Saturday, July 8, 2017

Received from the REVOLUTION CLUB Chicago

Received from the REVOLUTION CLUB Chicago
Tonight, you can make a difference to whether youth in Chicago stop killing each other & get into preparing for an Actual Revolution

Donate to GoFundMe: If we get to $24,000 by tonight, a generous donor will add $1,000 to take us to the half-way point to the goal of $50,000!

From a donor:
"Chicago is ground zero, Carl and the Revolution Club need your help in taking a stand. Back in the day, Fred Hampton and the Panthers were organizing the gangs to not shoot each other. If you can spare anything the donation will be put to good use. I have great respect for Carl and I trust what he stands for. I was in prison with Carl and I saw what a principled brother he is."

From a medical professional who made a generous donation:
"I grew up doing volunteer work with my parents. So I've seen the injustices and inequality of underprivileged communities as well as the sense of hopelessness in the children/adolescents who can't see a way out. When my friend discussed the revolution club it got my interest immediately. An organization that is working to change things on a big scale. I'm in agreement that the world needs to open their eyes and see the blatant disregard for other humans just because of the low income or skin color. Thus glad to see a national movement for change."

From the Revolution Club in Chicago: Another Day in the Hood Until...
"...Then, two guys who are known and respected in the neighborhood walked right up to the revcoms, a few feet away from where the police had lined up in a stand-off, and hugged one of them, calling him by name and thanking him for what the revolutionaries were doing. This changed things. The guys knew very well that they were making themselves a target to the police by stepping forward in this way, but they felt compelled to stand with the revolutionaries in this situation. And in doing so, they set an example for others around. The pigs shifted to making more outright and explicit threats, and at the same time the people around got firmer in their own support for the revcoms and standing with them...." Read full report here

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