Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Revolution Summer! Chicago is about getting youth into a revolution to emancipate humanity and out of shooting each other

Many people agonize about the situation in Chicago and candidly speak about the fact that well-intended programs have been unable to make a dent in it. At the same time, some say they aren't ready to go to revolution as the solution, while acknowledging they aren't sure what is the answer.

Even if you have questions and reservations, you need to make a commitment to actually come to the fund-raiser on Sunday June 25th.

  1. Because it matters if you come, interact and learn about this project directly from Carl Dix (representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party), the volunteers and the Revolution Club about their approach and experiences on the front lines.
  2. Because it matters for the Revolution Summer! folks to meet you and know that there are progressive people who from their own varied perspectives "have their backs" and are supportive even as they learn more about it. Financial donations are essential and much needed, but also meeting the range of donors opens up possibilities, builds bridges and community.
  3. Because it matters that we maximize the success of this fund-raiser in both funds raised and alliances forged so it becomes a launching pad to go from raising $20,000 so far to $50,000 in the near future. Bring a friend. There will be a short program but also time to mingle and talk informally. Revolution Summer! folks want to hear your concerns and questions.
  4. Because it matters most of all what happens in Chicago this summer-- if it becomes known for youth getting into revolution, this will have a very positive impact on the larger society in lifting the ceiling for possibilities for a radically better world.

See you there! Buy tickets on line

Driving Directions: Take the Austin exit from 290, go north 1 block to Harrison. Go left (west) on Harrison a couple of blocks to 128 Harrison. The venue has M.S.S. on the window and 1017 on the door. You can park on the street or in the church parking lot across the street for no fee.

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