Sunday, November 20, 2016

2 pm, Sunday, Nov. 20, 111th & Kedzie, Chicago

We Refuse to Accept Racist White Supremacy in Mount Greenwood!

We look forward to making a very powerful political statement at the "Stand Up to Racist Mob Threats in Mt. Greenwood" protest, Sunday November 20th at 2:00 pm, 111th & Kedzie, Chicago. Look for the Stolen Lives banner there.

Stolen Lives Banner, State St., Dec. 2015.

1. This is a national flashpoint in the whole fight over Black life in America. 

2. Mt Greenwood is a major flashpoint in Trump's rising fascism. 

3. History has shown that you must go to where the attacks are the ugliest and the sharpest if you want to turn the tide of history! 

Will it be safe to protest? The protesters will not initiate violence. While there is risk involved, it is far more dangerous to not act - it emboldens the racists. Will this incident be a harbinger of an even uglier future across this country? Or will this be a moment when people rally their courage, stand up against this hatred, and build the strength of people across this country to wage the resistance necessary to STOP the rise of fascist America? This is not yet determined. It depends on what we do. It is up to us to fight for the future we want in the face of Trump's ascendancy. Now is a time for courage.

Meet-up information for those going to "Stand up in Mt. Greenwood to racist mob threats," Sunday Nov. 20th at 2:00 pm.
1.     Drive and park at  St. Christina Catholic Church,   3342 West 111th Street, Chicago. This is 3 blocks from 111th & Kedzie. St. Christina has graciously offered their parking lot for people participating in this protest. However, people who park there are asked to leave by 4:30 pm since there is a 5:00 pm event at the church. For further directions at St. Christina's, look for someone with a protest sign in the parking lot. 

2.     Take public transportation (details below)

3.     Drive and park at Beverly Unitarian Church, 10244 S. Longwood, Chicago, and carpool with others, 2½ miles to 111th & Kedzie.  Beverly Unitarian Church has graciously offered their parking lot for this purpose. For further directions at Beverly Unitarian, look for someone with a protest sign in the parking lot.
1.   Drive and park at St. Christina Catholic Church 3342 W. 111th St., Chicago
From downtown:
I-94 East (Dan Ryan) to I-57.
Take exit 355 (111th St.) from I-57
Turn Right on W 112th St, which becomes Monterey
Monterey jogs left, becomes W. 111th St.
Follow W. 111th St approx 1.7 miles to St. Christina's

2.   Public transportation
CTA Red line to 95th St. (end of the line).
Take CTA #112 Vincennes bus to 111th & Kedzie.
#112 leaves 95th St. at 12:55 pm and 1:20 pm (and every 25 minutes), arrives at 111th & Kedzie 25 minutes later. Travel time from downtown to 111th & Kedzie is approximately 1 hour.
CTA Orange line to Kedzie.
Take CTA #52A South Kedzie bus to the 111th & Kedzie stop.
Buses leave Orange line at 12:40 pm and 1:11 pm, and take about 40 minutes. Travel time from downtown to 111th & Kedzie is approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes.

3.   Drive and park at Beverly Unitarian Church, 10422 S. Longwood Dr. Chicago
From Downtown:
I-94 East (Dan Ryan) to I-57.
Take exit 357 from I-57.
Follow W 98th Pl, S Elizabeth St and W 103rd St to S Longwood Dr. The church is on right side at 103rd & Longwood. It looks like a castle.
We welcome two new signatories to the statement: Cornel West and Father Michael Pfleger. (See full list below)

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