Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hear Carl Dix Today, Sunday March 15 2pm,
Carl Dix

"Police Terror, The Savage Oppression of Black People and The Revolutionary Way to End All These Horrors"

March 15,  2-4 pm
Kleo Center
119 E. Garfield (55th Street)
(the CTA Green Line Garfield (55th St) stop is 2 blocks east)

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Carl Dix, long-time revolutionary leader and the co-founder of Stop Mass Incarceration with Cornel West, is in Madison right now at a rally of hundreds of high school students protesting the police murder of Tony Robinson. CNN is covering it live. This outpouring of defiant outrage is exactly what's needed in Madison and everywhere, today and on April 14. See the SMIN national website What Should April 14 look like? Like Madison on March 9 and today!

Carl will talk about "Police Terror, The Savage Oppression of Black People and The Revolutionary Way to End All These Horrors". And he will talk about the national plan for April 14, the day to Shut Down Business As Usual to re-seize the initiative to STOP the police murder of Black and Brown people and the whole genocidal program of mass incarceration.

At this moment when the powers-that-be are trying to shut down the resistance that rose up so powerfully last fall, Carl's revolutionary message can be an important key to unlock the anger, determination, and desire to end the abuses that continued to beat strongly in the hearts of the many thousands who stood up and many more who were jolted awake by the uprising about the constant terror and demeaning of Black people.

Here is Carl's statement on Madison & A14 

Here is a link to a New Message from Carl Dix on #ShutDownA14

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