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I immensely enjoyed spending my evening with the community at Revolution Books and sharing the news of our new discovery. We had a lively and wide-ranging discussion about the basic science behind the gravitational wave discovery, as well as what the implications are, both for astrophysics as well as for all of us in our everyday lives. The crowd was engaged and curious, and asked really good questions. We talked until the lights went out -- I look forward to coming back!
--Shane LarsonResearch Associate Professor, CIERA, Northwestern University, Department of Astronomy, Adler Planetarium, Fellow, American Physical Society

Its so important for the rest of humanity being inspired by what you guys are doing. This help us a lot to imagine a new radical society. Giving literally space and time to science (Im not joking) its crucial if we want that point to be reached. Im so please with this topic, I'm eagerly waiting for watching it.

--Alberto, a friend of Revolution Books who missed the "live" program

"It was a delight to speak to the audience at Revolution Books about my own new book on science and religion. There was a big turnout, and the audience was attentive, intelligent, and had some excellent questions and thoughts during the discussion. It was a great experience, and I'd recommend this venue highly to any author."

-Jerry Coyne, author of Faith vs Fact; Why Religion and Science Are Incompatible

"Revolution Books’ screening of my Chicago indie film found an engaged and keenly receptive group of people. The intimate grassroots venue allowed all to exchange ideas on a much deeper level, especially issues raised on the new eavesdropping law and challenges to our rights. The postfilm talk given by myself and Chris Drew’s attorney, Mark Weinberg, was well-received. Mark’s insight into the case was stellar. In addition, we were all honored to have Deborah Drew, Chris’ widow at the screening."
-Nancy Bechtol, the filmmaker whose film, "Free Speech and The Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew," was screened at Revolution Books


"Revolution Books is more than a welcoming, independently owned, and always helpful brick-and-mortar repository of more thought-provoking tomes than any caring, thinking person could consume in one lifetime. It is a center of community in Chicago, a meeting place, a nexus of positive energy, and evidence in this often harsh city of soul. We need it like we need oxygen."
-Jim DeRogatis  is a full-time lecturer in the Professional Writing Program of the English Department at Columbia College Chicago and  writes about popular music for WBEZ Chicago at its Vocalo blogs. Together with Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune, he co-hosts “Sound Opinions” —“the world’s only rock ’n’ roll talk show”—originating at WBEZ and distributed nationally on public radio via PRX.


"Revolution Books has a deep interest in profound issues of injustice, dignity and human rights and that can be seen in their commitment to exploring troubling developments in society that must be confronted. They invite voices the establishment in America would marginalize and include them in events and discussions that make it possible for Americans to get a perspective one can guarantee no cable news show is ever going to broadcast."

-Kevin Gosztola is author of TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning. He is a multimedia editor for OpEdNews.com. His work can be found on OpEdNews, The Seminal, Media-ocracy.com, and a blog on Alternet called "Moving Train Media." He is part of CMN News, which produces a weekly podcast or radio show on Talk Shoe. He is a 2009 Young People For Fellow and a documentary filmmaker who graduated with a Film/Video B.A. degree from Columbia College Chicago in the Spring 2010. In April 2010, he co-organized a major arts & media summit called "Art, Access & Action," which explored the intersection of politics, art and media and was supported by Free Press. Read Revolution Newspaper interview with Kevin here


"Revolution Books is not only one of Chicago's great independent bookstores featuring a wide array of books with independent ideas, but it is also a valuable community resource -- a place to get the newest books on radical politics and classics but also a place with readings and events where one can  meet up with others struggling for justice and equality."

-Dr. Kenneth J. Saltman is a professor of Educational Policy Studies and Research at DePaul University.  Author of The Gift of Education: Public Education and Venture Philanthropy. His book Capitalizing on Disaster: Taking and Breaking Public Schools, received American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Critics Choice Award for 2008.


Revolution Books is where you go when you need a venue to challenge the status quo. It's where ideas germinate. It's an institution -- an essential part of the intellectual life of our city.


Marc Falkoff, Attorney and editor of Poems from Guantanamo, and contributor/co-author for THE GUANTANAMO LAWYERS: Inside a Prison Outside Law


"Revolution Books offers an intellectual feast: enticing, challenging, and exhilarating. The store makes the ubiquitous big box booksellers look even more garish than they already work hard to be. In those same-stores-in-every-city, you'll know what to expect and in that sameness find nothing in particular. At Revolution Books, you'll find instead an embarrassment of particulars. My book event for DRAIN came with the most intense, interested audience I've ever had the pleasure of addressing. The best thing you can do to cure the same-old blues, is see Revolution for yourself."

-Davis Schneiderman, author of Drain and Blank


“In a world glutted by product, we need curators to help us navigate to the good stuff in our culture. Yet indie stores with personality, intelligence and a provocative spirit are growing rarer by the year. That's why places like Revolution Books are more necessary than ever. "

Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune rock critic and author ofRipped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music


Stimulating discussion, provocative questions and comments, an informed, political and welcoming crowd and of course the great selection of books, posters and political material made my talk/reading at Revolution Books Jan 28 a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.

–Kari Lydersen, author of Revolt on Goose Island: The Chicago Factory Takeover and What it Says About the Economic Crisis


My book event at Revolution Books was by far the most fulfilling, satisfying, and challenging I've had at this early point in my career. The Revolution staff was remarkably kind, gracious, and welcoming. However, they, along with the audience, were also tough. Their curiosity was matched only by their enthusiasm for stimulating dialogue, and when necessary, pleasant confrontation. It was beyond pleasurable to be in the company of smart, committed, and inquisitive activists and readers with whom I could happily explore common ground, while lovingly fighting out disagreements. Revolution is a great store run by great people.

–David Masciotra author of Working on a Dream The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen


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