Tuesday, August 7, 2012

 Discussion of Excerpts from An Interview with Bob Avakian
What Humanity Needs Revolution,
and the New Synthesis of Communism
  Front cover 276 BA Interview
August 18, Saturday, 3 pm

Join us in a engaging discussion of Bob Avakian's Interview now in Revolution Newspaper #276.  Here are some questions that could help focus the discussion on Saturday.

1. Why do we have to fight the power in order to transform the people for revolution?

2. What difference does it make that communism is a science?

3. What critical questions does BA's new synthesis answer in terms of how we get to communism? 

4. What is there about the world we live in that makes leaders - especially those of the stature of BA-so essential and precious?

5. Why will the actions today of a relatively small core of "new initiators" be decisive in our ability to break through with revolution and get on the road to communism? 

Everyone is welcome. Bring your hardest questions and concerns.

Thursday August 16, 7 pm  Author Reading and Book Signing
Lowell Thompson Author and Artist 

"Here is the Black Chicago family album, of folks who made and never made the headlines, and pictures and stories of kinship and fellowship of African Americans leaving the violent, racist South and "goin' to Chicago" to find their piece of the American Dream. Because African American images have AfricanAmericansInChicago2been so historically stereotyped, debased,  distorted, or ignored, the images here act as evidence of our existence as real, dignified, positive, and sentient human beings". Lowell Thompson
lowell thompson
Lowell Thompson

Lowell is a Chicago based artist-writer and recovering adman.These days he uses his creativity (and ad agency savvy) to change America. The world may take a little longer"

Join us for discussion, book signing and refreshments. 

Friday August 24, 7 pm
Author Reading and Book Signing

If I Bring You Roses Author Marisel Vera 
If I Bring You Roses

 "If I Bring You Roses is more than a love story powerfully and insightfully told. It is also a story about how class and ethnic discrimination impact relationships between men and women.

The message is important; the writing is masterful...I highly recommend this book to readers interested in romance grounded in reality, in Latina culture, in civil and human rights for all people regardless of gender, race or ethnicity and to readers who are just interested in reading a really good, engrossing book." Midwest Book Review

marisel Vera
Marisel Vera grew up in the barrio in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood, where she  was raised by Puerto Rican emigrant parents.One of six children, she was the first in her family to earn a college degree: a BA in Journalism from Northern Illinois University 
Join us in a discussion, book signing 
and refreshments Puerto Rican style   

women edge of time August 29, Wednesday 7 pm
Revolution Books Book Club

This month we will be reading from Marge Piercy's 

  Women on the Edge of Time.
Published in 1976, this book is a classic feminist novel and a bold, speculative look at the future.

Woman on the Edge of Time is often described as a feminist utopia, although it questions society's ability to achieve utopia. The reader comes to realize that it is the responsibility of present day individuals to change society's future.
Copies available at Revolution Books.

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