Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friday, February 4, 7pm - Hot Topics discussion on Egypt

Egypt Erupts!

A massive and courageous uprising has erupted throughout Egypt-the most populous Arab country-with the youth at the forefront. What direction this will ultimately go, and how far, is to be determined. But this uprising already has been-and even more could be-an important element in shaking up the whole reactionary world order-giving oxygen to all those who hunger for liberation or are even dissatisfied with the way things are.

Additional coverage in current issue of Revolution is linked below.
Events in Egypt are developing rapidly. Stay tuned to for updates.

The "Grand"-And Deadly-Illusion

A Profound Lesson...And A Deep Challenge

Join us for further discussions of excerpts from:


By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

February 6, Sunday, 4 pm
 " The Theory of "Social Contract" and the Lack of Materialism"
"So, as part of the process of excavating certain thinking and examining it in light of materialism, I want to examine briefly the whole, fundamentally erroneous notions of bourgeois political theory concerning the "social contract" and the idea of "governments deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"-which is, of course, a major theme and principle of bourgeois-democratic theory and in fact a major distortion of reality, and specifically a distortion of the historical development of human beings and their societies-in short, an unscientific, idealist notion...." (read more)
[from Revolution newspaper #222]

February 13, Sunday, 4pm
"The Fundamental Difference Between Communism and Anarchism"
"Our differences with anarchism have to do with the necessity, and the nature, of the transition to a radically different society, but they also have to do, even beyond that, with the very nature of the final goal: what kind of society we're striving for and how that society would actually operate, how human beings would interrelate in that society, what is materially possible and viable on that basis, and how you would deal in such a society, not with some sort of abstract absolute freedom, but with the continuing contradictory dynamic between necessity and freedom...." (read more)
[from Revolution newspaper #223]

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