Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Thursday, May 7, 7pm - Join us at Revolution Books 
for a videotaped roundtable followed by discussion of

In Defense of Cornel West: Is Barack Obama  Right, or Has Michael Eric Dyson Lost His Mind?
An article about Dr. Cornel West was recently  published in  The New Republic  by author and political commentator Michael Eric Dyson. We are gathering at Revolution Books to watch a video from Revolution Books NYC of Carl Dix, Andy Zee, and Nkosi Anderson discussing that article and  "In Defense of Cornel West: Is Barack Obama Right, or Has Michael Eric Dyson Lost His Mind?"  Then we'll get into a discussion ourselves about the method of the attack, why it happened now, and why it matters.

From the Revolution article:
"This Sunday,  The New Republic posted a vicious attack on Cornel West, 'The Ghost of Cornel West,' by Michael Eric Dyson. This attack is not an academic dispute; it is a hit job against a deeply principled intellectual who refused to put away his critical faculties when Obama took office, who has increasingly stepped out into the struggle against murders by police and mass incarceration, and who has done so in a way that condemns and exposes the crimes -- and yes, they are crimes -- of the Obama Administration. All the sound and fury of Dyson's long rant cannot hide that essential, and shameful, fact..."
-- April 22, 2015, Revolution newspaper,

Read Cornel West's response on his Facebook page to Michael Eric Dyson.

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