Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ST at store
A new talk by
Sunsara Taylor at Revolution Books NYC

"From the Global Epidemic of Rape  
to the Escalating Assault on Abortion Rights, 
The Future of Women Depends On Us!"

"The cold truth is that today there is not a single place on the planet where it is safe to be female. There is no place--on the street or in one's home, from Delhi to Congo to Ohio and everywhere else--where women and girls are not in danger of being raped. Where women and girls are not then blamed and devalued for being raped. Where women and girls are not told to "get over it" when they are raped. Where women are not reduced to breeders of children--shamed, coerced or forced into bearing children against their will. Where abortion and even birth control is not either illegal or seriously under attack. And let's be clear -- denying women abortion is like rape. It is the forcible control over women by a male-supremacist society."

And a new article from stop patriarchy blog! Read it here: "Reclaiming Abortion as a Fundamental Right: the Essential Alternative to Planned Parenthood's Politics of Capitulation" 
Scenes from: 

Roe v. Wade Anniversary - Week of Action

Defeat the War on Women! 

abortion DC rally 2013
abortion on demand

Roe v. Wade Anniversary - Week of Action
Defeat the War on Women! 
Abortion and birth control are fundamental rights. Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement. And if women - half of humanity - are not free, then no one is free.
Yet, forty years after the right to abortion was won, this right is hanging by a thread. Abortion is more stigmatized than ever before. Women are shamed and harassed for seeking abortions. Abortion is not available in nearly 90% of U.S. counties. Despite a "pro-choice" president, recent years have seen record numbers of anti-abortion restrictions across the country; 92 restrictions were passed in 2011 under Obama, shattering the previous record of 34 restrictions passed in 2005 under Bush. Doctors are stalked, terrorized and killed for providing abortions.
It is time to turn the tide. 
Fetuses are NOT babies! 
Abortion is NOT murder! 
Women are NOT incubators!

 Watch our blog at for reports from DC & SF on the ground throughout the week. We will also report the vision and plans we develop at our Emergency Summit to take this struggle even higher in March for International Women's Day.

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