Wednesday, August 31, 2011

to "Shake up and Wake up the Campus" with BAsics

#244 Campus Issue
Revolution Books is taking part in an exciting campaign to get out 100,000 copies nationwide of the Special Issue of Revolution newspaper to "Shake Up And Wake Up the Campus." This 8-page all-color issue of Revolution newspaper is introducing thousands of students to BAsicsthe new book of quotations and essays by Bob Avakian which is a handbook of revolution.

At this moment the world needs and is ready for BAsics - as a critical and leading edge of a whole revolutionary ensemble to crack things open, to spark and foster much-needed intellectual ferment, to shake up and wake up the campuses, and to forge a revolutionary pole and a different ethos. The campuses need to be a real strength of the movement for revolution and infect the whole society with ferment over ideas. This effort is jump-starting a process where tens of thousands of youth are introduced to Bob Avakian. Read the whole plan...  

Volunteers are needed!  You can volunteer in many different ways. Help make a scene at Thursday, 9/1 Lupe Fiasco concert at University of IL Chicago by passing out Revolutions, or holding up posters, or just be there and watch. On Friday, 9/2, help sake up and wake up the Columbia College freshman convocation, Noon-3pm in Grant Park. Get this out at North Coast Music Festival at Union Park over the weekend (/9/2-4). Contribute an hour and you'll make it matter. Call 773.489.0930 to volunteer. Or just come to Revolution Books and help prepare materials, phone bank, and make plans.

Donations are needed to pay for the special Revolution issue which is being given out free. Contribute also by donating used books for fundraising used book sale (Sept. 24-25). Become a monthly sustainer of Revolution Books.

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