Friday, March 14, 2014

Received from the Bob Avakian Everywhere (BAE) Committee
Sunday, March 16, 4pm
You are needed
BA Everywhere Meeting
To discuss, plan and prepare for:
March 27-30: National Fundraising Weekend for BA Everywhere! 

WHY? Because the people need to know there is a radically better way the world could be.

WHY? Because people need to experience: 

Each month this year, the BA Everywhere campaign will sponsor a nationally coordinated weekend of focused fundraising and popularizing of revolutionary leader Bob Avakian. This will be an important way the campaign can begin to develop momentum and raise really big funds in 2014 to make BA and the new synthesis, a vision, framework and strategy for a radically new society that he has developed, known throughout society.
Each month will have themes and financial goals aimed at consistent and ongoing work aimed to lead to leaps and advances over the course of the year.
The first focused weekend, March 27-30 (Thurs-Sun) is concentrating on popularizing the film "BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS! Bob Avakian Live". We need to reach out to and involve many people - especially in high schools and on campuses, but also with prominents, professionals, youth, and activists in diverse and creative ways. Bring ideas of artists, social media, media and publicity contacts for example. Your ideas and creativity are needed.

BA Everywhere Committee 312

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