Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just Received from Stop Mass Incarceration Network Chicago
To everyone  outraged by the murders of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and all the other victims of the police terror of Amerikka

West Side SATURDAY at 12 noon at Madison and Pulaski

Join with people on the West Side SATURDAY at 12 noon at Madison and Pulaski to  protest police terror and murder.  West Side community members and the Chicago Revolution Club, including families whose children were murdered or shot by the police, have called for everyone to come out to protest police murder.  Madison & Pulaski is a shopping area in a neighborhood where Black people constantly face police terror.

Sunday Dec 7 at churches around the Chicago area
Attention churches, pastors, and churchgoers. Father Pfleger and six other Chicago clergy have called for all churches in Chicago to take their congregations to the street and interrupt traffic THIS SUNDAY during their services to declare that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Sunday, 3 pm, December 7
Daystar Center/Overflow Coffee Bar
1550 S State (NW corner of 16th and State)
 The actions of the people in the last 2 weeks have achieved a great deal.  These actions have forced everyone in this country to confront the reality of this epidemic of police brutality and murder, of mass incarceration, of the criminalization of entire peoples.   
Now is not the time to retreat or quiet down. Now is not the time to fall for the honeyed words and empty promises of the oppressors, nor to be misled by their slanders. Now is the time to intensify and to spread this movement and the righteous actions taken so far.
Many more people must be involved-there are plenty of people who have not come out in struggle yet, who must and should and can be won to come out. Organizing through Twitter and Facebook has its definite strengths, but people also need to get together in person and decide how to take this higher.
All are welcome -- all needed to build this righteous movement.

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