Tuesday, October 30, 2012

cornel west
 Join us November 1, Thursday 7pm  Listen and discuss
Cornel West interviews Bob Avakian on
Smiley & West Show on Public Radio International.
Listen to the entire segment here.  

   Avakian at Wall 

In early October the revolution crackled on the airwaves when the Smiley & West radio show on PRI across the country aired an interview that Cornel West conducted with Bob Avakian. This interview is wide-ranging, challenging and inspiring. Cornel West, a prominent public intellectual, engages with Bob Avakian, the leader of a new stage of communist revolution.

Don't underestimate the importance of getting this exchange out broadly into society. Organize listening sessions in neighborhoods and dorms and raise funds for the BA Everywhere campaign. Get independent and college radio stations to rebroadcast it, with attribution to the PRI Smiley & West ShowPost links to the interview on blogs, Twitter, and other social media. Finally, send reports about what people say to  revolution.reports@yahoo.com and baeverywhere@gmail.com

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