Monday, September 28, 2009

9/29 Live Webcast with Raymond Lotta

Watch Raymond Lotta on YouTube speaking on
"The Rape of the Congo and Your Cellphone" Click HERE.
Get this YouTube into the mass societal debates over health
the economy, is Obama a communist.
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September 29, Tuesday, 7:30 pm EDT, 6:30 pm CDT

LIVE Webcast With Raymond Lotta

"Behind the World Economic Crisis:
System Failure & The Need for Revolution"

September 29 live webcast of a fundraising event at New York Revolution Books. See instructions below for how to do your own webcast.

Or come to a viewing at Chicago Revolution Books, Tuesday,
September 29, 6:30 pm CDT. $20 donation.

· Think the banks are too big to fail? Or is it capitalism itself that is failing humanity?

· Think there is no alternative? Or are you willing to hear a challenge to the conventional wisdom about communism?

Then you need to hear Raymond Lotta and participate in a unique live webcast.
Raymond Lotta is a revolutionary intellectual who takes as his foundation Bob Avakian's new synthesis. He has written extensively on China during and after the Cultural Revolution, playing a major role in elucidating the actual thinking of Mao. In writings, talks, and YouTubes, he has fought to spread the truth-and refute the lies--about communist revolution in the Soviet Union in 1917-1956 and in China in 1949-1976 ( Lotta has also done major work on political economy, including America in Decline and the series Shifts and Faultlines in the World Economy (

Listen to Raymond Lotta on YouTube: Everything You've Been Told About Communism is Wrong.

This interactive, live webcast is a fund-raiser for Revolution Books in New York City. You will be able to log on by donating $20 (go to and following the instructions to donate for the webcast). Details of how to log onto the webcast will be sent to those who donate. You will be able to ask questions via e-mail or possibly by phone.

Spread the
word through e-lists, Facebook, etc. And let us know if you would like to help work on making this important talk get out to as many people as possible.

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