Friday, February 3, 2012

The BA Everywhere Campaign
Invites You to a BENEFIT for:

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund
Drive for 2,000 BAsics to Prisoners

 An Afternoon of Poetry, Music, Dramatic
Readings of Prisoner Letters and Food

In honor of National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

Sunday, February 19, 2:30-4:30 pm
Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell Avenue, Chicago
Admission: $10 Donation
(cost of one copy of BAsics for a prisoner)

As part of the BA Everywhere campaign, a major nation-wide multi-faceted fundraising campaign to project Bob Avakian, his voice and his work way out into society - far beyond what it is today - many people donated towards a goal of $20,000 to enable Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF) to send 2,000 BAsics to prisoners. BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian is a book of quotes and short essays that speak powerfully to questions of revolution and human emancipation and concentrates more than 30 years of Avakian's work. BAsics can not only introduce many more people to the thinking of the author who has put communism back on the agenda as a vital and viable force - it can play a major role in bringing forward and forging a new wave of revolutionaries. Imagine what it will mean, the impact on society, to reach the goal of sending BAsics to 2,000 prisoners, most of whom will share it with many other prisoners and family members too. Only $3,300 remains to be raised to reach this goal!

Join us for a powerful afternoon of readings of letters from prisoners, poetry and music, in honor of National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners, February 20, called by Occupy Oakland, to help make this goal reality!

Prisoner from Texas: "Most prisoners have little formal education, and what little they've received has been so steeped in bourgeois ideological bullshit, BAsics may be their only opportunity to have the record set straight. The bourgeois philosophy is: The system works and is beyond reproach: if you're not experiencing freedom and wealth in your life it's because you're fucked up. This argument blames the victim for their victimization while allowing the culprit - capitalism and the entire capitalist dynamics - to walk away scott-free. BAsics turns this argument on its head: Capitalism is on trial, BAsics is the People's Evidence; and we, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged!"

 For more information on the BA Everywhere Campaign: and/or to volunteer to help with the Feb. 19th Benefit, contactRevolution Books, 1104 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, (773) 489-0930

For more information on Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund, go to Call (773) 960-6952 or email

"There would be no United States as we know it today without slavery. That is a simple and basic truth."
BAsics from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian 1.1

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