded in the world, and the largest ever recorded in Japan-occurred not far off the coast near Sendai, a city of a million people. The earthquake itself caused heavy damage in Japan's Tohoku region to the northeast of the capital, Tokyo. People described the violent shaking as going on for more than five minutes. Sizable aftershocks have continued to rock the area. (read the rest of the article

Must read for everyone seeking a solution to the environmental catastrophe that humanity faces!Special on the Environment

Special Issue on the Environment 


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