Wednesday, September 4, 2013

side walk sale
Fundraiser to Save Revolution Books
Sat-Sun, Sept 14-15th
Contribute items to make this a big success.

Sept 14 Saturday Noon-7 pm
Sept 15 Sunday 1-5 pm

DonateAs the US threatens military attack on Syria, as the American system again declares open season on Black youth, as the heating of the earth approaches the tipping point... people need a place that is about real revolution.  Where people can find the books and engagement about why the world is the way it is and the possibility of a radically different way the world could be. At Revolution Books, there's the intellectual work, ferment, and dissent that's integral to the emancipation of humanity. And here you can dig into the work of Bob Avakian who has developed a new synthesis of communism-- a viable vision for a new society and world. We cannot lose this bookstore.
front window RB with 3 strikesRevolution Books is in a financial crisis. If there is not
a major infusion of funds and a growing network of regular sustainers realized over the next 4 months, RB will have to close its doors when the lease expires in December. 

RB needs to raise $1300 from donations and sidewalk sale proceeds by mid September to pay rent and utilities. And it needs 5 new regular sustainers every month over the next 4 months to achieve a more solid financial footing, not only to survive but to enable RB to play a more powerful and vibrant role in nourishing a movement of rebellious thinking and acting urgently needed in the world today.   
RB and volunteers will be going out into the Wicker Park neighborhood to call on people to donate directly to the store and to contribute to the sidewalk sale. Be a part of this. Call us at 773-489-0930 to offer ideas, to volunteer, or for pick up of sidewalk sale items. 
What you can do right now:
 RB Customer
1. Become a sustainer. 
3. Contribute items for Sept. 14-15 sidewalk sale.  
4. Contribute gently used books for used book sales. Recent contributions of books have raised hundreds of dollars.
5. RB is aiming for a fundraising cultural event in the fall. If you are or know performers, or have connections with venues, let's talk. 

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