Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Madison Wisconsin has become ground zero in the national fight over the very legitimacy of public sector unions and attacks on public education. The streets of Madison have become a flashpoint for the clash of broader forces that currently define American politics.

Monday February 21 people will take the day to head for Madison in a major show of support and stand with the resisters. In the past days, tens of thousand of students, teachers, health workers, public service union members and supporters are flooding into Madison resisting these outrageous attacks. Hundreds of students are sitting in and sleeping at the capital rotunda and thousands of others are marching throughout the central city area every day. As one student from Madison said, "Egypt caught the wave from Tunisia, and now we are surfing the wave from Egypt".

In a recent statement by Bob Avakian entitled Egypt 2011: Millions Have Heroically Stood Up... The Future Remains to Be Written, he pointed out "This has shattered the notion that 'things never change'. It is a powerful demonstration that there is no permanent necessity to the existing conditions under which the great majority of humanity suffers so terribly."

This is one of those times when sudden jolts and breakdowns occur in the normal functioning of society. They compel people to question and to resist what they usually accept. No one can say in advance what will happen in these situations-how deep a crisis may go, or in what ways it poses challenges to the system and to what degree it might call forth unrest and rebellion among people who are normally caught up in or feel powerless to stand up against what this system does. But at such times people are searching for answers and are open to radical change. This must be recognized and built upon. In this kind of situation, leaps can be made in building up the movement and organized forces for revolution, creating a stronger basis to go forward and make further advances. 

People need to fight back, and people do fight back. But to make that fight more powerful- and carry it through to put an end to all this-people need to learn that the root is this capitalist system, and the solution is getting rid of this system and bringing a new system, socialism, aiming for the final goal of a communist world. Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution is a key part of our strategic approach. For the full text read ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party.
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