Thursday, January 12, 2012

US-Israel Threats on Iran: Danger of War Grows

January 21, Saturday 3 pm

Talk and Discussion

U.S.-Israel Threats on Iran:
Danger of War Grows

How serious is the danger today of a U.S.-Israeli military attack on Iran?

What are the imperialists' nuclear concerns and their actual objectives behind threatening Iran?

How should people, especially in the US, understand and oppose a military attack on Iran which would likely result in massive loss of life and devastation?

How could opposing the US-Israeli attack be part of bringing forward a radical alternative to both imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism on a global scale?

For more background, read:

Sanctions: Not a Diplomatic Alternative to War, but Mass Murder of Civilians;
A Lesson About Liars; Who Is the REAL Aggressor in the Middle East?
And Who, By the Way, Is John C. Stennis?!?

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