Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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May Day CoverIn Chicago on May 1, thousands of immigrants will step out of the shadows and along with others march through the streets to the heart of downtown. Join the revolutionary May Day contingent and spread Revolution newspaper and Communism: The Beginning of a New Stage: A Manifesto from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. (See Revolution editorial below.)

Meet Thursday, April 30, 7pm, at Revolution Books to discuss and plan for May 1st.

Hook up on Friday, May 1st in Union Park (Ashland Ave. & Randolph St.) starting at 10:30am. Look for the huge red flag. The march begins at 11:30an.

from Revolution, May 1, 2009
May First 2009:
A Revolutionary Challenge

May First, May Day, is the international holiday of revolution. It is a day of revolutionary rededication and celebration.

Revolutionary May 1: A day when we renew our vision of a world that has gone beyond exploitation...beyond the division of society into a handful who own and control the world, and the vast majority who do not...beyond all the oppressive social relations and thinking that go with that. A day when we rededicate to bringing into being a society in which men no longer dominate women, in which one nation "or race" no longer dominates another, when everybody works both with their hands and their minds, and where people come together in a world community of freely cooperating human beings.

Revolutionary May 1: A day when we celebrate the great revolutionary milestones along the way to that vision. The first great attempt of the Paris Commune, which lasted but 80 days in 1871; the Soviet Revolution in the former Russian empire in 1917, which inspired the world for 40 years; and the Chinese revolution which achieved victory in 1949, and went on to the highest pinnacle yet reached in 1966, with the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Each of these revolutions was eventually defeated, and the system of exploitation restored, even if the label of "socialism" remained for a while. But these revolutions contain rich and essential lessons- in both their overwhelming achievements as well as their secondary shortcomings and mistakes-lessons that must be absorbed to advance further today.

Revolutionary May 1: A day when we prepare for the new challenges that must be met to make revolution in today's world. (Read full editorial)

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