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January 24, 2009

Theatre Scene
Revolution Books presents
A special one-night-only performance of


performed by David Shapiro

January 26, Monday, 7 PM
Chopin Theater, 1543 W. Division St., Chicago
A Benefit for Revolution Books Chicago

Tickets $20

Followed by a Reception

When actor David Shapiro introduced THE FEVER to Chicago in 1995, Wallace Shawn said,
"I wish I could have done it this way, but I didn't know how."

From an article on THE FEVER in American Theatre, September, 1997:

"Recalling the onset of illness in a Third World hotel bathroom, the narrator tells about his privileged childhood, his elitist adulthood, and his gradual realization that he must share responsibility for his society's immorality. The contrasts between poverty and privilege, between torture and tenderness, between injustice and indulgence don't torment the speaker so much as his sudden awareness that each moment of his pleasure is purchased at the price of someone else's pain. Shawn's insistent questions-without the slightest taint of narcissism or self-righteousness-reduce moral issues to their essence, the way they affect our lives. Why do we believe this? Why do we behave this way? You can react to Shawn's play in one of two ways-you can get angry, or you can reevaluate your life."

To reserve and purchase tickets with credit card, call 773-489-0930.
In these times the survival of Revolution Books - an irreplaceable, all-volunteer bookstore --depends on you. Here is the place to find the books, ideas and revolutionary ferment to understand and be part of radically changing the world. The benefit performance of THE FEVER offers an occasion to attend and invite others to a challenging, inspired performance that just may change the way you think about the world, as well as an occasion to introduce new people to Revolution Books. Reserve tickets, forward this e-mail, volunteer to work on making this event impact many more people.
Revolution Books/Libros RevoluciĆ³n
1103 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622

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