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Listen to the audio of Carl Dix from his event at REVOLUTION BOOKS on Sunday 3/21

Carl Dix Listen to audio of Carl Dix, national spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, from his talk at Revolution Books from Sunday March 21st.
One Year Into the Age of Obama--The intensifying oppression of Black people, Continuing Crimes of the System and the Revolution We Need!
posted on Indy Media listen now....
Just added - Saturday April 24th, 3 pm Special Film Screening

Featuring Paleontologist Paul Sereno

Presented At the Chopin Theater 1543 West Division St, Chicago

Film Screening, Presentation and Q&A. This is a fundraising collaboration with Project Exploration and Revolution Books. Adults $10, students are free.

See below for more info

Friday, March 26, 7-?pm Fun Raiser for Revolution Books
Dance/Rent Party with DJ Intercourse
$5 at the Door
Refreshments and more!!


Friday, April 2, 6 pm - Author Presentation and Panel Discussion
A Special Event
co-hosted by Revolution Books and Barbara's Bookstore
Presented at Barbara's Bookstore 1218 S. Halsted St.

Guantanamo Lawyers cover
Inside a Prison Outside the Law

The Event will feature a Panel Discussion with

Jonathan Hafetz, GUANTANAMO LAWYERS co-editor and attorney with the National Security Project of the American Civil Liberties Union. Jonathan has represented detainees held in Guantanamo.
H. Candace Gorman Civil Rights attorney currently representing two Guantanamo Bay detainees.
Aziz Huq
, University of Chicago Law School Assistant Professor of Law.

THE GUANTANAMO LAWYERS contains over one hundred personal narratives from attorneys who have represented detainees held at "GTMO" as well as at other overseas prisons, from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to secret CIA jails or "black sites." Mark Denbeaux and Jonathan Hafetz-themselves lawyers for detainees-collected stories that cover virtually every facet of Guantánamo, and the litigation it sparked. Together, these moving, powerful voices create a historical record of Guantánamo's legal, human, and moral failings, and provide a window into America's catastrophic effort to create a prison beyond the law.
- NYUPress.org

--------- This Event is Free and Open to the Public --------
Wednesday, April 21, 7pm - Author Presentation and Book Signing
Author Jonathan Metzl will speak about his new book

Protest Psych cvr
How Schizophrenia Became a
Black Disease

Jonathan Metzl is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Women's Studies and Director of the Program in Culture, Health, and Medicine at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He also authored Prozac on the Couch: Prescribing Gender in the Era of Wonder Drugs.
Saturday April 24th, 3pm Special Film Screening

featuring Paleontologist Paul Sereno

Presented At the Chopin Theater

1543 West Division St, Chicago

Crocs and Dinos

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

Film Screening, Presentation and Q&A

A fundraising collaboration with Project Exploration and Revolution Books

Adults $10, students are free

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs emphasizes not only the novelty of the new species, but also the story they tell about the evolution of crocodiles: the roles they played during the Cretaceous - very different from crocs today - and the unique abilities they still retain that have allowed crocodiles to survive successfully for 200 million years.

Sereno and his team employed a variety of scientific and artistic methods to bring the dynamic story of these Cretaceous crocs to both a scientific and a general audience. In addition to examining the fossil record, Sereno and his colleagues observed, filmed, and dissected modern crocodiles to understand their construction and physiology. Computer tomography was used to study the skull and braincase structures. Cutting-edge artists brought the extinct crocs to life through illustration, flesh modeling, and finally, computer animation. The resulting 144 page publication and full-length National Geographic film, released simultaneously in November 2009, have received acclaim and interest from scientists and enthusiasts around the world. read more... at

"I see paleontology as 'adventure with a purpose.' How else to describe a science that allows you to romp in remote corners of the globe, resurrecting gargantuan creatures that have never been seen? And the trick to big fossil finds? You've got to be able to go where no one has gone before." - Paul Sereno

In 1999 Sereno co-founded Project Exploration, a nonprofit science education organization that makes science accessible to the public-especially minority youth and girls-through personalized experiences with scientists and science. Project Exploration involves the public in the excitement of scientific discovery.

Recommended Books and More

170 cover

The Revolution We Need...
The Leadership We Have
A Message and A Call from the
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

from Revolution newspaper158 cover w  space
(read more)

A DECLARATION:For Women's Liberation
And The Emancipation
Of All Humanity
Special Reprint from
Revolution newspaper (read more)
International Women's Day 2010
T-Shirt - all sizes $20



[Front view]

[Back view - in
English, Farsi
and Spanish]

Primeval Steps Of Primeval Steps & Future Leaps
An Essay on the Emergence of Human
Beings, the Source of Women's Oppression, and the Road to Emancipation
by Ardea Skybreak

Eve Ensler - Emotional  Creature 2

I Am An Emotional Creature:
The Secret Life

of Girls Around the World
by Eve Ensler

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