Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revolutionary anti-July 4th fundraising
 Monday, Noon-6pm at 63rd Street Beach
(Lakeshore & 63rd St.) 

If you hate everything that July 4th is celebrating, if you dream of a world without America-without everything America stands for and everything it does around the world-then you'll want to be at the Revolutionary Anti-July 4th picnic.  
Bring a dish to share. It's a potluck picnic. Come whenever you can and stay as long as you want. This will be a day to come together, with friends old and new, for good food, conversation, music. Bring swim wear, music, games, poetry, your favorite quote from BAsics to share. Children very welcome. No charge for children under 12.
Cost: $10 donation will  buy a copy of BAsics
for a prisoner.
DIRECTIONS: Take the Red Line or Green Line to 63rd St. Then take the 63rd St. bus EAST to the end of the line. 

Cars leave for picnic from Revolution Books at Noon.   For more info, call 773.489.0930.    

"These imperialists make the Godfather look like Mary Poppins." 

Bob Avakian, BAsics 1:7    


Get BAsics Out on YouTube
Watch Carl Dix, Herb Boyd and others reading BAsics quotes at
Herb Boyd reads BAsics 1:3
Herb Boyd reads BAsics 1:3
  Record a video of YOU reading a favorite quote at July 4th picnic 
This book has to go viral!

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