Monday, September 17, 2012

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 Dear Friends, 

This is urgent:  Revolution Books needs to raise $2,000 by October 15 to pay rent and other essentials. You can contribute by making a direct donation and by supporting the fundraising projects outlined below. With fresh winds of resistance blowing, and the beginnings of a movement for revolution being built, Revolution Books' work is more important than ever. RB is where you go to engage big questions about why the world is the way it is and how it could be radically changed. It's where you go to find the books and hear the authors, and where you go to get into the work of Bob Avakian and his new synthesis of communism. 

The emergency plan to raise $2000 by October 15 includes $1000 in direct donations. You can also donate by credit card over the phone, drop by RB, or mail us a check. To help meet the Oct. 15 goal, and at the sametime help build a reliable base of ongoing financial support, to become a monthly sustainer. Our goal is to get 10 new monthly sustainers by October 15. When you donate $50 or more, or become a monthly sustainer, you will become a Friend of Revolution Books and receive a 10% discount on all purchases. Click button now to donate or sustain.  

Sept. 29-30 Sidewalk Sale.  This sidewalk sale at RB aims to raise $500.  Bring donated items to RB during business hours, or call 773.489-0930 to arrange pick-up. Also, keep on donating and buying books at RB's used book sale which has raised hundreds of dollars this summer.  
marisel vera
Marisel Vera, author

Finally, RB is excited to announce a benefit performance of Wallace Shawn's The Fever by David Shapiro in December. Advance tickets will be on sale soon.  Get loved ones and friends a memorable holiday gift that will go on giving by supporting RB.

There are ways everyone can contribute to meet this emergency. Donate funds, sidewalk sale items or books. Buy FEVER tickets ($20). Volunteer to work on the 9/29-30 sidewalk sale, or be part of the team organizing The FEVER benefit. Or raise funds in the ways you know how to do, and share ideas and experience with RB staff. 

Be part of saving Revolution Books!

 Warm regards, 
All of the staff at Revolution Books   

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