Monday, June 15, 2015

June 17, 7 pm: Book Signing and Author Presentation
Rory Fanning, Afghan war vet discusses his book 
Worth Fighting For: 
An Army Ranger's Journey Out of the Military and Across America

"[Fanning] shows us the imperial and harmful objective of U.S. foreign policy. He shows us the courage to walk away from it, and he shows us a path to a saner society." 

"Rory Fanning's odyssey is more than a walk across America. It is a gripping story of one young man's intellectual journey from eager soldier to skeptical radical, a look at not only the physical immenseness of the country, its small towns, and highways, but into the enormity of its  past, the hidden sins and unredeemed failings of the United States." 
-- Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times

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