Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Join Revolution Books at

Climate Crisis Conference

Saturday, 2/16-Kent Law School
 One has to be brain dead not to recognize the environmental crisis that is facing the planet and humanity. Revolution Books will be participating in an urgent Climate Crisis Conference on February 16 at Kent Law School involving activists and scholars,World Can't Wait and many other organizations. (Go to http://climatecrisischicago.blogspot.com for registration, schedule and speakers.)
Join Revolution Books at the Climate Crisis Conference to shine a light on the root cause driving the environmental catastrophe - the whole system of capitalism - and introduce people to a viable and visionary solution in Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism. See State of EMERGENCY! The Plunder of Our Planet, The Environmental Catastrophe & The Real Revolutionary Solution.
Activists will be discussing how to resist. Join with Revolution Books to engage about the strategy enabling people to stand up in ways contributing to the real solution of revolution, and help connect people with the movement for revolution being built today. We'll be inviting people to the film  premiere of a major talk by Bob Avakian, BA Speaks: REVOLUTION -NOTHING LESS!

Join us at the conference. Help with displays & pack Fri. Feb 15.  Sat.  8.00 am set up, hand out pluggers, fliers, be at the table or go to a workshop. Contact Revolution Books at 773.489.0930 to help get ready over the next few days . And get prepared now by checking out the following:  
Radio interview of Bob Avakian by Michael Slate: In part 2, BA speaks about the potential of a growing movement of people concerned about the environment and how this potential can only be realized if revolutionaries get out and introduce people to the real solution.
Michael Slate Interviews BA cropped
SUNDAY 2/17, 3pm 
part 5 of 5 Part Series
Bob Avakian interviewed by
Michael Slate 
SUNDAY 2/17, 4PM

Film Premier Planning Meeting
Make plans for final 4 weeks
to build for the premier film,

March  16 - 2013
Announcing the Premiere of a
film of a major Talk by Bob
Avakian in the Fall of 2012:


 "Yes, this is a film, but that is not its essence. This is a daring, substantive, scientific summoning to revolution. 6+ hours that can change how you see the world and what you do with the rest of your life. Is this hype? No.   
                                                          - From one of the filmmakers
If humanity is going to fight its way out of this horrific nightmare and create a world where human beings can rise to their full potential and truly flourish, it will be because of the work and leadership of Bob Avakian. And it will be because people - beginning with YOU - get into this work, get with this leadership, and fight for others to do the same.
In March, a new film of a major speech given by Bob Avakian in the fall of 2012 will premiere. This film can make a world of difference in a world that needs nothing more than to be radically different. Whether that happens depends on us.

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For updates and to help plan and organize the Premiere, contact; 773.489.0931 or email revbookschi@yahoo.com
Environmental Emergency special issue

Storms of my Grandchildren

CNSRNA - cropped

Eaarth McKibbon

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