Thursday, May 16, 2013

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May 17 This Friday, 4 pm *
Federal Plaza (Adams & Dearborn) *
Rally to Shut Down Guantanamo NOW! 
Stand with the courageous men at Guantanamo starving for justice.
Procession in orange jumpsuits up State Street
Closing poetry at Daley Plaza

As the Guantánamo prisoners' hunger strike reaches 100 days, their message - their agony - calls out to every person in America. The torture program that the Bush regime set up is still operational today. To say NO to that, the prisoners remaining at Guantánamo have put their lives on the line. 
When your government is committing great crimes, people of conscience bear the responsibility to stand up, speak out, and call out criminals and enablers alike.
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What can we do? Friends, we can refuse to tolerate in silence the "living hell" of the prison at Guantánamo. We can refuse to tolerate hideous torture -- and all the related Bush-to-Obama sliding scale crimes that go with it, from rendition to targeted assassination "kill lists" and drone warfare. We can refuse to accept endless excuses including Obama's latest remarks about "wanting" to close Guantanamo. But we must make our refusal massive and make it heard, seen, and felt.

The World Can't Wait - Close Guantánamo Now Initiative
And right now, sign and donate as generously as you can
to publish this full-page message in the New York Times.

Join Glenn Greenwald, Eve Ensler, Wallace Shawn, Tom Morello, Junot Diaz, Mark Ruffalo, many dedicated Guantanamo lawyers, and hundreds of other people of conscience to publish this powerful statement as a full-page ad in the New York Times!

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