Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Humanity Needs Revolution.  Revolution Books Needs You!

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Cost to run RB - $2200 monthly
Revolution Books needs to raise $1000 by the beginning of June to pay essential expenses and remain functioning. There's an urgent need and a critical role you can play to get RB over this hurdle and go into the summer stronger, putting it on a firmer financial footing and expanding its reach.
 You Need to Be Part of This.

Revolution Books is like no other place in Chicago. People dig into where the emergencies humanity faces stem from and how they can be tackled through revolution.Bengladesh Rev Newsp Cover
Whether the calculated, profit-driven slaughter of 1000 mainly women workers in Bangladesh, the Guantanamo torture camp or California solitary confinement cells, or new milestones in polluting the atmosphere and fueling climate change, the world is a horror.  But it does not have to remain that way and this is precisely why RB exists.

There is no place else, no other bookstore, in Chicago that is a center of a movement for revolution which is  
working to fundamentally change the world and emancipate humanity. Today is a moment when this alternative much reverberate much more broadly throughout society and connect with suffering, anguished and often rebelling humanity.  

Everyone who supports RB can contribute

Printers Row Lit Fest 2012 okay
Booth at Printers Row $550.00
1. Become a sustainer to provide a reliable footing on which to survive and grow.
2.  Donate now
3.  Contribute items for May 25 fundraising sidewalk sale. Call 773.489.0930 for pick-up.   
4.  Volunteer an hour or a day to make these events successful.  
5.  Support RB Used Book Sale.$200 has been raised over the last weeks and sale will continue through the June 8-9 
6.  Printers Row Lit Fest.   Printers Row is a key event for RB including financially.  Your donations of books can make a real difference, especially at this time.  Be part of the RB team at Printers Row. 

Finally, turn friends onto RB. For those who walk by RB, stop in and see how you can contribute to keeping the doors open.  
1103 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60622
Go to Chicago Revolution Books blog for upcoming events.

Wed-Fri: 2-7pm Sat: Noon-7pm Sun: 1-5pm
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Buy a copy (and 1 for a friend at 15% discount) of Good Kings Bad Kings
 (available only at RB before the official May 28 release date). Get it signed at May 29, 6-8pm book release event for Barbara Kingsolver's PEN/Bellwether prize winning author Susan Nussbaunat the Wicker Park Public Library, 1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Good Kings Bad Kings

Wed May  22 6 pm
Volunteers meeting
Let's put our heads together about saving RB. We'll talk about fundraising, the May 29

Good Kings Bad Kings book release event, and summer plans to make RB a vibrant, growing center for building a movement for revolution.

Small investment -big impact!$150 is needed to paint RB's shutter. Artists have volunteered to help design and paint the shutter, which will be seen by thousands of motorists and pedestrians every week.

Donate Office Items
Book Shelves, Flat Screen TV or monitor, cafe tables, printer.

Donate  Skills
Design and layout
Quick Books tutorial
Musicians for Parties  

Style this summer with  
T-shirts from RB 

porno t-shirt

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