Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 10, Thursday, 7 PM Author Appearance 
 Rabbi Brant Rosen author of
Wrestling in the Daylight: 
A Rabbi's Path to Palestinian Solidarity

Rosen's book is a journey of a rabbi who moves from believing in liberal Zionism, to questioning it to eventually abandoning it, in favor of humanist values of equality for all, irrespective of religion...Rosen gently tries to bring readers...to view Israel and Zionism from the standpoint of its victims...to abandon the oft-repeated excuses for Israel but to question whether Zionism benefits anyone.
Diana Buttu, legal scholar and former advisor to the PLO negotiators

Rabbi Brant Rosen serves a congregation in Evanston and is currently the co-chair of the Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council.

January 17, Thursday, 7 pm film showing and discussion 
Join filmmakers for a showing of  
Beneath the Blindfold

"Where are the voices of torture survivors? As the new film Zero Dark Thirty opens in movie theaters across the country and despite the extensive media coverage of abuse at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay*, it is worth noting that the voices of torture survivors are rarely included in any of the public discussions about the use of torture. But without their stories, torture remains abstract, a practice that happens to people we neither know nor care about.  They become statistics, their human suffering easily ignored."
from the "beneath the blindfold" web site

      $10.00 donation for support of beneath the blindfold and Revolution Books 

Four Survivors, One Truth: This Should Not Happen To Anyone

*   January 11, 2013 is the 11th anniversary of the opening of the U.S. prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.  

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