Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Miss This!

July 19, Sunday, 4pm
Special Revolution Books Event

The Revolution We Need...
The Leadership We Have
A Message, And A Call,
From The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

This Is NOT The Best of All Possible Worlds...
And We Do NOT Have to Live This Way
"The land of the free, and the home of the brave." "The leader of the free world." That's what they always say about this country. But this is a Big Lie. Read on.

Discuss this statement and the campaign around it. Get involved in the movement for revolution!

Help build for and bring many people to this special event.

170 Cover170 back

Check Out the Bob Avakian Section at Click here.
Check Out Revolution #170 Slide Show: Click here.
Read Editorial from Issue #170: Click here.

Come to Revolution Books to pick up bundles of this special issue, to talk about it and join in making plans to distribute it everywhere. Send your suggestions, and send correspondence about where you have taken it and the response from people to the special issue. Volunteer to take out this special issue on teams, at book tables and events, help make displays, do promotionals, donate and put on fundraisers to help spread this message far and wide!

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