Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Revolution Books received this from the  BA Everywhere Committee
A Special Benefit Performance 
for the BA Everywhere Campaign 
 The Chicago BA Everywhere Committee is excited to announce that Maggie Brown, distinguished jazz singer, songwriter and educator has generously offered to perform her one-woman show LEGACY: Our Wealth of Music as a fundraiser for the BA Everywhere Campaign  Sunday, June 1, at 3:30pm.

Howard Reich, the Chicago Tribune jazz critic, wrote about Maggie Brown's LEGACY show in 2012:
"Tracing the history of African-American creativity, the performance piece examines the roots of Black musical culture and its greatest flowerings. From African chant, to early ragtime, from classic jazz to modern blues, LEGACY  represents Brown's view of the noblest innovations in American music.  Part concert, part monologue, part lecture, LEGACY has taken Brown to concert stages around the country, and perhaps more important, to schools across the city."

This benefit is part of a major fundraising campaign, "BA Everywhere... Imagine the Difference It Could Make," to make revolutionary communist leader Bob Avakian's (BA) leadership and new synthesis of communism known in all corners of society so people can know and get into why and how the brutally inhuman society we live in need not be forever.  There is a whole other way humanity could live and flourish. The problem is too few know about it. Funds raised at this benefit will contribute to popularizing Avakian and his work so people can engage, discuss and debate what is the way forward to emancipate humankind.

Many volunteers are needed
If you are someone who has ever dreamed of a better world, we urge you to get involved in this special event. People of all ages, from many walks of life and many perspectives are needed to realize the tremendous potential for this event to raise significant funds:  ticket sales;  publicity - social media,  emails,  distribution of posters & palm cards;  media work;  decorate and set up event;   greeters.  Please call 312-860-8167.

Host Committee
Timuel Black - Eminent Historian of African American History
Peter "Esaun" Keller - Founder and CEO of ULON
Pa Joof - Alternative High School principal
Fred Lonberg-Holm - Cellist, improvisational jazz musician
Freddie J. Mac aka "Godfather" - Entertainer
Sekou Tafari - Frontline Books
Standish E. Willis - Black People Against Torture and National Conference of Black Lawyers

Tickets Available at:  Revolution Books, 1103 N Ashland Ave.,  Chicago
Buy online:  Adults  undefined      Youth  undefined  
Purchase by phone with a credit card at 312-860-8167.
   More information at: or 312-860-8167.
Revolution Books                                   Hours Wed-Friday 2-7 pm
1103 N. Ashland Ave.                            Saturday Noon-7 pm
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