Monday, September 27, 2010

Join Us This Week As We 
Take THIS Revolution to the Campuses

This week we are focusing on taking out the

Spread the word if you know any one who would like to get this out to college students at University of Chicago who are just starting back to campus this week!!!

Monday September 27
Posting on campus in preparation for getting out the THE REVOLUTION WE NEED...THE LEADERSHIP WE HAVE flyer on Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesday September 28 and Thursday September 30
Join a team to saturate UC - Meet 10:00a at the Hutch (cafeteria 57th and University)
please call if you can do either of these days

Friday October 1
Student Fair on the quad 3:00p - 5:30p (We will have a back up plan for inclement weather)


From Revolution #212, September 26, 2010
To Revolutionaries, Radicals and Resisters:

Last year, the movement for revolution began to get going on the campus. The revolutionary communists came, straight up, to Columbia and Cal-Berkeley, to UCLA and University of Chicago, NYU and Harvard, Howard and Clark Atlanta University. They challenged the conventional wisdom-and sometimes the spokespeople for that wisdom. They took on what "everybody knows" about the history and future of communist revolutions... about the still ongoing and, yes, intensifying oppression of women... and about the grotesque irony of Black youth becoming a new generation of "Buffalo Soldiers"-joining the U.S. Army to violently defend the very white supremacist system that forecloses their future. A special Revolution on the environmental emergency-one which lays bare the real depth and source of the problem but also shows how revolution could deal with this-began to get out as well.
All this was badly needed. Without a revolutionary movement on the campuses, and without radical ferment and much more critical thinking and a whole lot of imagination among the students, there won't be revolution. There won't be an end to the horrors; just a tinkering with and touching up of the system that produced the horrors.

This year? Let's take it deeper and let's take it wider. Let's get back into the debates we opened up. And let's open up some new ones. Let's talk about Israel-about its whole history, what it's doing today, and how all that fits into U.S. global domination. Let's talk about micro-lending and NGOs, and how those false solutions suck in thousands of students every year who really do want to make a difference with their lives. Let's seriously get that Revolution on the environment out to the many students agonizing over the future of life on this planet. And let's get into, most of all, the possibility for a whole different future society on this land that will be laid out in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America-coming this Fall! (read more!)

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