Monday, October 10, 2011

Support Occupy Chicago
Occupy Chicago  
Occupy Chicago.
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An extraordinary event has broken out in society. A
breath of fresh air is blowing across the country from the Occupy Wall Street movement to many, many other cities including Occupy Chicago.  Revolution Books is calling on everyone to go to Occupy Chicago and stand with these courageous young resisters.  We know that many on our email list will be interested in attending or observing this growing movement in action.
These are times when the most fundamental questions are being thrown up and there is openness to hearing about revolutionary solutions that has not existed for years.   While people are coming from many different outlooks, there is a great shared feeling that something is terribly wrong in society, and the world, and we are going to do something about it. The essay at the end of Chapter 3 of Bob Avakian's new book BAsics goes into the importance of such moments, that "create situations in which many more people are searching for answers and are open to considering radical change."

This is what can be seen in the Occupy movement, and why it is so important for Revolution Books to support and be part of the mix. Volunteers are needed to help out at both the store and at the Occupy Chicago site. We will be at the Occupy Chicago site from 7-9 pm every night. Come lend a hand, and be part of it. But don't stay home!

There will be frequent updates from Revolution Books. Watch for emails.

Oct 10 Monday: 4 pm "The Stand Up Chicago!" March and Rally co-sponsored by the Chicago Teachers Union -  Join us at the Revolution Banner and be part of a contingent at  the feeder march at the Hilton Hotel on Michigan and Balbo.The march will end up at Occupy Chicago at Jackson and LaSalle.

After the demonstration at 7 pm: Bring people to "Music with a Conscience-the Protest Music of George Flynn" 7 pm at the Chopin Theater, 1543 W. Division. (at Milwaukee, the Division Blue line stop). 
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