Thursday, July 18, 2013

People Are Awakening - Step Up the Struggle for Revolution!
Decorated Van
 BA Everywhere Van

We are at an historic moment, full of great challenges and great opportunities. People are rising up and REFUSING TO ACCEPT outrages - especially the massive opposition to Zimmerman's acquittal, but also outpourings against prison torture-houses, attacks on abortion rights, massive spying, and attacks on "whistle blowers." Around the world there has been an explosion of political upheaval, drawing in millions from Turkey,  Egypt and Brazil.

This "refusal to accept" must be united with, strengthened and deepened - thus changing the whole fascist trajectory that politics have been on in this country (and influencing the whole world).

And through all of this people must learn that there is a liberating, revolutionary way out of these horrors - concentrated in BA's new synthesis of communism - AND be presented with many ways to become part of this movement for revolution. See Carl Dix's statement: Now's the time to stand up - We need revolution - nothing less. 
This Must Be Our Foundation:
Van Tour girls
Young children in Englewood

Go to  REVCOM.US Everyday for Updates, Analysis and Orientation.

Get into Bob Avakianthe leader of the RCP and learn about this new synthesis of communism. Watch the video of his speech "BA Speaks: Revolution - Nothing Less" and study Basics: From the Talks and Writings of Bob Avakian.

Connect up with Revolution Books - 1103 N. Ashland in Chicago - (773) 489-0930. Tuesday-Sunday afternoons til 7pm.
Join and contribute to the national BA Everywhere Van Tour going out in Chicago, NYC, LA, SF. Be a part of taking out Bob Avakian's liberating revolutionary vision, captured in the film BA Speaks: Revolution Nothing Less ! and BAsics for new and older generation of revolutionaries.  Throughout this campaign work with us; learn more about BA Everywhere campaign and how it can change the political landscape and trajectory. $20.000 was raised across this country in a short time for these BA Everywhere Van Tours!

Thank you from all of us on the BA Everywhere Van Tour. You are making this tour possible.

Here in Chicago we protested the night of the Trayvon Martin's jury's verdict downtown and on North and Milwaukee; we've shown the film at 63rd Street Beach, 51st and King Road,  Englewood Park; Chicago &  Pulaski; joined the Stop Mass Incarceration rallies and other demonstrations.  Check out the schedule below.
For more information (and to confirm hook up times and places) 
call the BA Everywhere phone 312-860-8167.

Now Is The Time To Act: 

Thurs. (7/18) 
BA Everywhere
Van Tour
4:00-6:30 Grand Crossing, 71st & King Drive. Bring BA's revolutionary vision - showing Revolution - Nothing Less - to the masses on the South Side
Friday (7/19)Support the Prison Hunger Strikers3:00 - 6:00 pm.   Meet at State & Jackson and stand withthe thousands of hunger strikers in the CA prisons who are putting their lives on the line to end the torture of solitary confinement.

6:45- 7:45-9:15 pm show time. "Fruitvale Station" (movie about Oscar Grant's murder) at AMC River East 21 Theater, 322 N. Illinois St. 

 6:15 pm help set up the BA Everywhere Van for high visibility to theater.
Sat (7/20)Justice for Trayvon
Major demo
12:00 noon - downtown Chicago (Federal Bldg). One of many being called all over the country. Be part of bringing the problem (the capitalist system) and the solution (revolution) to thousands who are agonizing over how to respond to this outrage.
Sun (7/21)BA Everywhere
63rd Street Beach
 12 noon Bring BA's revolutionary vision - showingRevolution -  Nothing Less - to the masses on the South Side. Afternoon and early evening.   Challenge them with the historic times we are living in and being part of bringing that whole better world into being.
Tues (7/23)Not One More Day In Jail for Gregory Kroger1:30 pm at Cook County Courthouse (Courtroom 104), 5600 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, IL.
Pack the courthouse and demand that Gregory spend NO MORE time in jail for the "crime" of videoing Sunsara Taylor giving a statement at the "Ethical Humanist" Society.

Fri. (7/27)
Sat. (7/28)
Welcome the Abortion Rights Freedom Bus All out to welcome, support and strengthen the courageous fighters who are taking the battle for abortion rights right to where it is needed most and straight up into the face of the reactionaries and Christian fascists who are trying to drive into virtual slavery.  See for details.
Sat (8/10)Bud Billikin Parade Save the date and plan to march in a contingent that will show the world people's anger and refusal to accept "open season" on black youth (or anyone else) and their determination to bring a world into being where all forms of oppression are ancient history. 

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