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Hunger Strikers in California Prisons
Need Your Support NOW!

The following was posted on July 14, 2011 at by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity (PHSS) which describes itself as "a coalition based in the Bay Area made up of grassroots organizations committed to amplifying the voices of and supporting the prisoners at Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit (SHU) in their hunger strike to end tortuous conditions."

Pelican Bay protest
Legal representatives made visits to Pelican Bay SHU Tuesday and interviewed a number of hunger strikers. Each prisoner explained how medical conditions of hundreds of hunger strikers in the SHU are worsening. Many prisoners are experiencing irregular heartbeats and palpitations, some are suffering from diagnosed cardiac arrhythmia. Many are also experiencing dizziness and constantly feel light-headed. Many struggle with shortness of breath and other lung and respiratory problems. Dozens of prisoners have fainted and been taken to either the infirmary and/or outside hospitals. Some prisoners also have Crohn's disease, which leads to extreme loss of fluids and electrolytes and needs to be treated by adequate nutrition and hydration.

This PHSS statement concludes with:
Clearly the prisoners are in dire need of adequate food and hydration. The only way to prevent people from dying right now is for the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners with the outside mediation team the prisoners have approved of.Support the Prisoners in Winning their Demands!  Take Action NOW! Click here for info on how to get involved.
Prisoner hunger strikers at Corcoran SHU urge people to:
"Call or email your local TV station; blog about it on the web; organize support at your local church, mosque, temple, synagogue, or community center; contact your Congressman, Alderman, or local legislature; write and call the governor. Oppose the continued use, expansion and broadening of those psychological torture units in your nation."  (See Update from Corcoran.)

Far too few people even know this heroic hunger strike is happening.

Spread Revolution newspaper's breaking coverage of the Pelican Bay prisoners hunger strike, including reports on solidarity actions and letters that the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund has received from prisoners participating in the hunger strike. (See below.) 


Go to Democracy Now! July 15 coverage Protests Grow in Solidarity with California Prisoners as Hunger Strikes Enter Third Week includes interviews with Dorsey Nunn, co-founder of "All of Us or None" and executive director of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, and one of the mediators between the prisoners on hunger strike and the California Department of Corrections; Molly Porzig, a member of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition and a spokesperson for Critical Resistance; and Desiree Lozoya, the niece of an inmate participating in the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike, who visited him last weekend.


Solidarity Rally at Cook County Courthouse: 
On July 12 people rallied at the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago in support of the hunger strikers at Pelican Bay Prison. Participants included Mark Clements, who spent 28 years in prison after being tortured into a confession, Fred Hampton, Jr., and Revolution newspaper distributors. More protests are being planned.   

Revolution Newspaper 
Update: July 15, 2011

Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strike

 #239 cover - Pelican Bay 

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