Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Only Worse Suffering and Horrors Can Result from a U.S. Attack on Syria

There is growing danger of a direct U.S. military attack on Syria-which is being framed as a "surgical strike"-using planes and/or Cruise missiles. U.S. Secretary of "Defense" Hagel announced that "the U.S. military is "ready to go" if ordered to attack Syria.

These attacks must be opposed with determined political protest and clear-eyed understanding of how they would make the situation worse.

Atrocities and War Crimes  

The threats come in the wake of reports of hundreds of civilian deaths, apparently from chemical weapons, in a rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus on Wednesday, August 21. Whether the deaths were the result of chemical weapons and, if so, whether the attack was launched by the Syrian government or by rebel forces, has not been independently verified. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry initially demanded that the Syrian government allow UN investigators into the area, but then when the Syrian regime responded that it would give inspectors unlimited access, Reuters reported that: "[A] U.S. official said such an offer was 'too late to be credible' and Washington was all but certain that the government of President Bashar al-Assad had gassed its own people."

But the driving force behind escalated U.S. threats against Syria has little to do with this incident. And it has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian concerns. It is essential people understand what is behind U.S. moves and not be duped into passive complicity with a U.S. attack on Syria that would be make the situation much worse for the people of Syria, and the world. read more at 

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