Thursday, October 25, 2012

BA on Obama
"Let's Be Real Here: As Bad As Bush Was, In Many Ways Obama is Worse..."
This audio clip is from a recent talk by Bob Avakian, and is highly relevant going into the elections. Listen to it, play it for others, spread it.


There is no other place, no other bookstore that fills such a great need.

Revolution Books has been on a 1 month emergency fund drive to raise $2,000 from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. People have stepped forward in many ways: sustaining, donating larger sums, volunteering, dropping off  used books and sidewalk sale items. Others bought books.  Friends have spread the word to co-workers. Many have seen the sign in our window and called to see how they can contribute. To all  who have contributed thank you. 

In the course of this drive, we have  already raised $970. This falls short of our current needs so more people need to step forward and become part of a expanding fundraising campaign and contributing right now in order to raise the remaining $1030.   

For RB to keep its doors open it will take $2,000 every month through sales, sustainers, fundraising events and donations.  In particular, people becoming sustainers play a huge role in meeting the emergency needs while also building a reliable base of financial support in an ongoing way.

At Stake:  
The world is a horror but something much better is possible - this is why it's important to support Revolution Books. It is a critical time historically where two opposite futures are possible. RB challenges conventional wisdom that this capitalist system is the best humanity can do.  People need to explore a new vision and strategy to change the world- while engaging books from Darwin to Danticat. Without Revolution Books- the world will be left as it is. We can not let that happen.      
youth at store What you can do right now:  
 1. Go to and sign up  to sustain RB  at $10-50 per month or make a onetime contribution. Donate 
2. Contribute in any way possible to the performance of The Fever by Wally Shawn, performed by David Shapiro this December. Help sell tickets, be part of a organizing committee or help publicize the event.
3. Help organize a holiday bazaar and party: Donate and sell art work, posters, jewelry, baked goods or other items.
4. Suggest author events, movies and discussions.
5. Become a volunteer, staff an hour or two, or a day. Your ideas and creativity need to be in the house! Work on window displays, research new books and expand various sections of our book selection. Everyone can contribute something.

As the sign in our window says


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