Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Saturday, July 4. Anti-July 4th Picnic
Anti-4th of July Picnic/Pot Luck Fundraiser for Revolution Newspaper at 63rd Street Beach (directions below).

While the system promotes drunken, USA chauvinist celebrations of a nation that has brought bloodshed, oppression, and exploitation to every corner of the world... hook up with the revolution for a potluck picnic, as we imagine a world without everything America stands for and must do to maintain its world dominance. Invite your friends from all walks of life to join us. We'll be taking donations for Revolution newspaper, sliding scale for students and the unemployed. Bring your friends!

Look for the big red flags at the 63rd street beach! (see map)

For rides, or to join a car caravan, meet up at Revolution Books at 12 noon. (Please call and confirm you need a ride so we can plan ahead.)

Driving directions (keep in mind that parking is going to be difficult everywhere in the city. We're recommending that people carpool, and for best parking, come early.)

63rd Street Beach is just east of Lakeshore Drive on 63rd (also called E. Hayes Drive), and is very easily reached from the 63rd street exit on Lakeshore. There is a turnaround just east of LSD where people can be dropped off near the beach. And there is a parking lot on the beach, which will obviously fill up early.

From the North Side:
*Take Lakeshore Drive south to 63rd Street (there is a stop light there).
*Turn left on 63rd St (also called Hayes Drive). into beach area.
*Take 90/94 south to 55
*Take 55 east to Lakeshore Drive and then follow directions, above

From the Southside:
*Take highway 41 north. It will become Lakeshore drive
*Turn Right on 63rd Street (also called Hayes Drive)
Again, there is parking on 63rd Street both east and west of Lake shore drive

By Public Trasportation Northside and Southside:
*Take Red line to 63rd St or Take the Greenline to 63rd & Cottage Grove.
*Take any North/South bus line (Ashland, Western, Halsted, etc) to 63rd Street
*Take the 63rd St Bus to Lakeshore Drive, and the beach is just east of Lakeshore Drive

Sunday, July 5th, 4 pm

Part 5 of a weekly salon on the new talk by Bob Avakian, Ruminations and Wranglings: On the Importance of Marxist Materialism, Communism as a Science, Meaningful Revolutionary Work, and a Life with Meaning

This week:
The Social Basis for Revolution

We'll get into the difference (and different bases) between total and partial revolutions. What's necessary for what Karl Marx referred to as a "total revolution", and what makes that revolution necessary? Read the excerpt, bring your questions and thoughts for another lively session of collective wrangling.

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